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June 30, 2008

Bye-bye June

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Looks like I have been writing everyday since 10th June. So I don’t want to break the flow now. It has been a full-time-home day so no mishaps were exchanged between me and the good old world. I let life run peaceful around me and the world heaved a huge sigh. Ms Trouble-Maker was finally not making trouble.

So… mmm… errr… uhh…. doesn’t this say something? Yeah I don’t have a thing to write about. I actually ventured to copy a funny chat or what I thought was a funny chat, in the blog. The fellow-chatter however strongly opposed my initiative and threw blackmails at me. This only urged me more to copy it here. But I am a professional blogger or so I say. I do extremely serious, no-nonsense, thought-provoking matter. (Yeah right!). And chats do not come under those categories. (“Who are you kidding Cris? You fell for blackmail”. I can hear some disloyal readers say!)

So still clueless, this is really not a blog-day. Even my fancy pal Mr Jim is unusually quiet. Well, it is probably the gloom of June leaving. I am not particularly fond of June. I like July and November, November more. Still June was good this year. Somehow. Maybe it is the rain. There was a friendliness about June. And I had felt my friends nearer and around me. July is going to be a farewell month. Sigh!

Ok so obviously there is nothing to write and I am making up things! Heck I am even making it sad! As if the whole world is doomed without a day’s blog entry from dear Ms Cris!

I will just let June go away peacefully to return 11 months later (which I hope would be really really extremely slow! I do not like the process of aging!). And wait to pick up July with both my hands. Hope it’s not that heavy.

June 29, 2008

Latest threat in the city! Look-alikes!

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Hullo hullo hullo!
It is time to welcome old Ms CC into my blog again. Before I go on to narrate what misadventures she was happily embarking on today, let me take you to a day of 1997.

Over 10 years ago.
CC and her friend DU are happy 9th graders getting onto a city bus. CC was still new with city buses. CC and DU take seats in the last row. Suddenly CC nudges DU. “Oh DU it is my cousin S-Chettan (Chettan means brother) sitting there!”

DU looks at the direction CC points to. S-Chettan senses his onlookers and spots them in the back seat. Only one side of him is visible from where CC sat. CC, all happy and excited at seeing a bloodline in the same public transportation system beamed with sisterly affection. She passed her beaming activities onto her friend DU and the 2 of them sat there smiling and waving at big bro every 120 seconds. Big bro returned the smile and waves every 121 seconds.

“Should I go there and talk DU should I?”
Wise and experienced bus traveler DU rejected the go-talk proposal in a moving bus. So the 2 smiling cheery teenagers had to be happy being smiling cheery back-seaters.
It was time for smiling cheery teenagers to get down from those friendly 4-wheelers. CC sent a final goodbye wave to big bro which was ritually followed by DU and then big bro.

Ah what a great day. CC was happy. And then CC reached home and announced her bus-bro-meet. Momma CC, MCC for short, was shocked. “Dear your S-Chettah is in another district! You should know that!”
“He musta taken a break or something”, CC said happily.
But S-Chettan was immediately contacted and he gave negative evidence. “No I was here at my work place”
Oh no! CC had to go through bad times for not only misidentifying her senior sibling, but also establishing a smile-n-wave relationship with a complete stranger.

“He could have followed you girls with a gang and kidnapped you!” – from senior authorities in the family

“You big idiot! You got me in trouble too! Do you realize I was having a 32-teeth display to an absolute stranger for over 20 minutes?!” – from DU

Cursed, fired and diminished to ashes, CC survived for 10 long years before running into her next misidentification parade. Apparently, this seemed like one of those 10-year things. You know something goes wrong exactly in the same way it did 10 years back. Some people call it curse. CC calls it treachery. “The whole world is armed against me!”

The day is today. A beautiful sunny Sunday.
CC has another cousin with her. SK. This time, it was a real cousin. Today’s faker criminal took the form of a friend CC knew. Crime number 1 was faker traveling in a bike like CC’s friend possibly did. Crime number 2 was faker looking like CC’s friend. Poor dear friendly, peace-loving CC, stops right in the middle of the road to express friendliness to the biker friend. She waves and smiles and what does the biker do?! He stares hard, do not smile and zoom, he goes! Ha!
And CC almost had it in for her! If SK had not pulled her with a you-want-to-get-us-killed look to the other side of the road, CC would be having a few limbs less now.

And the post-misidentification ceremonies repeat. CC is now reduced to ashes again. CC consoles herself “At least I get to have another 10 years before this happens again. I better keep photos of everyone I know with me”

And ladies and gentlemen, CC being a busy lady, its time to let her out of this blog now. So long CC! See you later!

June 28, 2008

Eat with a smile. Enjoy your food.

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This is a personal entry. Naa nothing big. Self analysis. Here goes.

Most people I know are crazy about pastries, ice-creams, payisams and chocolates. Well some or all of them. Except a few chocolates I am not fond of any of the other menu items. Ice-creams I used to love as a little kid. But pastries and payisams I have them when I have to have them and not otherwise.

Young people, especially girls are meant to be especially fond of this stuff. Now I am not in a venture to prove I am different. It’s just that I feel I am missing something. The way they enjoy and run to the pantries or attack their plates, the happiness, the gleam in the eyes, it’s all too good to watch.

I like to enjoy my food. I am not that food crazy. I mean I sometimes forget about taking my food but when I remember it, I can’t think of anything else. There have been occasions I was in meetings and sessions imagining myself in front of yummy dishes and even how I will be eating them. By the time I really go to have food I’d be making a lot of cry about my barren intestine system and how anything that makes it barren should be illegal. After all this hullabaloo, I end up announcing a full stomach at the end of half of what a regular non-hungry person eats.

So I eat little, but I eat more often. And like I said, I like to enjoy my food. So when I am really hungry, I like to have food I really like. And then as I mix ‘em up and take each spoon to my mouth, I get this beautiful feeling of satisfaction. Ahh everything seemed so right with the world. So I again go wondering… people who just stuff things into their mouth for the sake of surviving are missing so much. Just like I probably am missing a lot of things that gives them the aforesaid feeling.

Well all this food-talk cause yesterday I had my dinner and felt so happy about it. No I don’t jump to cloud 9 every time I take dinner and sing songs about it. This was just nice. It needn’t be your favorite food. It could be just yourself sensing what you are doing, what you are eating instead of finishing a task you have to.

So mm the point? Oh yeah. Whatever it is you are doing, know it, feel it and enjoy it. This is probably not the first time someone said this. But I was enlightened yesterday in my dining room at 10 p.m. and wanted to share the wondrous joyous experience. Hope I did a good job.

June 27, 2008

Is intimacy always 2-sided? Starring Arco and Barco

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Should intimacy always be a 2-sided affair? One question I have been debating with myself for ages. One part of me feels how much the other person contributes doesn’t alter the way you feel about them. Another part of me refuses to believe that.

So if 2 people, say Arco and Barco (yup I have a reputation for coining intelligent names!) were thick friends once and at some point of time if Arco just drifts off, what happens? Does Barco lose all the intimacy he had for Arco?
The thing is, Arco won’t disappear one fine morning. People drifting away from each other, is a gradual process. Of course there are always those few you feel you just parted with yesterday, even if it were for years.

When I say losing intimacy, I don’t mean not seeing each other when you couldn’t. I mean not seeing each other when you could and wouldn’t. Why? Cause you are just forgotten about. Your face is just lost in all those past memories, shut deep down or thrown out of mind.

So Arco was one of those chaps who could and wouldn’t. Why? Cause he was never intimate enough is my answer.
People confuse companionship for friendship. Some one who you spend a lot of time with doesn’t become your friend unless you want to spend time with them. You find time to spend with a friend; you find a companion to kill time. A friend is a want, a companion is a need. These people are all those Arcos who only need to find another place and another such “friend” to forget about the Barcos of this world.

So coming back to the original question. How does Barco feel about all this? I can argue both ways. To make Barco angelic, I could say he would always be the loyal Antonio who’d cut his own flesh to save his friend (Ref Shakespeare: Merchant of Venice). But I could also say its natural Barco doesn’t feel the same way about Arco after a while.

It’s a question I have never been able to find an answer to. My own personal experiences do not teach me anything. Cause just when I feel I wont feel big about someone who doesn’t care for me, all I need is a little something from the Arco side and I am all back in, all Antonioish (This better be left figuratively! I will not encourage any flesh demands!). And then again, I find myself totally forgetting an Arco who I thought was so important to me once up on a time. For all you know I might just be another Arco passing off for a Barco!

So people what do you think? Barco is Antonio or Barco is just another Arco in the long run?

June 26, 2008

Simplicity is the essence of good language, says Simple Cris

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It has been brought to my notice that my entries are sometimes cryptic. And it’s also been conveyed that there is no need to assume it’s my fabulous language that makes it so. Because, they tell me, my language is not that. I have been diminished to lower primary school text book language writer standards!

Well I dare say lower primary school text book writers are more than fabulous. They are fantabulous. And I would have gone on to say more, but my vocabulary stops short at fantabulous. Whatever comes after fantabulous, they are that!

I have always believed simplicity is the essence of good language. Reason, anything unsimple is only good for that – to look unsimple and ferocious and scare you. Infact complex language is like a monster. If movie monsters use fire and teeth and big noises to scare people, language monsters use enormously gigantic words. Words that could have done very well without ever having become words. They could have formed a language by themselves. “Boo we are the big words and we form the big language. Buhuhaha Buhuhaha”
There, a tagline is all ready; they just have to take it up from here now.

All said, it’s true that though we can fit all the words we’d need into one thin book, sometimes language doesn’t become language without the right words. It is not always the right meaning that you look for; sometimes it’s the right words that could say what you want them to say and give the feel you want them to give. I find myself using synonyms dot com when I won’t be happy with the word I came up with. Sometimes a different/stronger word just has to be there.

But bringing unheard words when they are not called for, to show its presence in your vocabulary should be a strict no-no. Cause rule number 1 for any writer is to make no compromise where language is concerned; it’s got a beauty of its own if we leave it natural. Add jumbo words and you are using make-up!

And I have just proved that I am a simple minded creature with simple words and simple language and anyone who calls me not simple is just not simple enough 😀

June 25, 2008

No girls and boys, only humans!

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Tony and Liz were going through Tony’s emails. Tony dropped in on his way to the dentist’s at Liz’s, whom he always considered a good friend he lost to the lunatic world. She was now drinking lime juice her mother brought them and reading his emails happily. She didn’t think of any need to look elsewhere or pretend she wasn’t interested like other girls he knew. And funnily, Tony didn’t mind her reading them. It would be as safe with her as it would be with thin air. Cause Liz never thought about them again. Telling her something was as good as not telling her something!

He reached an email that was sent to a males-only group.
“Oh! Liz quick! Close your eyes”
Of course this only made her widen her eyes and look more interested. Tony closed the window and laughed. “Sorry dear that’s not for little girls to read”

“Hey I am as old as you! I can read anything you can”

“It’s not for girls Liz girl”

That was one thing that always made Liz angry.
“There is nothing that is not for girls!!!”

Tony smiled. They have had this conversation before.

Liz realized he would make it hard for her now. But she couldn’t give up now.

“So you want to see that email?”

“Yes I do”

“No matter how gross the contents are”

“I don’t care”

“You don’t mind reading really bad words?”

Liz gulped but held her stand. “No I don’t”

“Ok but we will have a deal then. If I show you these words, you will have to use them. When I ask you to”

This time Liz took longer to reply. “Alright” she said meekly.
Tony opened the email and he was amused to see Liz trying to keep a straight face and look nonchalant.

Tony whistled. “Ok Madam, grab your shoes. We are going out.”
Liz had now lost all her cool but she went along. Stopping outside a small hotel to get Dosha, he said calmly, “Your turn”.
Liz wasn’t expecting it there. She gulped and said one bad word softly and slowly, taking 15 seconds to finish it. “Ha that was so slow you wouldn’t know what the word is!”
This was a challenge. She felt the whole female population depended on her to win the battle now. She closed her eyes tight, covered her ears with her hands and with all the effort she could gather, gave out the bad words she read in quick succession.

Tony didn’t expect this and with her ears covered, Liz was louder than usual. A few people turned to look at them now. Tony took Liz’s hands and walked away as fast as he could. Liz, open eyed was puzzled to see all the eyes on her and went with Tony silently. The shop keeper was also equally puzzled and didn’t call after them.

“That was so stupid!” Tony yelled as soon as they were a safe distance away.


“There could have been people who knew one or both of us!”

“I am sorry! But it was your idea!”

“I didn’t ask you to shout!”
Tony, though boiling with anger, was amused by the whole episode and couldn’t do a good job hiding it.

After a little while, Liz said gathering all her courage “Well that proves what I said before. There is nothing that’s not for girls”

Tony lost the last bit of solemnity and burst out laughing.
“Alright Liz-boy! You are as much boy as I am. But don’t you ever dare say the other way”

Liz’s huge eyes now brightened. “Of course that’s it! It is your turn now!”

“What for?”

“To prove you could do whatever I could!”

“Ho ho wait! That’s your side of the bargain! I never said anything about it”

“Yeah but I have to prove the other side too. Now that it’s clear there is nothing manly, I have to prove there is nothing womanly either”

“I don’t think I like where you are going”

“It is simple. What is considered a womanly thing?”

“That’s easy! Gossip!”

“Exactly! Now I am going to tell you something about someone”

“Ha that’s easy. You think I will go around telling it? Liz, guys got better things to do!”

And sure enough Liz told Tony something that left his mouth open for a long time.
“You just made that up!”

“Nope you really did fail in Math this sem”, Liz said happily knowing he can’t resist not talking about it.

“How the hell did you know?”

“Oh from gossiping”

“Well I don’t believe it”

“Okie Dokie”

“And no I won’t let you win. I won’t ask anyone about it”

He kept his word for 29 minutes. Then he got out of the house and sure enough, he called up everyone he knew to know his fate about Math.
And sure enough, the word got around and after several layers of gossiping the message came back to Liz. She called Tony up in an hour “That was fast”, she said between laughing.

“Ok so I had to talk. But this is no gossip! Its my paper for heaven’s sake!”

After minutes of laughing, Liz let it out that she invented his paper’s fate when he was at her house.

“Argh!!! I have a good mind to give out all those words you yelled out today! If I really fail in Math, you are dead, girl!”

“What did you call me?”

Tony laughed and said “Girl? What girl? There is no such thing as a girl.”

“No boys either”

“Of course not. Never heard of them”

“Only humans”

“Only humans”

Finally Liz and Tony had an agreement. Tony would never say about manly and womanly things and Liz would never ever ask to read any of his emails!

June 24, 2008

Deadly monster attack

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I saw it coming from far ahead. The shape and size was growing bigger every second. I knew it was destiny that put me here. The moment we were all scared of was finally here. It was man versus monster. And I was put in charge of the ‘man’ side. It was one woman against the monster. They must be sending their leader now and before you know it, a whole army of monsters would be at your doorstep. I had to do it. I had to save the human race. The monster had to go. There was no use sitting quiet. I had to talk to it.

“Hey you”

I addressed the ugly monster. It turned to look at me. No smile, no friendliness. This was going to be tough. But I didn’t plan to make it any tougher.

“Haha. Did I say ‘you’? I meant your honor, hullo.”

What? I had to be polite! Humans are renowned for kindness to other species.
“Oh no! Don’t fly! You are just an infant.”

There it was, those ugly wings all spread out, ready to attack any minute.

“I mean you are a baby. You’ve got to master your walking first before you learn to fly. Walking is fun. Move your left legs out. All of them.”

Monster though it was, it must be one of the good ones. It was walking just like I told it, but not in the direction or speed I had in mind.

“No no not so fast! You don’t want to do the boogie-woogie wrong do you? And not in this direction.”

The connection between us was broken now. It did not seem to follow what I said.

“Look pal, you don’t walk towards a human. Especially one that sings.”
I proceeded to sing. “Lalala….. booga booga woogie… get yourself a woogie”
It stopped. I didn’t know if it has eyebrows, but I am sure if it had, it’d have them raised now.

“That’s right. Don’t talk to strangers and don’t walk to singers. Didn’t your Mama teach you that? And I must tell you. My singing have killed a few animals in the past.”

Now the connection was on again. The monster was retreating its steps slowly. And whenever it paused, I sang even more loudly and it had its tail on fire!
At this proud glorified moment, when I was all ready to give a brand new innovative Nobel Prize speech, my fancy pal Mr Jim appeared.


Why did he come now?!

“You were yelling and jumping all around the room… and singing unusually loud”

“You are some pal! Did you see what attacked me?”

Jim was calm. “A cockroach”

I stared! “A monster!”

Jim was shaking his head. “A 2 cm long cockroach”

“Hey you don’t insult my monster that way. Err you saw it all?”


I thought for a minute. I knew when I was a Nobel Prize Winner. I also knew when I was a Nobel Prize Loser.
“Jim, remember that blue Denim jacket you wanted?”


“It is yours”

“Thanks Cris, you are a pal!”

We sat silent for 2 long minutes.


“Yes Cris?”

“This is not going out”

“For that Denim jacket Cris, you can keep all the cockroaches in this world”

“One Jim, just one!”

“Yeah one”

“And it is a monster”

“It sure is Cris, it sure is”

June 23, 2008

3 or 4 Funny Scenarios that could happen to anyone

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Enter Ms CC to the outside world. Reporter reports three scenarios when CC had to turn her cheeks scarlet (and considering her fat face, that was a lot of work for the cheek bones).

Scenario 1

CC is in a public place. CC is good in 2 things – 1. Getting conscious, and 2. Getting lost (physically and mentally). She has a gift there. No doubt about it. But thing 2 could actually reverse the process in thing 1. Nope she didn’t faint. She just forgot she is in a public place and that there are people around her – in the shop, in the streets, everywhere.

So she starts humming some song whose lyrics she had to invent, and though she feels something amiss, proceeds to do so with growing loudness and passion. Her face muscles twitch with the strain and her hands move with the notes. Of course she had her eyes closed so she is oblivious to the public reactions. In about 120 seconds, she was able to translate that feeling of something amiss into meaningful words – “You can be heard! You have got company!”

She dreads opening her eyes but she couldn’t take her next step without doing that. There was only one way out. Pretend she meant to do what she just did; that singing was like walking to her, nothing unusual. So she puts an air of normalcy and walks amidst eyes that stared and mouths that guffawed until she reached her next stop away from all dreaded witnesses!

Scenario 2

One would assume that was good enough to cover your share of embarrassing moments destined for a lifetime. But no, Lady Luck had totally crossed CC off her list today and what is worse, Lady Comedian had adopted her!

Well the second scarlet situation was less intense. CC was waiting outside a shop for her Mom and had to go inside to tell her something. She runs up and down the huge store not finding her desired subject. It never occurred to CC that subject might have finished her object there.

So while the sales people frown at her choice of ground for evening races, she runs to some of them and asks them if they saw her Mom. Oh yes, Miss Runner-Girl’s Mom, everyone should know who that was and where she was! She now realizes how pathetically 3-year-oldish that sounded!

Scenario 3

CC visits a sick friend with her family. CC’s good points as mentioned above included taking leave from her surroundings to worlds unknown. This she was doing then, with all talent and expertise. She must be proud of her capabilities. So Lady C turns up at the right moment again, and one of the hosts shoots her a question. She of course misses the question and when the questioner looks at her, thinks its time for the occasional friendly gesture people give their hosts. So she turns to her sick friend and asks her brightly
“So how is your nose?”

No one, it might be mentioned here had anything wrong with their nose in that house; well possibly not. The sick friend was sick because of something in her eyes. So while CC proceeds to beam having asked her intelligent question, her family desperately tries to cover the dumb-daughter situation they are so accustomed to. The nose was forgotten and it was a happy world again.

Scenario 4

Just an add on. While CC is at it, why not spill one more story. What if Lady C is not always so generous? So CC takes a library trip, falls neatly on the way, picks herself up with no trouble (when there are no witnesses there never is any trouble). CC and the library man after a lot of hunting finds the book she wants and in the register to sign for the books, CC writes 3 and proceeds to leave.

The library man with years of signature-seeing experience, judged that 3 had little chances of being a signature in any country. Of course CC was only being good – she just wrote the number of books she took cause she must have thought the library people didn’t know to count!

Strong Disclaimer: there might be a few things similar to the character CC mentioned here and the author of this chronicle. But it is strongly recommended not to confuse the 2.

June 22, 2008

Few basic chat and email etiquettes people forget

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There probably are a lot of sites on email etiquettes and chat etiquettes; Still this is my attempt to list a few essentials that I forget to keep most of the time!
So as a self-reminder here goes a few

1. When someone you know has emailed you or send an offline in a chat messenger, you may not have the time to reply right back. But make sure you do it at least by 24 hours. This is important; something I often push for later and forget. The people on the other side may not always brush it off in the same absent-minded way you do. Some people get hurt, some get offended, others annoyed.

But most of the time, people don’t tell you about it, so you go on making the same mistake and they go on feeling offended. So if you are busy just make a note of all the people you owe a reply or some kind of response to. Of course there may always be personal reasons why you don’t want to respond to some people, that is a different story.

2. The above should also work for cell phone messages or unanswered calls. I most often keep these things for later and it’s the same story again.
As a matter of fact, even for blogs! I only started replying to my blog’s comments recently. I thought of it when I started commenting on other blogs and kept checking for replies. Sigh you always learn the hard way, and people like me, when they get 50 knocks on their head every single day!

3. A third thing would be telling someone you are about to leave before you leave; of course such a miss wont happen in real life cause you can’t afford to disappear without people noticing it (trust an experienced failed attempter!). But it might in an online conversation via chat or email you have started on and taken to some level. If you suddenly decide its time to shut down and disappear, the others would be left wondering if they said something wrong. Again experience holds the biggest proof.


4. Acknowledge! Always acknowledge! When someone has passed a message, send an email, etc, you may not need to reply but you have to acknowledge getting it. My brother often reproaches my inaction cause he would send me tons of photos of my little nephew, I would go on to watch it happily and then go mind my own business. Not a word to him that I got them.

This could be really annoying. I found that out when I was at the sender’s end. I send something and even after repeated did-you-get-its some people forget to type and send a simple “yes”.

A lot matters on clicking that reply button; even if it is sending an empty email, it is a kind of acknowledgement you have received and read.

5. Well those are a few I thought of, most of them from my dealings amiss. But just taking it out to real world, outside the web – you owe your fellow humans a kind of acknowledgement you can give without the help of any technology. I am of course talking about the widely-talked, most appreciated form of all friendliness – a smile. No one can be hurt by it and it does a million wonders.

On the other hand, when you take an absent minded stride and miss all the faces that smile at you and you being in your wonder world walk with an indifferent air, you are putting the whole world against you. Trust me, you don’t want to do that! I am not much of a loser here unless I am totally lost (which my intimates say happens 756 times a day. Hmmm!)!

I tend to be over-expressive and over-reactive on seeing a familiar face on the way I walk, I ride, I travel. I say my hi’s and bye’s enthusiastically (not too wise to do that for the byes ‘cause people may get the impression you were looking to get away, which you probably were ;-))

June 21, 2008

Trivandrum is full of expensive hotels; more expensive hospitals!

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I have to edit this post since it was brought to my notice that naming institutions and writing about them in a not-so-encouraging tone can be an act of defamation and legally suable. So the hospital I am talking about will be called ABC and the hotel AYZ. I will have to edit the comment entries as well. Don’t want to land you guys in trouble 🙂

ABC Kills; AYZ Kills too!

ABC is one of the first hospitals people think of in Trivandrum when someone falls ill and has to be taken to a hospital immediately; well mostly people who are going there for the first time. Once you have been an ABC visitor and saw those pink papers they handed to you at the end of a billion tests, you will have a vivid picture of the paper etched in the box of worst memories most minds promptly keep at the bottom of the lot. Minds knew where things belong.

A friend of mine recently had a bad case of stomach ache and from experience she knew it was the jackfruit she had. Still to make sure things were alright, she made an ABC visit. Apparently the pink paper scene failed to come out of the box at the right time. So even when her mother persistently told the jackfruit story, the hospital ritually ran her through all the multi million tests and end of the day, proudly presented the mighty pink paper. 800 bucks. For just an ordinary stomach trouble! The poor girl must have cursed the moment she felt like going to KA (read Killer ABC).

From my own personal experience, I eye KA with a look of complete vengeance and feel like Julius Caeser did when the scales finally fell from his eyes seeing Brutus in the stabber army. I didn’t say Et tu KAe though.

Another place which could use the same initials is AYZ – a moderate restaurant in the city. This place is not so killing when you compare the posh restaurants in the city. Yet when I went to take home, some parcel food, they gave me the bill (this one came in white), and I saw every item showing more than the amount I carefully marked in the menu card! “Don’t rely on the menu card for parcels Madam. Parcel rates are different”, says the fellow at the counter! What a rip-off! Each item was charged extra for parcel. Other places I knew, had charged only one time for parceling, listed way down below all the other items; a modest 4 or 5 bucks for the whole set.

All the KAs in this world are out to eat you alive I tell you. And this time I am keeping the pink and white papers on top of my memory boxes. Don’t want to forget them easily and make another mistake. I just wish AYZ food was not so yummy!

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