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January 13, 2014

Hey matchers, leave us odds alone

Filed under: Daily Rot — Cris @ 01:30

I have heard single people comment about how annoying they find it when friends try to set them up on dates. I never really understood why, because most of the time, I was that ‘annoying friend’. And when I wasn’t, I would happily go bug a friend and ask to fix me up, and be choosy and obstinate and not like anyone. Things were that simple, weren’t it?

Well, no. it is annoying. I had an acquaintance come and chat today. He started by asking if I knew single girls for a friend of his. I said I will pass the word around and let him know. Then he acted like he had a brainwave. “Hey, why not you?” Having been an expert matchmaker for a long time, I knew all the tactics in the book. I was hoping this line wouldn’t come. And had a tough time telling him off. Of course we matchmakers are pushy and don’t give up. So he kept selling his guy, a few of the praises falling on me. But all I could think of was how to run out of this conversation.

I give him a lot of tips. I tell him to leave single people alone unless they come asking you for help. This guy he was selling had made no such hint. Why do people take it into their heads that all the single ones in this world need their help and they have to fix them up? Work only on applications, people. Only when your help is sought.

It may be in the best of interests, but dear matchmakers, I have only one tip for you. Quit.

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