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August 30, 2012


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There are all sorts of men.

Sensitive men… They feel for everything too soon. For good and bad. Like a button the things around them can turn them on happy and sad in a second.

Insensitive men… nothing means anything for them. I am never sure if part of the don’t-carishness is fake. If it is, they carry it well.

Inquisitive men… a new type I have seen. They need a why for everything. I sit, why? I stand, why? I look, why?

Prying men… not the same as above. These wanna know everything that’s happening in your life. Good thing about them is they are not secretive about it.

Spying men – these are the secretive versions of prying men. They secretly investigate your life and your life doings.

Contradictory men – one minute they seem like something, the next minute they are something else altogether. Don’t think it is hypocrisy.

Extra expressive men – yea I didn’t write about expressive, cause I haven’t seen one. It’s either no expressions or too many. And I don’t trust the extra ppl. They are usually the biggest cheaters.

Principle men – emotions never rule them. They don’t have any ‘moments of weaknesses’. They have decided what their life is going to be, and they will stick to it no matter what.

Momentary men – they seem most caring the moments you spend with them, then they forget all about you. Maybe this is what you call flings?

Comfortable/easy men – this is my favorite kind, where you can be totally comfortable, and be least conscious of what you say or do or act. Prolly I am defining a friend.

Funny men… another favorite when funny is just funny and don’t go overboard to be annoying.

There are lots many more, the commitment-phobic (that’s like inbuilt in all men I suppose), the dreamy, the ambitious, the preoccupied, the absentminded, the affectionate, girly men(!), the rarely-sincere and on and on. I will need volumes to finish them all. There are all sorts of men, but then again, maybe there is just one sort.

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