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March 11, 2014

Story of a knife

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Conversation between me and a friend called B, both of us trying to show off our Tamil.

Warning: You may need to know a bit of Tamil n Malayalam to get the joke.

C: Your Tamil is all bad!
B: suthama theriyath (Don’t know entirely)
C: suthuma illei,  onnume theryale (Forget entirely, you know nothing)
B: neenga konjum kathi kodukingala,please (meaning comes in the chat below)
C: athu koode wrong (That is wrong too)
We don’t say give me some knife
nee oru kathi koduppa pls (You give me a knife please)
appidi solla vendum (That’s how you say it)
B: LOL are you serious? You  did get the meaning of what I said , right?
C: ‘Give me a knife’ right?
B: Not then , but now I feel, a knife would be useful.
“neenga konjum kathi kodukingala,please” means could you please TEACH me a bit

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