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May 15, 2008

ATM machine and 3 men

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Looks like I blog everyday I go out. Either the world has always been so happening and I just didn’t notice anything, or it must be me. I prefer to think it’s the world.

Today’s trips had nothing special in them. One was to an icici atm machine, outside which I waited 15 minutes before realizing the man inside was not a first-time-user playing with the machine and clapping his hands vigorously like I imagined but a man who had the machine open its money mouth and repair its money problems. The keyword here is money. “Network problem”, he said happily as I knocked and asked what the trouble was.

So I went to another atm machine. This time the man inside was infact a money-taker who was obviously in love with the machine. He was near the machine for a long time, then made his way to the door, seemed to miss the machine’s presence and went back for more tête-à-tête. I bit my nails and frowned for 10 minutes before he finally bid a tearful farewell to the machine and went out reluctantly. I went and reverently stood before the machine. It was going to give me something that made life breathable. But while I was in there talking to the machine about what exactly I was looking for, there came in an intruder. I turned around sharply all prepared to fight down a potential atm-thief. He however didn’t seem to notice a fighter human being in the premises and went around sticking funny papers. Posing as a bank worker are you, my frown said. I didn’t like it one bit. Papers or no papers, the atm room was supposed to be a 1-minute relaxation centre to its sweaty, solitude-seeking customers. If someone wanted to use it for crafts and entertainment, they better wait their turn that’s what! I kept my fighter instincts in alert as I finished my business there. There was no telling when the paper-sticker threw away his paper-sticker disguise and came out as a loud-laughing villain who grabbed money and cards from innocent people. I eyed him suspiciously and remembered the Karate gimmicks I saw in movies. I could think of nothing but boy he was going to have a tough life ahead if he toyed with any burglary ideas! I made a quick move to the door and made sure I brushed some harsh air onto his intruding skin! Well, that I added for my satisfaction, I don’t think any air hit him harsh or he had any clue of the ill-fated future he very nearly escaped.

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The rest of the journey I stuck to keeping quiet and assuming an air of wisdom. Incredibly it worked. There were no more troubles and life was peaceful again. I must do more of this quiet-air-of-wisdom thing. I hope I will remember that for the next trip.

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