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June 17, 2007

Am back!

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Hulloooo hullooooo hulloooo!!
I took a long break didnt I?
For your information, this is your owner, Cris of Cris’s World. Author of all the entries! Creator!
Wow I am a lot more than I thought I was! I am all those things?!
And no offense Mr Blog, having an owner does not mean you are under me or anything. You dont have to call me Boss. You see I am a humble, gentle, polite, nice little creature.

Only yesterday, someone asked me “Do you praise yourself” and I said “No” and he said “Well if you dont praise yourself how can you expect others to praise you”.
I didnt get that point. Others see your work and praise you if they feel its good. But you neednt feel the same.
Anyway I decided to listen to him. So lets do our bit of praising. Now lets see what do we have here to flatter ourselves? (By us, I mean you and me Mr Blog!)
1. We have a good color sense. (Shuttin both ears down to block all the arguments against this statement)
2. We have a great dress sense. Ok I guess it should be ‘I’ here. (Yes I happen to have one I just dont take time to use it thats all!)
3. Errr I am stuck. Lets see, forgetting skills, lets move to character. I could have said I dont lie but one particular lie I let out just yesterday and still glowing fresh in my mind makes me undeserving. Its not a huge lie, its infact an unnoticeable lie. But I had no reason to let it out. Ok ok lets clear our conscience this is the lie. I said I kept an alarm to wake up at 9 but there was no alarm I only asked my Mother to wake me up at 9 cause I had something to attend to! Whew!
Now I should seriously never lie its giving me such a deep headache later!!! So now the good point (if you remember this is the self-praise zone) is I am, well, to an extent allergic to lies! To a great extent that is!
4. Ok no 4s. 3 will do for now. If we think of more lets come back. This prasing thing aint that cool. Not to mention its the least convincing!

So quitting now! Join me Mr B!
And no I dont plan to stay away from you for long again!
So remember all the good things about your dear owner and stay cheerful! Ofcourse I keep you that way 😉

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