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February 21, 2007

An old first date

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It is the 14th of Feb,
I’ll meet my boy in the park.
I said I’ll wear all pink,
His eyes went down his cheeks,
‘But pink says you are free’
And I said ‘Oh but I am’

I knew he’d pick roses for me,
14 of them, all red ‘n pure
And smile at me with twinkling eyes
‘These for you I’ve brought’

I’ve a little speech planned.
Lookin at those melting eyes
I’ll talk about the moon I see
race the sky all night
Just to have a look at me
and watch me wink at it.
It will then turn into a boat,
the handsomest of all
to let me in ‘n row our way,
all through the sky together.

He’ll look at me ‘n say this then,
‘I’ll say nothin’ but this
This moment I’ll be the Moon
if miracle made me so
So you ‘n I can sail around
And together watch the world’

I’ll smile at this my sweetest smile,
‘Oh is this a real first date’
To which he’ll say it feels that way
First date, first love and all.

‘1 thing about the Moon’ I’ll say
He’ll raise a brow and ask me what
It is but this I’ve got to say
‘1 that fails to watch the Moon
forgets what love is’.
Then look at him, eyes unmoved,
and whisper in the lowest tone
‘But here I am, watching you
My dear and lovely Moon’

At this he would laugh aloud
The loudest laugh of love
And tell me very secretly
‘Who’ll but who’ll believe it
This day we age 60’

And I with my husband,
Father of my lovely kids,
will walk the path this V-day
Like we did each day
the last forty so years.

February 20, 2007

Change of plans

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Alright this is the third time! I have got to stop doing this!
I am nearing 20! I cant be as immature as this!
What will my reputation be? What will they call me? Woman-dumper? No its the other way.
Dumped-by-all-women! Sigh

They all seem to like me at first. I am not so modest so I will admit I am pretty good looking heheh. Women cant resist my good looks. But that is all they cant seem to resist. Once they know me a little more, they seem too anxious to say “I am sorry Kevin but we should stop this”.
What is it? Am I too dumb? I cant be! I feel I think like a genius.

Good looks, intelligence, good humour! Simple, loving, affectionate guy. What else could they want? Sigh I will never understand women! If I were a girl, I should feel so lucky in finding someone like me!

Maybe this shows big people like me should remain single. Maybe we have a bigger purpose in life. Women and marriage could mess it up. I thought of Einstein. But dont wanna bring him here cause he married twice. Maybe he would have done a lot more if he were not married!
Yes thats it! I am going to be a singleton. A solitary being. No marital bonds. No earthly responsibilites. Freedom yes. Life would be so good. No women at all. Ah yes.
I could spend more time with the guys. I could smoke like I want with no girl poking me about it. I could go to the movies and dance like I want without getting a raised eye brow. I dont always have to be “caring”. “Oh Kevin dont you care? Oh kevin” I have had enough! Half the time I have no clue what they want! I cant believe I let myself wander in the company of such irritating creatures! Have I no self-respect? Shame!

Oh Jughead! Oh other non-married men who knows what peace is! Let me follow your path! No Sir no women for Kevin. None. No..oh oh.I see a black frock. Ach! My head aches. No women right? Yes but oh the black frock! Why does she have to be so cute! And oh no she is smiling at me! Bad sign!
Strength! Will power! Where are all those things? She will dump me for sure! Oh but the eyes. The curly hair. Why did you make me so weak oh Lord!
No women no women no women “oh heyyyyy there Miss. Hi My name is Kevin, you new here?”
(There I go again..Will talk to you after she dumps me! See ya!)

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