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March 23, 2009

Malayalam of “you”

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Back. Aint that fast?

Its this short thing. Something concerning Malayalam language.

I had once talked in this blog about the difficulty of addressing new people cause of the strange chechi-chettan, uncle-aunty, mr-miss rules that Mallus follow.

Here is a new problem. The Malayalam of you. Is it “nee”, “ningal” or “thaangal”.

Problem is you cant use the same word in every context. When you respect someone ‘nee’ wont be good enough, at least that’s the general rule. ‘Thaangal’ works fine, thought it’s a tad too formal.

Now my understanding is that ningal is the plural of nee. Which means if you want to address more than 2 people you use ningal. And from what I have learnt from home, ningal used for a single person amounts to insult.

So I was pretty shocked when in my office I found everyone calling each other ‘ningal’. I asked today and they said that ningal was considered respectful in many parts of Kerala. That’s strange. Whats insult to some was respect to some others.

I still cant stand that word and please, if you want to respect me call me anything but that!

“I have no time”. “You do too!”

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I know that a few months ago, I complained about not being able to wake up and curse the day – cause I was jobless and didn’t have to wake up early anyway. Strange how human minds work! I am a sleep lover, and I acted like a complete traitor, joining hands with the enemy (=job)!

The point of bringing this up now is I literally do find it hard to find a little time for myself now. Job plus studies plus tidycity plus freelance work plus any other area I find a place to stick my head into!

I actually hate that excuse – the no-time one. “Hey why didn’t you call? Why didn’t you write?” “Cause I have no time”! I always did and still believe that’s the lamest excuse. My point being that you always find time for things you want to do the most. Like if I get half an hour free and I can do anything I want – and I go watch Mr Bean – means – er well- never mind the meanings –you get the picture – you do what you want to do – and you always find time for that!

Before I go any further, I should like to declare this post void of any content – so time-valuers skip the rest.

Ok that’s my cue. I am a time valuer especially bed time.

Quoting ol’Arnie – “Come with me if you want to live”. Err no, not that one. “I will be back.”

Warning: I have a number of topics in mind, equally promising as the one above, so I really might be back soon.

March 4, 2009

Exams at i-j-t: a poem!

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(Poem meant for class blog. If you feel its childish I havent given the date of creation; if you feel its refreshingly brilliant I havent said it was written ages ago. Ping ping ping. Darn the lie detector again. Ok I wrote it today!)

We are having exams
At this place called i-j-t

We come and sit there biting nails
All 20 of us, no fail in that

For though we go missing
On days on end when classes reign
Us boys and girls
of evening batch
Love climbing up
those 40-odd steps
To gasp and wait for papers white
And blink and stare at questions black

Write we do for all two hours
Though right there is none
in all we write

With heads that bend
And hands that scratch
We think and wonder
When could we go
and find some mud
To dig our heads
deep within

Then we decide
to brighten up
And think of this-
as such a joy
“Theres nothing I know
Like I feared I might
It must be my innocence
nothing else”

And then there comes
the judgment day
When teachers climb
those steps we did
With them a bundle
of white monsters
That were once papers
we trotted on

Now in red and all crosses
The papers are but
little red devils
That played a trick
on us poor mortals

We hide in shame
our faces in hands
And chant all chants
to make us vanish

But magics fail
and we remain
To see and hear our
wild answers
And look elsewhere
to act and pretend
Its not us
but someone else
That made us write
those silly things

Nothing works
Our teachers are bright
They see through us
and make us wilt

Heads hung in shame
and faces turned red
We take those papers
and sit on chairs
And make all oaths
to do better next time.

But dont we know
what will happen?
Years went by
but none without
When oaths as these
were chanted aloud
That keep failing
forever and more

But hope we have
Cause thats what makes
these boys and girls
To fight and shout
for a happy morrow.

Cris crack series – 5

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Ok its that time again.

News Desk

Editor: Can you read the last title that you send?
C: Sure
[Opens document]
“Asteroid gives earth a cloth shave”

In case you are wondering what the original was replace the ‘th’ of cloth with ‘se’.

Conversation with friend DD

C: That blog post you wrote was really impressive
DD: Which one
C: The one on Shanghumugham ambalam (temple). It was really great… about the injustice of girls not being allowed… and…
DD: Ahem
C: Yeah?
DD: Sabarimala temple. Shanghumugham beach

Chat conversation

(Sorry but this is kind of a Mallu joke)

J: Velil irna pambine edthu tholi vechu (translation: Take snake and put on shoulder er which means invite trouble)
C: Next time
S: What?
C: The pump in Veli right? We will clean it next time

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