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December 23, 2006

I am 1 n a half but who says I cant think!

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I woke up and cried for Momma. She was nowhere near. I was hungry and I wanted to see her. I crawled through the bed and fell down. I picked myself up. Hey I forgot! I could walk now. I made an attempt to stand in 2 legs, failed first but got it the next time. It seemed like the floor was kind of, well, bouncy – atleast I seemed to bounce when I walked over it.
Aha there she was! My mother. Lots of people around her. I wonder what is going on. This must be that thing she always talks about. It started with p. I cant remember now. Platey? Porty? Its when lots of people come and crowd at a place and say dumb things. I have always found the whole idea stupid. Their life must be so lame! So boring!
Now me! I have got a busy life to waste my time like that!

Hey I need to get Momma’s attention. I guess I should cry. But I am not interested. This was a good chance to do as I please without her behind my back. Wow I could go and get myself all dirty! I could play in the mud! Oh boy! This was going to be a great day!

I ran to the door. Oh oh our maid stood right there giving me that look I hate so much. “Where do you think you are going!”
I gave up. I have tried to win her over many times before. But this one was a toughy! Cute looks, pleading cries, curling-up lips..nothing works with her! She was a rock! I ran back to the bed room. I took a pal and talked to him.
“Gaga gugu bim kung chum”
Mr Teddy, thats my pal, doesnt talk back. He only stares. Maybe he doesnt understand. I cant blame him. I cant understand half the things Momma tells. I raise an eyebrow to let her know I didnt follow. She doesnt seem to understand me either! I am learning her language these days. So far I know to tell her to get me milk and let me play. I add “Momma” at the end. Now thats a killer word. She must really love her name cause she smiles and does as I ask her to as soon as she hears it.

Talking of names, she calls me funny names. I am not sure what my real name is. I prefer Balbi. Sounds like a nice name.
Hmm I am getting bored talking to Mr Teddy. I tried Mr Doggie. Nothing there either. I took another look at Momma. She seems to have forgotten me! At first it was nice, but I dont like it anymore. Its alright to roam about for a while. But now I am missing her. I cant count time but I am sure its been a lot since I saw her. How can she just forget me! This was too sad. I had to cry. I did.

Momma came running. That was more like it.
“Aww my poor baby! When did ya get up now! Awww Momma forgot you? There there dont ya cry now. Shall I get you some milk”
At-a-girl! Way to go girl! Thats my girl! I tried to express my appreciation.
“Momma gau gau gi gi”. I guess she understood that. Cause she seemed happy and kissed me. Hmm she got my face all wet but it was alright. I didnt mind that much. It seemed to cheer the poor girl up. Momma will be back now. I gotta play some prank before that so she wont leave me again! Hmmm…

December 16, 2006

Girl Vs Green

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I have got a yellow ball, a blue bottle, a black coffee mug and a pink bag on my desk. Oh to add on, a blue cell phone and a transparent clock. One thing is for sure. My desk is mighty colorful.
Now I better not try make a story out of these. If I did what would it be? The ball was bored and jumped into the bottle, the bottle fell down and the mobile got wet. The cup took the mobile in and the clock watched it all; the pink bag sighed! Ulp!

Ok no stories. I’ll leave the ball and its gang alone.
What else have we got here for a story. Just saw a plant in here that seems to have been here for some time now. Hey life’d be pretty boring if you were a plant now wouldnt it.
Ok I have got it. I could write about a plant thinking.

So I am a plant. My name is hmm Green. I am a girl plant (:-D)
People think I am sad cause I have nothing to do all day but sit in my red pot and not move. Oh but they dont know I could think. They think I am a dumb thing that photosynthesize and pollinate and does nothing brilliant. Only if I had a couple of legs and a few muscles, I’d show them who is dumb!
I mean the least you’d expect them to do is show some respect to us plants who give them their life-giving oxygen. What if we decide we will stop giving out oxygen. What will these intelligent things do then? I’d like to see that!

Oh dont get the impression I am an angry little plant. The way a girl just looked at me got me frustarted. She jumps around and goes to her seat and types how dull it is to be a plant! How wicked is that! And she was the one who tried to make a story of a yellow ball! Look who is talking about dumbness! And I dont care if there is no such word!

Hey, I have a feeling this is somehow coming back to me! Me the human that is! And not in a pleasing way!
I’d like to wind up here and stop all story-attempts for a while!
So long!

Yeah girl mark your days!
Grrrr-ingly, Ms Green Plant!

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