Story of a lost journalist

February 28, 2012

Fire me… err, them!

Filed under: Daily Rot — Cris @ 15:57

Office blogging should strictly be banned. Those who open a blank document and write about what they think about the blue skies outside they’d love to stare at, in place of the boring white office drapes, or about their secret wish to make the office disappear so they could escape unnoticed in the chaos while others search for a missing building…. (just noticed the sentence is becoming Hinduishly long!) – well those who do all that should be fired I say. That way they wouldn’t be responsible for throwing away a good job to suit their fancy. That way they may happily wear a nomad’s robe again and roam around an unknown path every new day, and be happily lost in the midst of nowhere all of those days. So what are you waiting for bosses, fire away! And after days and months of pennilessness and hunger, when they come sniffing at your doorstep and look at you with their big wide innocent eyes… well… you are the bosses, I wouldn’t need to tell you what to do :-).

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