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April 29, 2006

Beautiful Day :-)

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And we meet again!
If last Saturday was a never-ending day at work this one was a super-cool quick day! I met 6 of my school friends! It was just b-e-utiful, in the words of Mr Bruce Almighty!
Dont think I want to narrate it all after having done that once just now-mailed our school group. Oh well lets try it in a different way now.

Scene 1: Outside Cris’s home.

“Grrki grrki wheres that girl”. Cris is waiting for Rose.
Rose lands in her Kinetic Honda exactly 15 minutes after the scheduled time. Yup, same ol’s Rose. Rose and Cris are wearing the same kind of Salwar-different colours. Didnt they make a great team 🙂

Scene 2: Ambrosia

Girl 1, Girl 2 and Girl 3 are there already. Greetings to Cris n Rose. All take their places and start chit-chat. Girl 6 enters. After a lot of wow-long-time’s and what-do-you-do’s, out comes cameras and a lot of clicking happens. (At this point the author went off to make some calls and has now returned having no idea where she stopped or what to go on with. Made a very important realisation that what a writer needs most is dedication! Not finding that at the moment with the clock ticking “mid-night” Ms Author would now use Ctrl-C from her mail and Ctrl-V it here! Thank you all!)

We talked about where everyone was, how many are married. We got 13
(the married ones). There were some uhhh-s and ohhh-s on hearing
some of the unexpected ones getting married. We talked about how
everyone has changed. Girl 3 preferred to call it “evolution”. She
says “Oh evolution happened to all of us”. All she talked was about
Paleantology, Anthropology and many other ologies.

After a lot of chit-chat n clicking, Girl 6’s bro came to pick her up.
Next was a big confusion of paying. 300 by 6 and each of us had a
100 Rupee note. We needed change. Ok I headed straight to the cash-
counter and asked 10 50-Rupee notes for 4 100s. Isnt it confusing
already. Finally Girl 1 stepped forward, used her mathematical brains
and solved the issue. Whew. The girl was an Einstein! Girl 3 produced a pink paper and 10 Rupees and insisted on paying the bill with it. Maybe it was time someone told her money was green in US and pink nowhere. She claimed that pink paper was some 50-rupee coupon and the people there bought that story! Oh well, gotta start collecting all kindsa pink papers from now.

We had another photo session and weight-checking session in front of
Ambrosia. We weigh 57, 55, 54, 54 and 45.

Next Ros and I left in her Kinetic Honda to Sari Centre while the
other 3 left for Technopark. After a lot of “bahalams” we got 2
Salwar materials for Rose. Rose left and I was walking to my home
when a car screeched and stopped behind me! Ooops its the 3
Technopark-go-ers. Back after a trip to the Technopark gate. (I
forgot to tell them they will need some ID card or call letter for
entrance ino the premises).

All of us then went to my home. They all loved my goodie goodie
room, pink things all over it. We cracked some jokes, watched some
TV, took more pictures and left for Coffee Beanz. Open Chicken
Sandwich was a huge mistake! The bread is thicker than 3 Oxford
Dictionaries placed one on top of the other. So we threw away all
forks and spoons and attacked the food with hands and teeth. Girk 2 had a smile on her fce when she finally won the “war” with her
And then our milk-shakes came. Wow the food was real heavy. Burp!
We left by 5.
And now I am back home burping and sipping a coffee that has no place to
find in my stomach. Burp!

Well that was the last line in the mail I am not really sipping coffee right now. Did some editing hope it doesnt look too bad. If you dont feel like writing you really shouldnt! For writing, my friend is not a job! It is a passion! Love! (Ok Cris go to sleep!)

April 22, 2006

One Long Day!!!!!!!

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Working on a Saturday sucks!
Well even when you are not really working but need to be in the office staring at your PC wondering when you could finally jump(fly rather) down the stairs, get into the cab and race to your home. Sigh!

The stupid firewall takes away access to all goodie music sites and game sites! And there is hardly a soul or two in the office you could say howdy to. I have a feeling they would not be too pleased to hear hey-mate-wassup when they are raking their brains trying to find why that first-time-on-earth error came up.

So what do you do? You blog! And give a hard-time to the would-be blog-readers.
I have decided to come up with stuff you could do on a day like this when you are stuck and have nothing else to do except mop around a lot(unless of course you do have w-o-r-k :D)

1. Work- you might be assigned a small job, that take up an hour or so. Finish it so you can rest in peace 😛

2. Bring a good novel-not one you have been trying hard to finish, but one you just dont want to put down. Comic books are another option. How about Archie?

3. Arent yopu forgetting to send mails and reply-mails to a thousand friends? Well you have been pushing it off for later and would there be a better time to do that?
So move those lazy bones, and start mailing. You will find that once you start, you would forget all laziness and keep writing(look at me!)

4. This one is not advisable. Kids dont try it. But just like that- raid other people’s desks and you might land up on foreign chocolates. DO NOT take or go through anything personal. Chocolates however can be excused 😀

5. If you have a free phone, you could call friends. This is not encouraged cause it does cost the people who pay you. 😀

6. If you are good in painting, you have Paint; if you like gaming, well there would be some game site not restricted though they maybe a bit lame and wont serve the purpose for more than 2 hours.
And the most important one of all- work on your blog :-D. You will never know how time passes!

I would suggest a walkman but then people have this weird idea of prohibiting them in offices. Walking up and down and around the place, to the pantry, to other cubicles are other options. You never know what the DC you come to everyday looks like unless you inspect every nook and corner. What is the color of the wall, the tiles.. I know I know, I am taking it too far; but you are walking, so why not watch all that too?

Thats about it. Doing all this might take you to the end of the day 🙂
It worked for me. But then you are going to reach there anyway-you do this or not! Sigh and tomorrow is going to be another long day! Maybe I should come back and refer what I wrote 😀

Day 1 at mah work-place :-)

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Cris’s home :

7 a.m. Knock on Cris’s door “Shiya wake up, its 7”

Cris : “5 minutes Amma”. This goes on for 10 minutes.

7:10 Cris is up and start searching for her pink tooth brush. Got it! Brushes furiously, angry at the sun as usual for choosing such a wrong time to rise – “How rude Mr Sun!”

7:15 : searches for a Churidhar to wear, got a pink one. Ok ready to rush to the bathroom. Ouch! Father is in!! “Acha, get out! Why didn’t you go to Nish’s bathroom?!” (Nobody is fond of Nish’s bathroom except Nish). Acha gets out at 7:30, says thoughtfully “You wont have time for a bath now dear”.

Cris says “Grrr” and enters the bathroom. Fast bath, wears the pink Churidhar, pink sandals, pink watch and takes a pink bag. Ouch no time to search for pink earings.

Gets out at 7:50. Acha, Amma and Cris enters the car. Ouch, no certificates. “They wont need it Acha, the ID will do” Not sure. Ok stop the car! Cris and Amma rushes back, gets all the junk and rushes back. 8! Car runs and runs and reaches the campus gate at 8:25! Cool Cris! Nope, both her “buddies” haven’t reached. After 15 minutes, comes a green Maruti driven by Buddy-1. Halt! Cris enters. Finds Buddy-2 in his bike inside(the campus, not the car!). The 3 goes together. Finds the building. Damn, the stupid bag-checking again! “Madam, bag”! Gets in(to the office, not the bag). Archana, an HR person talks. Its over in 10 mins. The 3 are taken to their PCs. Good. Ouch, noone else in Cris’s cabin! Damn, she has to keep shut all day now; who would she show off her newly found “maturity” now! She could always mail Buddy-3.

Had a talk with the IBU head in between. “You maybe on bench for sometime, but get some books from the library and read them, don’t waste your time”. Cris thinks ‘ I hope Five point someone will be good enough, hmmm’.

On reaching back her cabin, she resumes her mailing activities. She thinks hard “Thought of saying something to Buddy-3 what was that now”. Oh yeah, she saw Harry Potter and the goblet of fire yesterday! “Goodie movie” says Cris.

That’s day 1 so far!

Clock strikes 12(don’t get the wrong impression. There is no clock here, no little birds popping out to say cuckoo, nothing at all. But if you look towards the right hand bottom of your computer screen, you might be able to see the time; some people like Cris could always turn their right hand up and see the pink watch)

“Grr grr grr” said Cris’s stomach. “Shut up” said Cris to the stomach.

“Grrrr Purrr Murr” said Cris’ stomach which translates to “No way!” in English.

Finally surrendering to the “Grr”s of her stomach, Cris mails Mr Buddy-1 and Mr Buddy-2, “Food?”

Half an hour later the 3 enters a restaurant at the 6th floor.

Cris watches the menu. The other 2 are fast. “Mixed friedrice”. Oh oh hurry up Cris. “Chicken Noodles” she says aloud. To herself “Chicken Noodles?I bet its goin to suck”. Sigh! Cris’s bets have this weird habit of becoming right at the wrong time. The noodles sucked but she ate up all that she could to escape the “Grr”s

Came back to cabin at 1:30. Oh oh. Mail from HR to update details. Ok theres something to do besides mailing. Ring ring! Cris’s friend is coming from TCS to see her. Wooppeee. She runs out, finds him, talks for 10 mins and comes back.

Returns a happy, smiling Cris to her dull boring cabin, which suddenly seemed to be friendly. Guess that’s the kind of magic a visit from your friend could do.

All updates done. The 2 guys visit Cris’s cabin. The 3 of them tries to get coffee mugs(“Why cant I use the coffee mug that’s there in my cabin?” asks Cris. “It could be someone else’s you need to have your own”- Buddy-1. “Damn him”, says Cris aside and her stomach agrees “Grr grr”)

No coffee mug. Back to cabin. Oh the employee docket can be done now.

She finds the scanner room. The guy there says “It works like this, duhhh..(Nothing happens). Duhhh I think somethings wrong with the scanner..”.

Cris : “Alright, I will come tomorrow, is that okay”

The Duh-guy: “Yeah , duhhh, ok”

Back to Cabin again. The friendliness starts disappearing again. “Ring ring”

Momma! Good, smiles are back on Cris’s face again.

Comes back to the system. Woah mails from Buddy3 and Buddy-4. :-)))

Hmmm, she was lookin at the coffee mug. She remembered her mouth is drier than Sahara. Ok water or coffee it is!

Thats as far as Day 1 I can remember!
Bibliography : An old mail to a pal.

April 16, 2006

A chair in an island

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Vinnie closed her eyes and felt she was sitting on a chair in midst of a deserted island with noone around her. She didnt want to open her eyes and realise her mother was just a room away. What was happening? Where is everyone going to? Away from her… and she was back in that island… sometimes she felt thats where she wanted to be. It was so much easier…Relationship is a pain. All kinds of it..

No, she told herself, this should be just her annoyed mind. She doesnt have to make any decision now. Things will sort out by themselves if we just leave them alone. But what about time? Time doesnt wait! You dont want to be too late. Vinnie wished she could just stay in that island forever. She knew she had to wake up and come out of it. But it doesnt have to be right now…

April 15, 2006

This! No, That!

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Confusions Confusions!
Do I take the red one(now why did I choose red? I dont really like the colour, oh well erasing is a big job!) or the yellow one(yellow???)?
Do we go to the movies or to a restaurant?
Do I stay single or get married? Oops. Now that was a major one, too huge to talk about in a blog.(Dang why cant I just use that backspace or delete?!)
Uh a better one would be do I marry Pankajakshan or Rudhrakshan(there! that should make one of my blog-readers happy!)!

So confusions. The thing is how to come out of it. How to decide which is the better one and not have any regrets later. I am never able to do it, make the right decision, or in better words, I always regret! The easiest way is not think further on it once you made a decision but thats the hardest thing to do isnt it?! Our mind has this stupid habit of bringing up things we try to bury up. Dont-wanna-think-about-it and bang its all around you!

I cannot think of any other way out. This not-thinking works when the matter is trivial, like the red/yellow dress case. Mostly you forget about the red one once you buy the yellow and try it on from home. “Wow I look great”. Heheh.
Unless you are determined to sit down and spend some time solely for mourning the red one, you are going to be ok with life 😀

But there could be serious confusions. Take the marriage case. Ok I said I will not discuss it. Lets just take a general case. Examples will be great. Ok Reena. (Sorry Mr Blog Reader cant think of one of your favorites now). She really likes Thomas. But John was not too bad either. Nope I dont like this story line and I know it doesnt exactly happen to people. But well this is just a story. So what can Reena do? And the men, ok suppose neither has told her about their feelings. She has no clue how they would react! Oh a better example would have been one man having feelings for one woman but is confused about how to tell her. Ok we will take that. Suppose Roy likes Reena. And they were good friends for some time now. Now Roy is afraid if he will ruin their friendship if he breaks the news to her. So what can he do? Well the obvious answer here is tell her. But…

Stopping. The story thing wont work. I am getting confused even there! Heheh. But you get the picture right? I dont know if there is a name for this disease(for its indeed a disease!); something like dilemma phobia. I have got it! And its at its worst! Is there no doctor in the house? (No Bugs Bunny either?). I have heard my mother say sometimes “I felt I should do it”. Now why cant things like that happen to me!

Leaving this blog place and the stupid computer (err in a few minutes) as a totally confused helpless soul… Sigh! Poor me!

April 8, 2006

You mean the girl asked???

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“So why dont you ask him?”, Sereen asked.
Man, she should be kidding!
“Are you crazy! Boys ask girls! It never works the other way around!”. Lila sounded frustrated.

Gee I wonder why it is so. From asking out for a date to proposing, its always boy-asks-girl. The other way, well it just doesnt “seem” nice. It would seem like the girl pushed the boy, forced him to commit himself. But when a boy gets chocolates n ice-creams n what-nots to get the girl to tell the Y-word it becomes “Aww he is so sweet”. Now I cant say I support the idea of girls taking the initiative. Cause I know, I, for one would never dream of doing something like that. But I dont understand why it should be so. Girls have feelings too and thats why they say “yes” when the boy finally shows some guts and do the on-the-knees stuff! But why do girls have to wait desperately wondering “when would he” or “would he ever”.

Hmm. Maybe its that boys get fed up of relationships more easily. So getting the she-dragged-me-into-this feeling would be enough to desroy the whole affair. (I am not a feminist please dont kill me buoys). Thats just my observation. I could be wrong.
But when it comes to girls, it is usually oh-he’s-done-so-much-for-my-love. And that would be enough to tie them up to the fellow for their whole life. Once they give in, they kind of go to any extreme for his sake. Again these are just some observations I made. It can and does happen the other way too. There are girls who take advantage of boys who they know would do almost anything for them and in the end throw him off like dust.

Well for some reason or the other boys are always the first-step-takers and it seems to have worked pretty fine till now. So maybe it will in the future too :-). Lets just give it a chance. And girls, who dont agree with me, aahhh who cares go ahead n do the knee-down stuff anyway; dont listen to me! Your life is yours, uh, and if you are lucky, the proposee’s (I am sure there is no such word but sounds good doesn’t it??) :-)))

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