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February 26, 2009

3 today

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Today is February 26th. A PG Wodehouse character if present would have found nothing wrong with the statement. “That’s nice”, he would have said “always liked it when its February em 26 did you say?”

But alas Wodehouse characters are not so much around as they used to be so all I can see as reply is “So? What if its 26th?” 

Explanations, that’s what is wrong with this world – always demanding explanations. Forget that I get no thanks for giving this piece of information entirely voluntarily with no outside pressure. But cant a person say its 26th of Feb and let it pass as an everyday statement? 

But no sweat. Today I have an explanation. A real solid one. Exactly 3 years ago, leave the calculations to me – I will tell you – it would be again another Feb 26th –ah isn’t that nice to say it – oh but the year was different – 2006 to be precise. So where was I? Oh yeah 3 years ago. Something terrifically important happened that day. 

Ok I am getting bored with the will-bore-you-with-long-story game. So let me welcome everyone to celebrate my third anniversary! I mean my blog’s! I wouldn’t have thought about it unless there was occasion for me to look up my blog today. That was fast – 3 years! 

A bit of history – My friend Q had insisted that I start a blog (my guess is he got tired of my huge emails on bench-days and wanted to divert it to a different direction!). I did. Then he said “Big deal! I bet you wont take it to ten entries!”

“I so would!” I said. To admit, I should have easily dropped the whole idea unless I had this pressure of proving a point that I don’t always start things and leave it halfway behind. So thank you dear Q its because of you Cris’s World still lives!

February 23, 2009

Quirks :-)

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The Quirk tag that dear Usha had given me some time back
The rules:

1. Link the person who tagged you
2. Mention the rules on your blog
3. Tell 6 unspectacular quirks of yours
4. Tag 6 following bloggers by linking them
5. Leave a comment on each of the tagged blogger’s blogs, letting them know that they have been tagged

The list –

1. In constant motion
– this is something no one who meets me fail to notice – some part of me would always be moving, sometimes it would be the whole of me. I cant seem to stand or sit still, I have got to move. And it really bugs me when people try to stop me. I understand that some find it annoying to talk to a moving object but my whole balance/concentration is disturbed if they stop my motion. No explanation for this!

2. No sense of direction
I don’t know if it qualifies as a quirk. This is more a side of my character than a habit. I may travel the same route for all my life and still not know where the left and right turns are or what the streets look like! Absent mindedness at its core?

3. Six
This is something my college friends would definitely remember. I like this number so very much for some reason I am yet to figure out. So I stop most things at 6 – for this reason most friends wrote 6 pages of autograph for me. Its just 5 rules here 😦 I am tempted to addd another!

4. Rubbing scratches off!
When your nails scratch against clothes or some smooth surface, they make this annoying noise that many thoroughly hate! My immediate reaction is to rush to them and rub their finger nails – as if I am taking it off somehow! I do this without really thinking about it.

5. Drawing eyes
If I have a pen in hand, 7 out of 10 times ythe paper I am writing on will have a pair of eyes somewhere in the page, one of them filled in tears. I do it without pen too, with fingers scribbling on floors/walls – and also rubbing it off with hands at the end!

6. Cant stand a simple lie
This becomes hard when your friends may want you to say something to protect them – it may be a small thing and harmless, but I still cant get to do it; without killing myself. Say someone asked me if my toothbrush is pink and I for someone reason lied its red, it would bug me for the rest of the day until I call him and correct it “No its pink!!!”.

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February 20, 2009

Cris Crack series – 4

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I have an amazing lot of work pending. Including an exam tomorrow for which I lived up to my historical academic habits – completely forgetting the fact that an exam calls you to spend sometime for er-whats-that-thing-again? Oh yeah preparation. TidyCity has really kept me busy.

But been away from Cris’sWorld too long. So will narrate a short Cris-crack.

Location: South Park hotel, Trivandrum
Subject: Superb sense of direction
Destination: Press Club
Right route: Get out of South Park, walk left
Cris’s course of action: Got out of South Park, walked right.
Cris’s realization point: “Oh oh I have reached the University College. That is in Palayam. The place I have to go to is Press Club, that is in Statue. Something is wrong here”

So that precious piece of knowledge that ‘where University college was, was Palayam’, had saved Cris from walking to er – well if she knew that she wouldn’t have been there in the first place.

A bonus Cris crack if you have survived this long.

Scene: Cris walks uphill. Sees car with colleague driving it.
Whats wrong with it? Colleague could have given her a lift from office if he was driving to the same place.
Cris’s reaction, when colleague stopped car and smiled: Dushtaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa (translates to hmm, cruel mannnnnnnnnnnnnn)
Colleague reacts by smiling and looking behind him.
Cris follows his eyes to see her General Manager in the backseat.
Her face turned red,
“Oh no oh no Ma’am I didn’t know you were there. Ayoooooo (translates to a Malayalam oh no)”

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