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January 24, 2009

Caught Interestlessness

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Ok that was the longest break I took since I registered 4sometime back in March. Of all the excuses, the one I hate most is “I didn’t get time”. I don’t believe in that statement one bit. Cause you know that you will always find time for things you really want to do. Blogging is something I enjoy doing, it somehow did not come in the top list, not in the past few days anyway.

4sometime might have died in the meanwhile cause there was some problem with the payment account. I was so who-carish about it that I didn’t respond to 3 or 4 of the warning emails my web-host send me. In the end I rushed things up as usual and finally rescued the domain.

This is a Saturday at home after some weeks. I got around to reading a number of emails I have been keeping off. Even there I might skip most of the lines just so I could count it read and then delete (not personal emails, so friends don’t ban me). Now there is the huge list of blogs to read and 3 stories from friends. I would say the reason why all this is pending is cause of utter laziness. Cause I know that if I start, I will go on and finish it, they are all good writers.

So am not going to bother to find more reasons. This general interestlessness is not a good sign. Its like fever. And I seem to have caught it. I am going to take my medicine – sorting out my priorities and paying attention to those at top. Now somehow the order is not right. Cause the list goes “1. Nothing, 2. Nothing, 3. Nothing”.

I really want to announce that I am back and I shall be regular, but I wouldn’t trust myself to keep my word. I have been toying with some things to write about, hope to do that this weekend.

January 2, 2009

Cris Cracks for the day

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Scene 1

We were to have a meeting soon. I had to go out and called my editor to tell that. Ground floor is our company and top floor is a food court.




Sir meeting ine kuricharyan… njan molil poyi”(“Sir I wanted to know about the meeting. I went upstairs”)

You went upstairs to know about the meeting happening here?”



Scene 2


I wanted to tell that I have to leave by 4:30

So I raise 4 fingers of one hand and 3 fingers of the other and say 4, and 30.

How do you show 4:30 again?”



Scene 3


I get a call from a friend.

I answer. “Hi A its me Cris!”

I understood that”.

The point in case you missed it is – he was calling me, so emm there is a high probability that he knew it.


January 1, 2009

Dreams that come true (the sleep-dreams I mean)

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Have you ever had your dreams coming true?


I dont mean ambitions. I mean the ones you see when you sleep. The usually senseless ones.



Back in school, I had this senior who left school. She was no close friend but she was the head girl. Anyway it was a couple of years since she left school and one day for no reason I dream of her. That she was coming to school that day in a gray dress.



From morning, I wanted to tell it to someone cause I toyed with the idea of it coming true and having evidence that I really did dream it. Unfortunately I told noone and she did turn up! A girl who left school two years ago came on the exact day I dreamt of her. She was wearing green though.



But this really shook me up. Why would I dream of her when I never thought of her??? And on that day in particular. But of course dreams never make sense.



Another time was when first semester exam results were out, and I dreamt that a friend got 1245. And she got 1145. Ok I was wrong by a digit but it still seemed amazing. Why couldnt I dream mine!



There were more. I lost a ring once and searched all places in vain. Nap-dream said I get it from under my desk. I believed it, but turned out it was inside my desk. Still the keyword here is desk.



Ok I admit except the first one, the others are not quite there. Still its something when you feel so real in a dream… you just wake up to follow it!



Yet another deal is when you realize you are dreaming! Oh thats the best! Cause you get complete control of yourself there and you can do what you please! I think I have written about this before – what I usually do is fly. And there is no time to think what to do, cause you only get a few seconds once you know you are dreaming! And then you wake up. So make it fast. Its the most wonderful feeling ever I tell you!



I dont know if its worth a tag. But I’d be happy to hear anyone talking about their dreams coming true.

December 31, 2008

Rappy New Year :-)

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I don’t believe in New Year resolutions and usually I come up with the “I will try be a good human being every hour of the day” lines. This time I am going to try one thing – besides the Good Samaritan one. Yes just one. And if that works out, I will add more to the list.

The one thing – is vegetarianism. I know I know I have fought for the justice of non-vegetarianism before. But this is something I just want to do, or try, its not because I think non-vegetarianism is anything bad. And my reasoning is mostly selfish. One, I wanna lose some kgs. Two I am a little fed up of chicken, and Three – anyway I eat only chicken so I just have to stop that. And a fourth most motivating one – a movie scene in which a goat losing its head was shown on screen (which I willingly missed but still got the idea)…

So I am not planning for a forever deal. I can break it when I want to. But just to test my will power I plan to go on for a month, and if it works out I will add more to my list.

Done-o. More shall be talked about next month. Till then, Rappyyy New Year folks!!!

December 20, 2008

End of IFFK! Sigh!

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So film festival came and went. All so fast! This was my first film festival but I have no clue how fast these 8 days went by or where all my hours went to?  I saw 15 films but most of my classmates saw more than that – one of them saw 28!


Yesterday as I stepped out of Kalabhavan (a movie theatre in Trivandrum) I felt a pang. I know I can go there anytime I want to. But for these past few days I have been going in and out of there like it was a second home. Even other Cinemas for that matter – that freedom which media didn’t fail to highlight – women walking into theaters alone and late in the night! 9:30 p.m. didn’t seem like an odd time to take an auto rickshaw all by yourself. The roads were all crowded, people were there – and everyone seemed to mind their own business or else the movies. You wouldn’t think anyone was a bad guy or girl.


I hope the film festival leaves behind that feeling. It would be nice to wake up to that feeling everyday and sleep with it every night.

December 18, 2008

Past-Present-Future tag

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Its been some time since amazing wetspark’s amazing editor Mathew had tagged me. I am taking it up now.

The tag: Two questions from the past, present and future. Answer them and then tag your friends from the blog-o-sphere. Leave a comment on their blog letting them know they have been tagged and you are all set.


Your oldest memories…

No one is going to believe it, but the oldest I remember of my life is being rocked in a cradle in the living room of our old house by my Valyammachi (Granny) and the then-maid we called Anithedamma (Anitha’s mother). I don’t know how but this visual has been etched in my mind for as long as I can remember.
So I’d rather not say more – I mean I have started all the way from age less-than-1!

What were you doing ten years ago?

Probably doing last minute studies for 10th grade half yearly and fighting with my best friend Ros cause she talked to another girl for more than 5 minutes.



Overslept and missed bus, went to office, made another wrong sms mess (sms meant for one going to another – becomes a mess when another is little known to you and especially when another is a celebrity), saw half a movie at film festival.


Oversleep and miss something, but please no messes tomorrow! Going to interview a debutant director. Yaiii scared and excited.


Where do you see yourself 14 years from now?

Oversleeping, missing buses, making lotsa messes – that much is guaranteed. I mean I will be me. And then the good things – having a job I love, and lotsa plans I’d rather not talk about for fear of not happening.

If you build a time capsule what would it contain?

All that I write, having written all that I saw and imagined.

Forgot. Passing the tag to

Anila – she usually does poems but lets see.
Qwerty – you have got enough time to do this now Q!
PS – not sure if she takes tags but putting her name here anyway

December 10, 2008

A job, and I am back

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A bit of personal update. I have got myself a job as a journalist trainee couple of weeks back. And I am continuing my journalism classes as well. So finally am back to doing what I mourned about not being able to do for a few months – cursing everyone and everything every morning at half past 7 – since it means wake-up time once again. 

Gone are the days of late nights and late mornings, err afternoons. And I say this at 1:30 am! Well almost gone. I don’t see 2 a.m.’s anymore. I see the sun and the moon everyday – used to be just one of this for a long time. Well, it’s good to be back in the universe.

November 25, 2008

An auto trip, a kid and a jerk

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Yesterday after debating with self for a while about traveling in auto rickshaw (other choice being bus) I chose auto rickshaw reasoning that I was tired and needed a cup of home coffee before my next stop. The auto driver got a call as soon as I got in and he seemed to be in such panic that it got the attention of someone like me – who is generally accused of showing utmost indifference to surroundings even when a possible earthquake was in cue. Apparently a little girl, he must have really cared about had some kind of an accident. He kept yelling into the phone “So what to do now”. More than anything it showed that he was completely shaken. That’s the kind of thing we say when we don’t know what to do, and we worry ourselves to death over it.

The auto driver looked so not here, I was worried if he might drive both of us straight to the underside of a giant lorry or bus that came from the other side. The call was over and he turned to me and told me the story without being asked “Its my daughter. She just came back from school an hour back and went to play next door. And shes got her arm cut.” And I said “oh”. I figured out that much but didn’t know it was his daughter. I had a clue what was coming next. “Can you please help me a little?”. And I knew this was financial, cause I heard him say “I have just some 20 with me, now what do we do?”

I kept quiet. I was calculating furiously. I might have some extra 10 or 20 with me, and that was supposed to last my next trip. But what if he was lying? What if he was making this story up with the help of an accomplice on phone to trick me into paying up. But I somehow knew he wasn’t. The panic in his voice was real, the concern in his attitude was that of a really worried Father. I got down. I said “its usually 15, I will give 20?”.

“Madam please can you give at least 30?”

I took 30 and gave him, thinking in mind, ok there goes the money I saved by taking bus in the morning and what I could use to go to my next stop. “Here. And your daughter will be all well, don’t worry”. I was talking like I just made a 1000-dollar contribution. And he said “Ok I will return it Madam”

I felt like a jerk cause I had first asked him “is this really true or are you tricking me” and even after that I just gave a meager 30 when the man probably needed thousands. Well I was no Richie Rich. I told him “No its ok don’t return it.”

To compensate, I walked to my next stop. But I kept feeling like a jerk. I could have at least given him a 50… I wonder how his daughter is doing today. She has got to do well, I hope she is up and jumping like she was, day before yesterday. And I hope she will be really careful next time. I hope all kids will be.

October 24, 2008

5+1 addictions of life, another tag

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Taking up Nims’s tag : list the top 5 addictions of life. As usual, making that 6.

1. Sleep or else day-dream: an angelic habit. You could shed brains, you could waste time and you could have your own set of double chins and your own little flab, and even nurture it – what fun! Sneeking in day dreaming after reading it another blog. Cant believe I missed it, thats what I do all the hours I am not sleeping!

2. Internet: Growl. You could put it to good use or you could use it to waste time. I am not going to reveal which choice is mine. Growl.

3. Magi Noodles: Great choice of food. You could give yourself the benefit of losing all fitness and turning into a fat unhealthy mess. If you are lucky, you could end up with appendicitis.

4. Books: Like them lots. I use it to stuff bags from library, to keep beside pillows, to pay huge fines and to not read. I know, life is so good!

5. Tom n Jerry and The Wonder Years: Absolute entertainment. You could waste time by watching 8th and 9th reruns. And after that switch to Top Cat and Full House.

6. Music: MP3 player or youtube constantly in use. When I can’t find both I use my mouth. You can play ‘em (youtube/mouth) aloud at 3 in the night. Your neighbors would appreciate that.

Stopping at 6. Friends from college would know I have a particular affinity/addiction for the number, most of them ended up writing 6 pages of curses, err praises in my autograph book. (Liz, Krips, Zac, Divs, Nims, Laks, Lovly, Sandeep listening?)

Thanks Nims, without this, my blog should have been inactive for long.

Tagging 6 –

1. Tedy – been a while since he wrote in any of his blogs – and that’s a lot!

2. M.Rose – absence a little too loud. Come back!

3. Kavi – newest blog friend. Not sure if he does tags, but it’d be interesting to read!

4. Hari – Tit for tat. Bad hair for good tag. Err that doesn’t make sense but take this up, will you?

5. Usha – I miss her…!

6. Silverine – Most famous blogger I know, well at least in my google reader. Guaranteed to be some promising entry!

October 14, 2008

Stint at thattu kada :-)

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Long nourished dream came true today. Oh I see I have used that line before. No I didn’t see Yesudas again. This time it was a visit to a thattu kada (road side stall). The one time I went before, it was too early and I had to suffice with coffee (which actually was meant to be a birthday treat to a friend :D. At 4 Rs and 4 minutes hehehe) 

Today it was the right time in the evening. And three of us after planning for days, finally made it. Finally. It was a tad too hot which is what made thattu kada food thattu kada food. I have lost count of the number of dosas they gave. It’s tiny and yummy. My plate was a mess with all that food. And I really really enjoyed it. One more in the list of things to do in life, crossed out. Well I could do this more often but anyway, glad it’s done. Cause tomorrow might be a little too late to put off anything.

Pic of thattu dosa -> here 

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