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May 26, 2009

Joys of little money

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— passing textile shops, drooling over clothes on windows, and when you finish – put your tongue out and say “bwa they are all bad”

— taking long walks enjoying the things you see, running after buses giving yourself adventure plus exercise. Look at people in cars and bikes and say “Ha they don’t know what they are missing”

— hanging out with friends at road-side stalls, having food you wouldn’t care the taste of cause you are busy trying to get a bigger share from the one plate you ordered.

–browsing through books you know you are not going to buy. Smell it and keep it back and promise to save a little to get it next month – the joy of finally getting it is priceless

— knowing you are completely broke wouldn’t stop you from laughing it out with your friends. “Guess what – half more month to go and I am broke” you say and your friend replies “darn you lasted 5 days more than me”.

— having pretty much nothing to worry about – they say you only worry about things when you have things. So logic would tell you what having no “things” mean 🙂

There is more, but as usual I have this thing for 6, so I stop here.

May 22, 2009

Life is simple, you can do anything with it

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I was talking to a friend to explain why life is in fact simple but its humans who make it complicated. He was complaining about being unhappy with a monotonous life and still couldn’t do anything about it. I argued of course there was a whole lot he could do but just wouldn’t because like most humans, he did not want to move out from the used ways of life. But he argued back that was not the point, many people were focused in life and knew exactly what direction to take it to. I said yes that was fine as long as they knew that’s what they wanted.

He brought examples of Malayatoor Ramakrishnan who put away his writing ambitions to a later part of life but still manages to be remembered as one of the great writers of Malayalam. I said yes we knew him, but what if the later part didn’t come. Life, is one area we can safely say we know nothing about – how many people can say without blinking an eye, they will live up to 60? So when people say “I have decided to do all the work now and not enjoy – that could come when I am 45 – then I would relax and enjoy life,” I am amazed. They seem to know exactly how long they had to live, and what their conditions would be at each stage. I for one have no idea if I will be alive at 45, or for that matter what my conditions will be. Forget 45, I don’t know what will happen tomorrow.

This was my argument: Humans don’t realize that they had all the freedom in this world to do anything they wanted to – and I mean in a good sense (not the kind of freedom to go and explode one half of the world!). But they don’t even think about doing it. “Impractical” seems to be everyone’s favorite word. And who makes it so? They do.

We have one life and we can do all the experiments with it – only with that single life. We can’t play with someone else’s life. And we choose every day of it, how to live it and what to do with it. Yet we decide to go through uncomfortable zones citing reasons of impracticality and sacrifices and all that you must have all heard of when you tried to think out of the everyday life.

Why? What would happen if we move out of the path we were somehow set upon. All you have to do is look at the worst thing that could happen if you moved out of it and then wonder if that was so bad – as compared to living the one known way of life forever and not knowing or tasting anything else.

Anything! We could do anything. Why do we then stick to things we hate and dislike? Everyone says there are certain rules everyone is compelled to obey because of “society”, “obligations”, blah and blah! Life is a miracle, it’s a gift. All you have got are the few years in your hands – don’t push things you want to do for later, cause you don’t know if there will be a later. Don’t hesitate to try things, to experiment, to do…. because you always have a choice.

May 20, 2009

My first songs

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One of the first few songs I learnt, I fell in love with it all over again after chancing upon it recently. I simply love the beginning – just before the song starts. Hmm will update this post later with the first few songs I learnt.

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