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January 1, 2013

Lazy New Year

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Not a great sign, when you feel lazy on New Year’s Day. From having to wake up in the morning, to pushing yourself to go to office,  to remembering punctuality is your new year resolution, to grumbling at the thought of having to move your reluctant mind and body to work. If whatever happens on January 1 would be replicated every day of the year, this is going to be a fun 2013.

But pleasant surprises always cheer you up, however lazy you are. I got a call from someone I had barely talked to a couple of times. It was good to know he took the effort to dial me early morning to wish. I came to the office and my friend presented a pair of earrings, just like that. :-))). More calls came from friends when I was beginning to think all that first-to-wish-on-new-year-eve deal was wearing off with age. Unfortunately my phone had reduced to a 2 rupee balance so I couldn’t send back messages, especially to those who took time to coin special messages, and not forward a collective message.

I miss most, Ros, on every New Year’s Eve. For years, this time of the year meant nothing but the one night I could call my best friend at 12 and not fear parental frowns. And what a race it was, both of us wanting to be the first to call. Tricking each other by keeping the line busy and calling on a different number (her mom’s)… Happy New Year Ros, and everyone I remember and think about on days like these. But for now, I yawn and refuse to complete the thoughts on… (yawn).

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