Story of a lost journalist

June 28, 2010

Feelin lovely on bday

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I look out from the balcony and see the last minutes of twilight. Night is about to take over. It is wet everywhere. Raindrops are falling from the floors above mine. I look up to catch some into my mouth. Fail. I’ve now a wet face minus a wet mouth.

A French song comes from the next room. In response, I look at the big vast sky above. I see six crows, flying in tune with the song I hear. That is my magic number, I feel happy. I see a seventh coming from afar and the numbers dont matter anymore. I see white clouds pacing and for a moment lose all my inhibitions. I spread my arms in delight.

I look around. Grandma Girl (name I gave to the elderly lady I see at the opposite building everyday) is busily chatting with someone I cant see the face of. Could be her son. In another flat, a child is whirling around with his cycle. In the road below, a woman has caught an auto rickshaw.

The French song is still floating in the air. I feel so perfect I must be in love. What a beautiful world. Happy birthday Cris, you are lucky to have lived here another year.

June 11, 2010

Conversation between Me and Mo

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So I see this mosquito playing around and I try to clap my hands – with it in between. I miss as always. The mosquito, who shall be known henceforth as Mo, flies away and finds a spot on the roof to rest.
Me: Hey come back here, it is my job as a human to kill you
Mo: And it is my job as a mosquito to escape humans and bite them hard when they are not aware
Me: That’s not your job! That’s your life!
Mo: Our job is our life
Me: Ha! That is the only job you mosquitoes do! Look at us – some of us are journalists, some docs, engineers, artists, singers, office people. What kinda jobs have you got? All of you are just biters! And not even specialized. Only human biting!
Mo: Yea but we are all just mosquitoes. We aren’t Hindu mosquitoes and Muslim mosquitoes and Christian mosquitoes
Me: Oh… you got something there. Tell you what, you will be the hero of my next story.
Mo: You humans are pathetic! You make everything a story!
Me: That’s cause we happen to be imaginative! How do you think you could talk now?
Mo: Uh… an undiscovered talent?

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