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August 30, 2010

I don’t like but I do

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(Dedicated to a dear friend talking to whom I was inspired to write this)

I don’t like darkness
But I like nights

I don’t like sun rays
But I like its warmth

I don’t like loneliness
But I like going on a date with myself

I don’t like speed
But I like the air it brings

I don’t like heights
But I like the view it gives

I don’t like pain
But I like the love that brings it

I don’t like bad
But I like the good that kills it

I don’t like lies
But I like the truth that defeats it

I don’t like hypocrisy
But I like the honesty that exposes it

I don’t like jealousy
But I like the integrity that belittles it

I don’t like sadness
But I like the braveness that buries it

I don’t like fights
But I like to agree to disagree

I don’t like childishness
But I like the innocence that puts it to shame

I don’t like technology
But I like the word it brings from a distant dear

I don’t like death
But I like the life that makes it worth the end

I don’t like violence
But I like you 🙂

August 24, 2010


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Because I am a girl, I am not invited to boys’ special hang-outs like getting drunk at someone’s house.

Because I am a girl, I can’t expect to hang out with other girls my age, cause they are all married and would need to spend quality time with their families.

Because I am not a girl, I am a woman

Because I had a choice, and I chose this

Because I am… me


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