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January 25, 2015

To the bosses of this world

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This that I write, I write to the bosses of this world.

Here I speak only to the typecast, the rude and unfriendly, strict and over-disciplined, screaming at the drop of a pin (or is it hat?). I speak because I am baffled. I don’t understand, I don’t ‘get’ perhaps is more like it. In one word and one punctuation, why?
Why bosses, do you boss?

Too obvious, you think? Let’s assume it’s not. Let’s assume one of you said bosses raises hand now and says, to get the best out of the employees for the best of the company. I haven’t been to business schools, so I don’t really know what people teach about leadership. But to lead, to guide, to get this ‘best’, you cannot be an outsider. We talk about racism, we talk about the things that put two humans at two places and we call it unfair, we fight for justice. So when we create bosses, I assume, we are not creating a superior race, not a dictator before whom the rest stand with bowed heads and ready for orders. We call one of us a boss, not an outsider. One we think can be the person we run off to with our problems, one who is going to sit with us and take us out of it. Not one who stands apart and points fingers at you, not that forever-blaming guy you, bosses, have become.

Our boss is obviously going to have smoke coming out of ears most times of the day, lose that ancient temper once or twice. Yes. The screams for dropped hats we spoke of earlier. We take it, we get it, when we feel he is with us, among us, for us. But the bosses I write to, you forgot the purpose of your creation. You walk ahead, turn your head to look at the non-bosses, and think ‘Here’s a bunch I can scare the s**t out of and make work’. You do, somewhere, have a good interest. You think fear could make people work. No, bosses, it doesn’t. You scare one, you take a chunk off his confidence, and you get less out of him. Nine out of ten times, I predict. You do, the opposite of what you intend to. Create lesser productivity.

You yell and punish and ‘show ‘em who’s boss’. You become a superior race. I don’t know if you enjoy it. But you stick to it. New rules just form out of nowhere. There is a way in which you should talk to your boss, there is a good time and a bad time to approach him, and above all, there is an ego. The you-can’t-talk-back-to-your-boss, the you-can’t-question-your-boss, the he-knows-everything… all new rules, not written anywhere, but to be followed through night n day and thick n thin.

When, I say when, did a boss become a category that is different from the mere mortals of this world? Why is it ok for him to do things but not you? Why can’t you tell him your final word like he says his to you?  Why is he not, a human like you, anymore?

I am baffled. I don’t get.

PS: This I write, is not to the poor, friendly, nice bosses of this world (sadly, a lot of these folks are taken advantage of for their poorness, friendliness and niceness, which could answer all the whys I have asked here. But I refuse to see that.)

PS2: I have given ‘he’ to pronoun the bosses, I know there are hard-hearted shes out there, but I chose he, because it is one letter short and so, easier to type.

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