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July 10, 2010

Background Music In Real World

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It is amazing how music can change the whole atmosphere around you. Not only yours, but others around you.

I am at this crowded bus stop, all the rush and hush of the city at its peak. The buses, the cars and bikes, the people – it is total chaos. Ping, comes the music player. Pong, plays the song. And then you look at the same crowded place, the same people and vehicles. And you get a totally different feeling.

I get into a bus and even as I am being crammed by a dozen others sharing my same spot, it is really great. Not the cramming, no. The music effect. I look at people I pass, through the windows. And they all seem to make movements to match my song. Like in the movies where you have these songs in the background to bring the effect. It works in real life too, if you have a set of ear phones with you all the time.

A man rushes after the bus, another just stays still outside a shop, a third glances at his watch, a fourth signs a paper. A lady seems to scold someone, another just stands at a bus stop. A boy picks out his mobile phone. Two old men walk, talking. The tired expressions, the bored ones, the impassive ones, the cheerful ones – they were all perfectly fitting into the rhythm of my song.

Pause. The song is over. The real world noises are back for a few seconds. Pong, the next song begins. This time, a love song. Wow. Cool. I now choose my actors. I see someone on the road, and then look at the next person of the opposite gender and imagine they are “the lovers”. A man becomes the hero of two women, a middle-aged dame for a twenty-something fellow. There is a girl rushing towards my bus. A guy far away is parking his bike, I imagine, looking after the girl who (might have) just ran out from the shop. He has a secret crush on her. He goes back, she is inside the bus. Maybe she looks back, I can’t see her.

But there is a problem when you play love songs. Pretty soon you forget about all your real life actors from the streets and buses. You end up imagining scenes with a single person taking the lead role. No doubt, it is yourself. You picture your every movement is now on screen being admired by your one-and-only – that slow smile, that gleam in the eyes, that slight swaying of the hair – that sudden brake in the bus and the sudden fall!

It is absolutely lovely. Adding background music to real world. It is amazing, really. And you wouldn’t even need an MP3 player if you are imaginative enough. You could play it in your mind. Although, I must warn you, it could land you in trouble – cause you end up acting to your song and the onlookers who cant hear the music, may – just may – raise a brow or two. But chances are, if they have known you too long, they will know not to find it unusual to find an overly-expressive woman being overly-expressive for no reason at all.

June 26, 2009

Grew up with, forgot later ‘n now mourn for: MJ

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I grew up in the 90s. And like most kids who grew up in 90s, Tom and Jerry, Magi Noodles and Michael Jackson were part of my life.

To tell I grew up singing Jackson’s songs everyday would be an exaggeration – being in Kerala. But as far as English songs went, MJ’s was the first name that every child got introduced to.

In those days… my bro would claim he knew exactly how to do the moonwalk and do what looked like Bugs Bunny trying to balance on Elmer’s head (that is a rabbit on a man’s head, for those unfamiliar with the cartoon). I believed him of course and did an even worse imitation, ending up crawling on and squishing the floor.

‘Dangerous’ was forever in our tape recorder and we’d sing ‘The girl is so dangerous’ on the top of our voice. Bro even had these special music quizzes with me scoring 10 on 10 cause Michael would inevitably be the answer to all his questions.
We are the world, Black or White, Heal the World were all part of our daily singing exercise that lasted an hour long. Thriller, Bad, Billy Joe, Annie are you ok would come too some days.

Years went by and the MJ glory began to fade. Maybe it was the controversies. Or maybe it was just that people do not stick to one thing for long. But to see the same guy who made his fans faint out of love and adoration at one time, now hated and condemned – well it makes you wonder about life: does anything last?

Yes it does. His music for one. His songs. His dance. His moonwalks.

Today morning a friend told me over phone Michael Jackson has died. For at least an hour I was in shock. I haven’t thought of this guy in years. I haven’t sung his songs or bothered of what he was up to. I opened my email and wrote to my bro “MJ :-(“. He wrote back “Yea… Pity”.

Stars like him do leave a mark, it may only be at the end that you realise how big the mark is. And then all that you forgot over the years, comes alive. RIP, MJ.

But let his music live forever.

“Heal the world, Make it a better place,
For you and for me and the entire human race
There are people dying if you care enough for the living
Make a better place, for you and for me.”

May 20, 2009

My first songs

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One of the first few songs I learnt, I fell in love with it all over again after chancing upon it recently. I simply love the beginning – just before the song starts. Hmm will update this post later with the first few songs I learnt.

April 5, 2008

Walk to your songs!

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Music time again. I was walking the other day again with music from my mp3 player and I realised some songs are walky songs. Not that they walk away from you. They walk with you. It seems perfect to hear them when you walk. Here goes a tiny list I can remember now

1. Doing that thing you do – The Wonders – for fast walking and shaking to the song

2. Raindrops Keep falling on my head – Burt Bacharach – obviously when you walk in the rain and look up at the sky (make sure you are not in the middle of the road when you do this)

3. Vulnerable – Roxette – for really slow walking and pausing to muse on things in between

4. Like a Virgin – Madonna – when you jog moving your head this way and that

5. How do you do – Roxette – when you walk with your hands in your pockets forgetting the whole world around you

6. Nothings gonna change my love for you – Glenn Mederios – this is a song you will want to sing yourself when you take a walk in the beach and you have got company – kinda like a walking group song.

7. Girls Just Want to Have Fun – Cindy Lauper – jumping song. You jump all your way hearing this song. You might want to watch out for those jumpin-not-allowed sign boards. Some offices have these strange rules against jumpin at work place.

8. The Dog Song – Nellie McKay – For people who walk with their dogs. The dog and the human could shake their heads together – there are lyrics for both

I should have got sad songs here too. I thought about it but then it is not advisable to walk when you are sad; you should take a 10 day vaccation and sleep, eat and watch TV until you are ready to enter the happy world again.

March 29, 2008

We begin afresh with a new site and a song!

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I am officially inaugurating my new website and blog with this entry today, the 29th of March 2008! Moved all the old blog entries from blogger and wordpress here! And now a song to mark this moment!

Click here to hear Edelweiss by Captain Von Trapp and me!

Well! The above song is none other than the famous ‘Edelweiss’ by Captain Von Trapp (Christopher Plumming) from The Sound of Music. But there is an additional female voice along with it. No marks for guessing the singer! Shameless, embarassing, and demonstrating a lot of guts. Well there are some things you have got to do sometimes and this is one of them. I know I will regret this but well I am doing it. Here goes, I am clicking the Publish button now, and closing my eyes and running away!

March 26, 2008

Top Ten at 23:30 PM!

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Been a while… Actually it’s only been 3 days. But when you start blogging 3 times a day, 3 days is a huge gap! So just now I was having a walk and I was listening to this song in my mp3 player. And I have decided to add this to my top ten. For a while anyway! And oh, funnily, the song is “In a little while” by Uncle Kracker. Funny name for a singer! But if … (I was about to crack a really dumb joke and stopped myself just in time). New rule – if you see 3 dots in the middle of an incompleted line that means my hands are forcefully stopped by my brain and of course against a strong brain as mine, my hands are no match. 

Coming back to Uncle Kracker (oh seems his real name was Matthew Shafer) , it’s a really nice song. And I would advice people who haven’t heard it yet to hear it. Could help in a really somber mood when you have no shoulders to weep on! Leave it to me to overdo things! It’s not a sad song, but well its a soother (oh man now I have to check the dictionary if there’s a word like that. Whew it exists – “n.1.One who, or that which, soothes.”)

Talking about my top ten, let me see, my current list (it keeps changing every second so by the time I have posted this I will probably change my mind). Being an amazingly well-versed Indian (no proofs/demonstration would be given for this) it comes in 4 languages – Malayalam (Mallu), English, Tamil, Hindi.

1. (Tamil) Paadariyein – Sindhu Bhairavi

2. (Tamil) Kandukondein – Kandukondein Kandukondein

3. (English) Imagine – John Lennon

4. (Mallu) Aathmavil – Aaranyakam

5. (Tamil) Santhipoma – Unaku 20 Enaku 18

6. (English) In a little while – Uncle Kracker

7. (Hindi) Sogaya – Tezaab

8. (English) And I love her – Beatles

9. (English) Hippo and the Dog – (yes it happens to be a nice song!! But you gotta keep your eyes closed if you want to listen and not laugh!)

10. (English) Singing in the Rain – Frank Sinatra

Seems to be a Tamil season. Only 1 Hindi song – no offense to Hindi lovers, I know Hindi as much as Einstein did. Well maybe a teeny wee bit more (I hope he didnt take a secret 1 day course and knew the language inside out!). Oh wait I only have one song in Malayalam too. And I am a Mallu. So you see there’s no description – did I say description? I meant descrimination (Why the hell am I not using backspace!). Ahh I feel the urge to create a beautiful line – Music has no language. Someone had said it before? No way! Sure?

Well that’s it. Well now that I am here anyway, I thought I will talk about something more. The other day I  had … aww the 3 dots again?! Dang my brain is too fast! I gotta stop stopping myself like this!

February 3, 2008

Music, stars and sky

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Now that I am leaving my job soon, I was thinking about the things I’d miss. And last day on my way home, I was thinking how much I’d miss the bus trips. Its true I always curse the 1-hour long all-around-the-city trips. But now that I know I wouldnt have them anymore, I am starting to miss them.

The first thing on my mind when I get on to a bus is to get a window seat. Once I grabbed a comfortable one – (the back rows are the best cause you could experience most of the thrills of a really jumping ride in an amusement park) I’d open the window wide enough until the person sitting on the fornt seat say “ouch” when it hits his unsuspecting elbow. Its like a routine.
1. I climb the bus,
2. I grab a window seat, 
3. a person says “ou” in about 2 mins and
4. I say sorry.
I have a suspicion people watch me with hostile eyes and offer special prayers on Sundays they dont get a seat in the neighborhood of the famous Ms Window Hitter.

Me, oblivious to all these happening in my surrounding, go on happily and look out till I can see the sky. Then I get my mp3 player out, fiddle about for batteries (cause most of the time the batteries die pretty fast – there should be some way to preserve them and make them stop getting used when I would be having it on and dozing off not hearing a thing it plays) and play a song I think is most suitable right then. Talking about that, it works either way I have discovered. I am talking about moods you see. Sometimes I’d play songs which I think should match my mood and sometimes my mood keep changing to match the songs I play. We connect to each other so well, my songs and me I mean.

And then ladies and gentlemen its heaven! If there are people who havent tried before, I’d say they do it right away. Its one of the best combinations ever – night+sky+stars+moon  (if you are lucky enough to have the moon in your view and most of the times I’ve found that it actually listens to me and move around to where I can see it when I ask it to come; the other times I believe it must be sleeping so wouldnt hear me) +music+wind that blows through the window and move your hair all over (you’d be an untidy mess by the time you reach home but thats the price you gotta pay for a trip to heaven people!). It just takes your mind above eveyrthing else, you’d find it floating around. Well now there can be a difference – I am talking about the sad times you see. All these things, funnily, go along well both on your sad days and your happy days.  Its like the sky and the moon and the wind and the music are all there with you sharing your same thoughts and feelings. Its like a group of friends mourning together sadly or singing together happily. They are with you, thats the whole idea.

For a few days, I have been so happy about hearing the music and watching the sky in parallel, that after I get down from the bus I’d go straight down to the parking region where I could look up and watch the stars and dance to the music I hear without anyone seeing me (hopefully) and go home after that. But one day, I found that I was terribly depressed and I just couldnt listen to or smile to the music I heard even after I got a side seat and saw the sky. Even the sky seemed to be mourning with me as it turned all cloudy. I imagined the stars were hiding to cry in peace. Talking about stars, I have named about 21 stars that I could recognise (I actually named them when I was 20-21 so that there’d be as many stars as my age) and my favorite one is one I call Vinnie. I imagine there is a girl called Vinnie  (yup the star was named Vinnie after the girl Vinnie who lives there) in that star and the twinkling I see is when she switched her lights off and on so I’d look up and talk to her. I in turn, wave my mobile phone on and off (ok its a really silly thing but well everyone has a thing like this dont they). Vinnie, on that day, came out of the clouds when I looked up and kept twinkling sorrowfully to tell me she knew how I felt.

Well I guess I drifted away from what I was talking about. So these night bus trips, they are really awesome. I am so sad I will have to miss it in a few days. I hope wherever I go, I will get to have these beautiful bus trips with music to go with it. Car trips are just not the same, its got to be a bus.

And the other day, I had a novel half read so I was wondering if I should read it in the dim light or go for my music-sky thing. Of course the latter won and I had another splendid night.

I just realise that I have a lot of things I treasure a lot without really thinking about it. I mean these trips mean so much to me and I didnt think about it till now, when I have to leave it behind. Sigh, I guess thats the sad reality of life. You never know the value of what you have got when you have actually got it with you. Next day, I will write about all the things I have got now with me, so I will realise how important they are to me before I lose them!

May 26, 2007

If none could see me…

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If none could see me
Or hear what I say
I should do as I please
Jump, laugh or sing loud

I should jump up so high
In every street that is brown
Not scared of an eye
Or faces that frown

I would laugh out so loud
Till my throat should so ache
I would sing out so loud
Till I can a word make

I would walk past them all
Make faces at them
And then tell them all
Am scared of noone

I would play with my dolls
With none to tease me
And take them all malls
without any shame

I would dance in a stage
As much as I want
With all my courage
Till my legs fall apart

If none could see me
Or hear what I say
I should do as I please
Jump, laugh or sing loud

Anywhere, any time
I will give me all joy
Till one day I’ll want
To be seen, to be heard

And then I’ll come back
And talk and smile good
And still do all things
Jump, laugh or sing loud

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