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September 21, 2014

Die, dye, dinner

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At one of our serious musing moments, fancy pal Jim and I sit, looking at the same dull point of a green floor. Jim says, without turning his head: “When you get old, will you dye?”

I stare. “Die?”

Jim: D-y-e. Dye your hair.

I look at him, not pleased. “If it suits me, I won’t.”

Jim: If it doesn’t?

Me: Oh I will just shave my head.

Jim, appearing rather cheerful: That will be nice to look at.

Me, turning red: Maybe you should die.

Jim: Ulp, maybe we should stop using that word, too much chemical.

Me: Oh there are other ways.

Jim: No, no. From now on, I say no one dies.. Dyes.. Do anything with d in it.

Me: Dinner?

Jim: Except dinner.



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