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January 27, 2011

Mr D’s first date

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Warning: Most of the post is in Malayalam. The context would be familiar only to Malayalam movie lovers. Apologies, others. (Yea I have got a few million readers :p)

Note: The following is based on a real incident, maybe, with a wee bit of input from my side 😀

Mr D stood in front of the mirror. “Bharye, ninakku sukamano?”

Oops. It is not his first night. It is his first date.

He tried again. “Hahaha mandi penne ninakku sukamano?”

Sure winner if she was Sheela. Maybe, he thought, he should say: “Raju mon ennodu chodichu, uncle…”

He tried variations.

“Welcome to Thironthoram, nice to meet you.” Good ol Jagathy.

“Ishtamanedo, enikkishtamanedo” Modern day lovah boy?

“Ormayundo ee mukham?” Suresh Gopi Zindabad

“Chanduvine ellarum tholpichu.” Hmm maybe, it is not the right occasion.

Two hours of ‘mirror-work’ later Mr D was ready. He would mix Nazir and Mohanlal, add a bit of Jagathy and Sreeni. What if she likes comedy? Hmm maybe some of Jayan, a bit of Prithvi…

He reached his destination. The hotel. He pointed her to a chair. “Shoba…,” he began. He cursed himself for not getting a rosa poo. Expecting a ‘Dineshetta I love you’, he slowly sat down on his chair with his best smile.


The chair broke. Mr D was on the floor, some part of him tangled with the chair. The smile stayed on. Sreeni broke a bed, Mr D, a chair. Not bad.

She watched in horror and said “You dweeb! You have a girl called Shoba and you try to hit on me?!”


Maybe dating at 30 was not the best idea, D thought.

Arranged marriage, here I come. Doctor, enne onnu upadeshikku.

Ennu, Thalathil Mister D.

January 2, 2011

Two-O-Eleven, Good Start or Bad?

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Can’t say the year took off well. Can’t say it didn’t. But it was not just another day.

Root Canal-part 3 took all morning and noon. Not the best way to start a new year. But tooth demands, man obeys. Woman too, in this case.

Noon was for work pressure and all the headache that comes with it. A few yells and hear-yells later, headed to Sanghumugham beach for some reporting work. Had volunteered earlier and shaking off the lazy bones, (new-year-eve wines could really put you out, in a good way that is) went. The to-and-fro trips in crowded buses were no fun. But the half an hour in the beach was beauuuttiiiifull.

Was the first time I went alone to a beach. And boy, was it great! I am usually drowned in a volley of laughter and chitter-chatter with friends or family. Today my ears and eyes were 80% open! (the wine still took 20). The sound of the waves combined with the beautiful flute music a boy-seller played standing next to me – no adjective to describe it. I could just stay that way for hours.

It was also a pleasure to watch the crowd enjoying the first day of the year with the sea. I am glad not everyone is tied down to TV and computers and there are still a few who remember – the open air and the sea have more wonders to tell than a teeny little screen at home. Little kids jumping at every wave, tugging their mothers tight, older girls and boys laughing their heart out each time they are soaked from head to toe, parents failing to control their little ones when their faces give away their own sea-infatuated expressions. Hehe. Boy it really was nice.

And then came the rain. I remained awhile taking in the first few drops on my face. I wanted to believe at first it was the tiny drops that the waves sprinkled carelessly across the shore. But the drops were soon coming in plenty and people rushing away. The beach was deserted in a few minutes as everyone gathered around the little mandapam nearby.

Coming back, got visits from friends and rels. Was feeling pretty joyous when another session of wine knocked me out. Waking up, it was past 12 again and drawn back to the work-pressure world.

Good start or bad? Hmm I smell love. Must be the wine.

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