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March 18, 2008

Finally we meet – part 2

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This seems to have become a habit of mine. These SRK conversations! And they all start the same way. Here goes…

I was sleeping, as I have decided I will since I found out that was the best way to spend life in the air. SRK woke me up again. “Hullo so we meet again mah lady”. I yawned, and as is my usual habit spend the next few seconds blinking. He went on “Not much change in you since we last met is there?”

“This is my second time in a plane. I don’t risk being conscious”

“You mean there is no risk if you are not awake?”


“Oh… well then here goes… rock a bye baby on a plane-top”

“What are you doing?”

“Lulling you of course. If you want an Indian one theres one of my own. Ahistha ahistha”

“Err you know maybe you should just stick to acting”

“You think I am no singer”

“Oh everybody is a singer. Some are just bad singers”

“Haha alright you win. So you know me this time right”

“‘Yeah you are SRK”

“That’s progress. And check this out, I remember you are SS”

“Wrong. I am C”

“Err C as in California?”

“C as in Cris”

“Whatever happened to the good old SS I thought I admired in our last meeting”

“Well you can start admiring C now. SS is now known as C”

“Goodness! Please don’t mind a grown up man cry but this is breaking my heart. You happen to have a hanky?”

“Tut tut dear boy. Don’t be silly”

“But why.. [sniff sniff]… did you.. [sob sob]… do it.. [sniff sniff]”

“I shoulda done it long back. I was ignoring it all this while”

“Ignoring what”

“The name C. You see SRK, dear boy, names are like men”

“They are?”

“Yeah. You fall in love with one, and you know you belong to that one. No use trying to attach yourself anywhere else. The one for you will keep coming back to you. So I knew there was only one solution.”


“Yup. And so after a painless divorce with SS – which I should say was like a child-marriage for me, I had no say in it and I was a minor – I am now happy with C”

“Well good for you I hope it lasts forever”

“Dont you worry SRK. I know you are dying to part with yours. If you want any help you know where the expert lives”

“On a plane where she sleeps every now and then she feels like imagining herself and me to be”

“You got that right Mistah”

November 15, 2007

Finally we meet!

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I was sleeping tight. I hope my mouth wsa not open cause he would have seen that when he came and sat near me. He must have tried to call me cause by the time I woke up he was shaking me up. Hope he didnt think I was dead. When I woke up I stared for a second then tried to scream but I couldnt find my voice. He raised his eyebrows.
“Shhh dont worry. Relax you are in a plane”

I continued to stare. What was he doing in my plane? I seemed to have forgotten the plane did not actually belong to me. He smiled.
“Hi you know me right?”
Whatever on earth I was doing, I was not talking.
He offered his hands for a hand shake and whispered “I am SRK”
I shook his hand and replied “I am C”
He laughed at this and whispered again “Shah Rukh Khan”. I whispered back “Cris”
He opened his mouth wide and said “Wow thats you!”

I sat up straight now. If this was a dream, I was beginning to enjoy it. I said “Ahh dont tell me you know me”
He said “But of course! I watch every step of yours! I am your best fan ever! I mean who isnt? But I beat them all I tell you!”
I tried to look modest now. I am not sure if I had any idea of what was going on. It was like we interchanged our roles.
I signed his autograph book. I actualy wrote “Hope you have a bright future ahead” and he insisted me to add this “And be it almost as nice as mine. Love, Cris”

So SRK carries an autograph book what do you know. What a trivial thing to think about. Then he asked for the weirdest thing. He asked me to touch his head and bless. Ok now this was going too far even for an interesting dream. I had to get out of it. Wake up Cris!
Seems I did not wake up cause Sharukh was still talking
“I normally dont like anyone touching my hair. I am kinda fussy about it you know”
That sounded like my man Jesse (reference :TV sitcom Full House)
I said so. He didnt seem to like it.
But hey something was wrong here. How come he didnt recognise me if he watched me every second? I asked that. But he didnt answer.

I woke up. Nope this was not a dream. This was a figment of my imagination. A big figment in that. How else could I mess it up so much! Oh well it was good while it lasted! Hope he has not lost that autograph book 😉

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