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July 25, 2014

Talk to me, people

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I have decided I do not like google anymore. And I do not like Facebook anymore. Because I can’t ask my friends anything anymore!

“Hey B, who do you support for world cup?”

“Check my Facebook.”

“Hey C, what is the meaning of this term you said on chat?”

“Check google.”

“Hey A, how was your trip?”

“I have put the photos up online.”

Well yes, google is good when someone tells you something so obvious that everyone else seems to know, and you could secretly google later, without admitting ignorance. And yes google is good, when you are chatting with someone and they talk about something totally alien to you, and you could go and google in a new window, and come back to chat knowing it all. Yes, it has its goods. But the good old on-the-face stuff, I miss, even if it be “Don’t you even know that??” or “Where were you when this was taught at school?” That was good, now they send you off to references, even if it be about their life. I am waiting for “Why would you ask me how are you, didn’t you see my daily morning status?”

Or maybe you will go surprise a friend and say “guess who?” and she will say “wait, let me take your picture and check among my Facebook friends.” And worse, come back saying “Nope you are not there, you better add me first cause I don’t talk to (Facebook) strangers.” No exaggeration here, people have already stopped talking to you cause you didn’t ‘like’ their new profile picture. Or comment about their cover photo.

And remember the times when you had a small party and forgot to invite some friend or another, and could hush it all up later? Nope, not happening anymore cause some blighter would happily post it online and caption it “fun times!” But all this is not my problem, this has been talked about, whined about enough. All I want is for my friends to reply to me when I talk to them, without sending me off to the internet for my answers.

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