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May 27, 2006

Be the winner!

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“Crissssss!!!! Where the hell have you been”
“Errr sorry Mr Blog, I guess its been a long time now”
“2 weeks!!!”
“Dont oh-me!! You better have a good explanation for this Missie”
“Oh I do”
“Lay it out!”
“I forgot”

Well I didnt entirely forget. I just couldnt think of anything either. Not that I spend a lot of time on what to write on my blog next.
Guess my life’s activities are following the same routine; I dont have much happening to write about. But who says its gotta be about “my life” alone. I have heard great writers are great observers.

So lets see. If I should go for movie reviews, I watched Fanaa today. But then I wouldnt make the best Hindi movie critic, being able to follow just about enough to sit through the entire run. So lets skip that. (Then why did you have to bring that up in the first place?!!)

Ohhh I could talk of something I learnt recently. Its regarding psychology and people advie me not to do talks on psychology. They think I have no idea of what I am talking about and am simply doing it to appear mature. Hmph all this just cause they cant accept my level of mental maturity!
So coming to our chosen topic of the day- (there is no one-line topic here to mention so I will just tell you what I found out). Its about grudges that develop between people and how easily it can grow to any level. Surprisingly it can be broken down at any point. All it requires is a “sorry” from one side.

I have a feeling I am not being clear. Ok story time!

Lavanya had an issue with her friend Harini. Let it be some misunderstanding that happened. Lavanya decided to ignore Harini for the rest of her life. Harini, however, brilliant as she was, noticed something was wrong in just about an hour after Lavanya took “action”. Harini had no idea why Lavanya came up with this new “style” so unusual of her of not talking.
“Oh well she will have some dumb reasons its better I leave it there and not open that blabber mouth”

In 2 years they became complete strangers who shared the same class only cause they had to. A thing that happened in 13 went all the way to 15.. It was not that either of them didnt care. Each has always took note of every new friend the other had made. Each had thought of getting back together-but then it looked like the other didnt care at all so “why me”.

On her 15th birthday, however Lavanya got a card from Harini that said “Happy Birthday. Hope we can be friends again”.
2 lines! That was all that was needed! Lavanya did not waste a second to call up Harini and talk to her. Now she was the one who wanted to say sorry.. The first-step-initiator in all these kind of sorry-matters always receives a lot of respect and applause. And indeed thats just what Harini got.

The one mistake Harini did was take 2 years to take the first step. Same with Lavanya. Its obvious both were only waiting for the first chance to talk to the other.

So then why do we wait? For there is a Lavanya or a Harini in all of us. Ego? Maybe. But we have no idea where that takes us till we get over it-thats when we realise what we have lost…what we have been missing…so why take chances? Why cant we be the first-step takers all the time? Trust me, you will not lose anything… but you win a lot!!!

May 14, 2006

For me Momma :-)

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Today is Mother’s Day. I am surprised I have written very little about my Mom so far. Cause she means the whole world to me.
I have tried typing another line many times. Had to delete every one of them. Nothing seems to tell the intensity, the depth.
Hmm I am making this one short! But it stays as a tribute to me Momma 🙂

May 7, 2006

Sad are we?

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Remember that forward? One which says some people come to your life for a season, some for a reason and some for a lifetime. Well each time you know a person and start getting close with them, you feel they would be there for a life time. But have we ever wondered how far it is true; atleast at a later point of time? People hate to admit the things or persons they held close at one time are not so now. Somehow we, atleast I do, like to believe everything and everyone is good and perfect.

So coming back to the reason, season and lifetime thing.
Once you have reached a point and look back – your school, your college and your work place- the people you have met there, the people who have played a major part in your life… Is everyone there now? They could be there in some part of the world. And you would still get all the support and love you need from them if they were meant to be the lifetime-ones. But is that enough? Nothing is ever enough I know that. I am talking about the difference – will it be the same when they are miles away from you as when they were right next to you. Wont not seeing them everyday make a difference? A kind of loneliness? A kind of depression? If you think about it, yes it does. That doesnt stop you from feeling their love; no it doesnt. Nevertheless the separation is a pain at times. There would be times when you wish to see them once and you cant; when you want it to be like the old days just for once..
I guess these are the sad realities of life. Life is not rooted at one particular place. It moves about. You have to know that. You maybe here one day and in a totally different place another day. But you need to move on. There is no stopping that. What you can and should do is keep all the love you got wherever it is from and never lose it.

I always take these decisions never to get close with anyone again, thinking about the separating-part. I dont like good-byes. But then I forget about these decisions! Everytime!

The reason-people- I think those are people who kind of teach you things. Also the people who you feel dont have the same kind of intensity in their feelings you have for them. You learn things. You might still make the same mistakes again. But having them is one thing you like. You do not want to lose that no matter what.

And the season people – well and good if you can realise that from the beginning and not attach yourself too much. Or else well it would be another pain. It would be good for you if you can throw that out of your neck as soon as possible. Memories are not a bad thing unless they bring you down. Remembering each and every face that has crossed your life once in a while is good- if you can stop there. But thats the hard part. Each face you remember would have more to do than just being a face you saw.

Well for now I feel good. Having written whats been troubling me. But some of my life-time people are still so far away- people I used to see everyday at a time and never gave a thought about it changing once. Some will come in, some will go out, “but I think they are ok”. Uh that sounded like a Madonna song. Heheh. I guess if you can bring a smile to everything, to each of your thoughts, you should do fine. Nothing is the end. But its ok to feel so at times I guess. That should be human right?

May 6, 2006

Think of Sunday, think of Sunday!

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Ok Saturday and that means its time for a new entry.
What is this? Some kind of a weekly thing? Haha well I will be spending some time with my PC on a Saturday so why not say hullo to my blog as well. Well Mr PC and I do spend time together on all days but Saturday somehow seems to be the perfect day to mark(or is it make?) a blog-entry.

Ok this is no competition for the crappiest entry of the year. So lets just get to business shall we?
Uh that reminds me. Another good thing about Saturday- its a HOLIDAY! But the problem with that as with every holiday (or in better words every good thing in this world) is that it gets over too fast! :-(((
I am now seeing the last hours of this Saturday…Waaaaaaaa…Hmmm I have read somewhere thats the wrong way to look at things. Like I should be thinking I still have a Sunday to go. Oh well its easy for them to say that!

Hmm I guess all the happy people in this world can do that. How can they be happy if they are worrying about every lost holiday. And its not like its lost. I mean I got the whole day to myself. Its just that I know I havent used it like I wanted to or did the millions of things I planned to so I get this lost feeling.

Hmm wonder if being happy is all about this positive attitude thing. People who can always see the good side of it-but how could anyone do that all the time. Ok I can remember now but the next time I go negative I wouldnt think of all this. Thats the worst thing about all these think-postive things. People just dont want to raise their spirits. When they go down, I guess they find some kind of satisfaction reproaching and pitying themselves. I have a feeling I do! Why else would I not think of the whole new day awaiting me and worry about the day that just got over.

Decision Making Time : See the goodie side of everything from now. There would be one. You just need to find it.
Defect of the Decision Made : Highly impractical considering the author’s past history of waaa-ing and boo-hoo-ing over every little thing she could think of!

May 1, 2006

Goodbye Mr Sun!

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Walking in the evening is a pleasant experience. It has never failed to soothe me. I am not sure if mud has a smell. Even if it does, I wouldn’t know cause there was hardly any mud there. All around me were busy roads and vehicles speeding through them. Even then the walk was good. Evening is the most beautiful time of the day, somewhere around 5, when Mr Sun starts to say buh-bye, see-ya-tomorrow.
You could look up and say “Ok Mr Sun see ya. Dont be so early tomorrow” and Mr Sun would probably wink at you had it a couple of eyes.

The cool Mr Breeze is one constant companion that makes it all the more pleasant. Another could be an imaginary companion who walks with you. You can name him Jim-easy to call and remember for your next walk. Plus its the best name after Cris. You can tell him “Where did you disappear to all this while”. And he would reply “I didnt! You just forgot me!”

So you see the distance never matters. You just dont think about it. You keep walking and walking and before you know it you are home. In between, when you forget Jim again, you can see all the things and the people around you- there would always be something that brings a smile to your face.
And its always better to make the walks on Sundays. You would be fresh before the walk. And when its over, you can go to your home, switch on the fan and say “Ahhh” 🙂

Uh another soother is when you could look out to the world when you are travelling in a car or bus from the side seat. Thats really amazing. All the wind outside would come and hit your face and throw your hair on all sides. And if you have got some music going in the background, wow, no words can give the effect that will give! Its just beautiful!!!

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