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February 26, 2006

First Blog Entry

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Woah finally! Have always thought about blogging but as most plan-a-lot-people, never got around to actually creating one. Ok this is the point where a first-time-blogger gets stuck and tries to think of what could be his first blog entry, but in fact goes on to think of irrevelant things like hey-isnt-that-honey-I-blew-up-the-kids-I hear-from-the-next-room?
Ok.. I think its best that I make some rules for myself before actually going into the whole blogging business. I have heard many people criticize many other people about their blog entries looking like diary-entries. Unfortunately there is no dictionary definition for blog so one cant be sure about the anti-diary policies. Uh I made a search now and the word has actually made its entry to This is what they have to say.

Main Entry: blog
Definition: to author an online diary or chronology of thoughts

Thats nice. I guess its upto the blog authors to decide what to write on and the readers to decide what to criticize on. Completely upto them. And maybe as a blog-owner I should just stick to minding my own blog-business which is just what I am going to do right from my next-blog :-). Always found it easy to make a new start from the next point of time.

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