Story of a lost journalist

About the blog

New url again. This time to a wordpress hosting. But only the url is new. The blog was started way back in Feb 2006. The entries are thoughts, stories and figments of imagination that are born in my head. Factual writing is something I am yet to attempt!
Comments and feedback are always welcome! Thanks a lot for visiting the site!

What I wrote when I started journalost (which was then meant to be an independent blog from my personal blog)-
I have named this blog Journalost even when journalist was available. I am someone who is facing serious allegations on being lost in some other world 24*7. I have no idea what world they are talking about, but if someone has got to be lost there the entire time, its got to be a hard-to-get-out place! So that cant be my fault. Same way I cant get from one place to another – they dont have straight routes anymore. Just when you think you have figured out how to get to a place, they bring something like an underpass and then you are back to an eternal maze.

So I am a journalist entirely lost. And having absolutely no idea where I am lost. Now that is a tough situation. “Hi I am lost”. “Where”. “Err”.

A little more.

More than often, you’d run across a character I describe as my fancy pal Mr Jim. Those are only conversations I have with myself when I think of something or watch something. The self given a name and existence becomes Mr Jim, my fancy pal. This is just so that people don’t confuse Jim to be a stuffed toy I took out of Calvin and Hobbes :-). Sometimes I need an interactive line to express myself and that is when I go for Jim and Cris conversations.

I like to write humour, posts which dont really make a lot of sense, but those I enjoy writing. Occasionally though, you’d find me thinking in my blogs but they don’t make a lot of sense either. I wouldn’t say you put yourself at jeopardy by making a visit. I, for one, really enjoy reading it – hey I am honest.


  1. Heyy do add sitemeter,its good.Some day if some one wanna buy your blog all they want to see is hit history 🙂
    check it

    Comment by Gov — May 29, 2008 @ 12:51 | Reply

  2. Seems you have some constant readers 🙂 great
    Reading your blog made me remember one of my friend who had such style of conversation.

    Comment by Prasad.S.R — December 22, 2008 @ 17:52 | Reply

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