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May 21, 2013


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Fancy pal Jim and I are trying to solve a crossword.

Me: Jim what’s a type of melon
Jim: Water
Me: It’s 4 letters
Jim: Pani
Me: Neat… so what’s a word for aggressive behavior
Jim: Grr
Me: It’s 12 letters
Jim: Put 11 Rs and a G. Grrrrrrrrrrr
Me: Great! Next is place of uproar and confusion – 6 letters
Jim: Oh you know that one
Me: Yea! My-Room

(Just noticed it is my 400th post! Hurray for me!)

May 3, 2013

Conversation between Cris n Curl

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Entering a lift, a hair called Curl gets stuck in one of the rails.

Cris: “Why, why, why do you want to leave me?”

Curl: “Hah?”

Cris: “I give you the best treatment you could possibly get!”

Curl: “I repeat, hah?”

Cris: “I don’t brush you, not comb you, barely touch you!”

Curl: “Well that’s true”

Cris: “Imagine what will happen if you leave me – you die!”

Curl: “Gulp, but I thought I will get freedom of movement. This root-thing sucks”

Cris: “Well move, move all you like, just keep your head on my head”

Curl: “My head’s getting rusty”

Cris: “Yea if you go out, you’d have no head! You will be stuck in a stupid railing all your life”

Curl: “Oh”

Cris: “Just look at that guy over there, combing and combing his hair. Or the girls who go styling and styling their hair! Do I subject you to any such torture?”

Curl: “Well no I barely ever see you up there”

Cris: “That’s what I am talking about. It’s the best place for a hair to live in, my head.”

Curl: “Maybe you have a point.”

Cris: “I always do. Now ask all your friends to come live here too, all are welcome. I am willing to give the last millimeter of empty space. All for free, no lease.”

Curl: “You are too kind, Cris. Sniff.”

Cris: “Don’t mention it my friend. I would also be happy if you all have millions of children and live there happily ever after.”

Curl: “Sniff”

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