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December 31, 2010

Cris Crack Series – 6

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Been a while since I cris-cracked. This time I am going to have a laugh at the expense of a dear friend I call Anthrappan. It is a she by the way. Two of her cracks in the recent days:

Occasion 1: (I will be C, Anthrappan will be A)
C: Hi Anthrappan it’s me.
A: Hi
C: Eda, I am doing a story (news article) and I want Bobby’s quote. Do you have his number?
A: Bobby’s coat?
C: Yea, I need a lawyer’s quote for my story.
A: You want to use his lawyer’s coat?
C: Yea, his quote.
A: You want him to bring his coat all the way from Delhi to Trivandrum???
C: Err I will call him, over phone.
A: Ohhhh…. Quote!

Occasion 2:
Anthrappan and I did an interview of Malayalam filmmaker Ranjith recently. After this, she stored his phone number in her phone, and accidentally replaced another Ranjith in her phone book. The other one was her colleague. On one occasion, she wanted to contact this colleague to get 10 calendars in the office. And of course, dear Anthrappan dialed the number of you-know-who. (She was also advised to speak sweetly to her colleague so he will agree to pass the calendars)

A (sweetly): Hi Ranjith
R: Hi
A: Are you busy?
R: No tell me
A (wondering about the voice-change): I was wondering if you could give me ten calendars?
R: What???
A: At least five? For our section.
R: You want me to send you calendars?
A: Yea. You don’t have to bring it yourself. Send it through the peon?
R: Me???
A: Not you. The peon.
R: !!!
A: At least 2?

Okay, I may have exaggerated a bit here and there. But you get the picture. That’s our Anthrappan. And what’s worse, she has been telling people that she did what is usually done by her friend Cris!

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