Story of a lost journalist

April 14, 2011

I will love you

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He: I love you

She (laughs): No you don’t

He: No but I will love you

She: (smiles)

He: You are smart, intelligent…

She: No I am not!

He: You may not seem to be but I know you are

She (smiling): Thank you

He: You are also original… and that makes it so easy. You don’t act one way and think another. Even your wit and weirdness are original.

She: Now that, I agree.

He: You are also beautiful. Don’t ask me in what way. You just are..

She: (looks down)

He: But…

She: (looks up)

He: I would know all this only when I meet you…

She: (smiles again)

He: And then… I will love you.

April 10, 2011

I demand…

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Brr brr-um brrr brr-o brr-brr- zzzzzzzz.
I-I’m co-co-coolddd. Uff. Sick… uff… tee-teeth clattering. Clat clat clat-a-tat.

One would think the world you toil for day and night would mourn for you, with you. No such luck. They are all here, chattering, laughing, even working. Not sick at all. Not even attempting to share my temperature.

I detest this. I protest this. The world is supposed to sit for me, with me, nurse me and cure me. I demand the wind come and lift me from my miserable office chair. I demand the clouds bed me safe and secure far up the sky. I demand the trees drop their long soft leaves to cover my shivering self. I demand the chirping little birds to sing a sweet lullaby for me. I demand angels to watch over me when I sleep so long… so so long… and finally I demand humans to tell me not to work, never to work.

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