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January 17, 2018

Wake up, don’t wake up

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So there is this family moving to a house that has a tiger living in a hole in front of it. What were they thinking? Of course the tiger straightway kills the dad and the kid. And the mom is left. But the mom appears to forget that she is a widow and should be grieving. Or even that she shouldn’t be living in that house for another second. Instead, she goes ahead and invites her girl gang home. The tiger comes out of the hole again and the women disperse, jumping fences and onto the road. The tiger is behind them too. And when it reaches the city streets, it changes form. It looks human. And when it is human, it can only identify the women of the house through smell. So the women rush to hide in weird places, like refrigerators where they lose the smell. And when they come out, the tiger-man can’t identify them.

Then they all go happily back to the same house. The next time this happens it is only the first woman – that strange widow we spoke of. But there is also a child with her. Together they slip off into the next compound and find a well with magical water. If you immerse yourself in that, the tiger-man would lose your smell again.

Yea, it gets real interesting. But, yeah, I either woke up then or I forgot the rest.

Today’s dream had been about an elevator, that instead of going up and down, moves through the side of the floors that slowly slope up or down when you stand at one end. So you move, watching the entire floor, revolving around it and slowly sloping your way through the upper or lower floors.

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