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April 8, 2006

You mean the girl asked???

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“So why dont you ask him?”, Sereen asked.
Man, she should be kidding!
“Are you crazy! Boys ask girls! It never works the other way around!”. Lila sounded frustrated.

Gee I wonder why it is so. From asking out for a date to proposing, its always boy-asks-girl. The other way, well it just doesnt “seem” nice. It would seem like the girl pushed the boy, forced him to commit himself. But when a boy gets chocolates n ice-creams n what-nots to get the girl to tell the Y-word it becomes “Aww he is so sweet”. Now I cant say I support the idea of girls taking the initiative. Cause I know, I, for one would never dream of doing something like that. But I dont understand why it should be so. Girls have feelings too and thats why they say “yes” when the boy finally shows some guts and do the on-the-knees stuff! But why do girls have to wait desperately wondering “when would he” or “would he ever”.

Hmm. Maybe its that boys get fed up of relationships more easily. So getting the she-dragged-me-into-this feeling would be enough to desroy the whole affair. (I am not a feminist please dont kill me buoys). Thats just my observation. I could be wrong.
But when it comes to girls, it is usually oh-he’s-done-so-much-for-my-love. And that would be enough to tie them up to the fellow for their whole life. Once they give in, they kind of go to any extreme for his sake. Again these are just some observations I made. It can and does happen the other way too. There are girls who take advantage of boys who they know would do almost anything for them and in the end throw him off like dust.

Well for some reason or the other boys are always the first-step-takers and it seems to have worked pretty fine till now. So maybe it will in the future too :-). Lets just give it a chance. And girls, who dont agree with me, aahhh who cares go ahead n do the knee-down stuff anyway; dont listen to me! Your life is yours, uh, and if you are lucky, the proposee’s (I am sure there is no such word but sounds good doesn’t it??) :-)))



  1. Why do you come with these kind of names?…Why cant “Dakshayaniamma” ask “Pankajakshi” these questions??

    Comment by just a jester — April 13, 2006 @ 13:58 | Reply

  2. Nice Thought.. I love a girl and If I want to convey my feelings to that girl, I dont think it can only be done kneeling down, Close your eyes.. and if you can still see her it means you love her.. Propose, dont think.. coz love has nothing to do with your brain.. Tell her, If she rejects you, never give up, but never disturb her again.. just love her for ever and ever.. Love is not always about getting your heart’s desire, sometimes it is about losing it too, for the sake of happiness of your loved one..

    Comment by Javed Miandad — November 27, 2010 @ 22:40 | Reply

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