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April 22, 2006

Day 1 at mah work-place :-)

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Cris’s home :

7 a.m. Knock on Cris’s door “Shiya wake up, its 7”

Cris : “5 minutes Amma”. This goes on for 10 minutes.

7:10 Cris is up and start searching for her pink tooth brush. Got it! Brushes furiously, angry at the sun as usual for choosing such a wrong time to rise – “How rude Mr Sun!”

7:15 : searches for a Churidhar to wear, got a pink one. Ok ready to rush to the bathroom. Ouch! Father is in!! “Acha, get out! Why didn’t you go to Nish’s bathroom?!” (Nobody is fond of Nish’s bathroom except Nish). Acha gets out at 7:30, says thoughtfully “You wont have time for a bath now dear”.

Cris says “Grrr” and enters the bathroom. Fast bath, wears the pink Churidhar, pink sandals, pink watch and takes a pink bag. Ouch no time to search for pink earings.

Gets out at 7:50. Acha, Amma and Cris enters the car. Ouch, no certificates. “They wont need it Acha, the ID will do” Not sure. Ok stop the car! Cris and Amma rushes back, gets all the junk and rushes back. 8! Car runs and runs and reaches the campus gate at 8:25! Cool Cris! Nope, both her “buddies” haven’t reached. After 15 minutes, comes a green Maruti driven by Buddy-1. Halt! Cris enters. Finds Buddy-2 in his bike inside(the campus, not the car!). The 3 goes together. Finds the building. Damn, the stupid bag-checking again! “Madam, bag”! Gets in(to the office, not the bag). Archana, an HR person talks. Its over in 10 mins. The 3 are taken to their PCs. Good. Ouch, noone else in Cris’s cabin! Damn, she has to keep shut all day now; who would she show off her newly found “maturity” now! She could always mail Buddy-3.

Had a talk with the IBU head in between. “You maybe on bench for sometime, but get some books from the library and read them, don’t waste your time”. Cris thinks ‘ I hope Five point someone will be good enough, hmmm’.

On reaching back her cabin, she resumes her mailing activities. She thinks hard “Thought of saying something to Buddy-3 what was that now”. Oh yeah, she saw Harry Potter and the goblet of fire yesterday! “Goodie movie” says Cris.

That’s day 1 so far!

Clock strikes 12(don’t get the wrong impression. There is no clock here, no little birds popping out to say cuckoo, nothing at all. But if you look towards the right hand bottom of your computer screen, you might be able to see the time; some people like Cris could always turn their right hand up and see the pink watch)

“Grr grr grr” said Cris’s stomach. “Shut up” said Cris to the stomach.

“Grrrr Purrr Murr” said Cris’ stomach which translates to “No way!” in English.

Finally surrendering to the “Grr”s of her stomach, Cris mails Mr Buddy-1 and Mr Buddy-2, “Food?”

Half an hour later the 3 enters a restaurant at the 6th floor.

Cris watches the menu. The other 2 are fast. “Mixed friedrice”. Oh oh hurry up Cris. “Chicken Noodles” she says aloud. To herself “Chicken Noodles?I bet its goin to suck”. Sigh! Cris’s bets have this weird habit of becoming right at the wrong time. The noodles sucked but she ate up all that she could to escape the “Grr”s

Came back to cabin at 1:30. Oh oh. Mail from HR to update details. Ok theres something to do besides mailing. Ring ring! Cris’s friend is coming from TCS to see her. Wooppeee. She runs out, finds him, talks for 10 mins and comes back.

Returns a happy, smiling Cris to her dull boring cabin, which suddenly seemed to be friendly. Guess that’s the kind of magic a visit from your friend could do.

All updates done. The 2 guys visit Cris’s cabin. The 3 of them tries to get coffee mugs(“Why cant I use the coffee mug that’s there in my cabin?” asks Cris. “It could be someone else’s you need to have your own”- Buddy-1. “Damn him”, says Cris aside and her stomach agrees “Grr grr”)

No coffee mug. Back to cabin. Oh the employee docket can be done now.

She finds the scanner room. The guy there says “It works like this, duhhh..(Nothing happens). Duhhh I think somethings wrong with the scanner..”.

Cris : “Alright, I will come tomorrow, is that okay”

The Duh-guy: “Yeah , duhhh, ok”

Back to Cabin again. The friendliness starts disappearing again. “Ring ring”

Momma! Good, smiles are back on Cris’s face again.

Comes back to the system. Woah mails from Buddy3 and Buddy-4. :-)))

Hmmm, she was lookin at the coffee mug. She remembered her mouth is drier than Sahara. Ok water or coffee it is!

Thats as far as Day 1 I can remember!
Bibliography : An old mail to a pal.



  1. could you spell the name of the company which makes that 800cc car once again plss

    Comment by just a jester — April 22, 2006 @ 16:38 | Reply

  2. It is a cute one…Just weeks before, I had my 5th First-day-at-work of my life.

    Comment by Javed Miandad — November 27, 2010 @ 23:20 | Reply

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