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May 7, 2006

Sad are we?

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Remember that forward? One which says some people come to your life for a season, some for a reason and some for a lifetime. Well each time you know a person and start getting close with them, you feel they would be there for a life time. But have we ever wondered how far it is true; atleast at a later point of time? People hate to admit the things or persons they held close at one time are not so now. Somehow we, atleast I do, like to believe everything and everyone is good and perfect.

So coming back to the reason, season and lifetime thing.
Once you have reached a point and look back – your school, your college and your work place- the people you have met there, the people who have played a major part in your life… Is everyone there now? They could be there in some part of the world. And you would still get all the support and love you need from them if they were meant to be the lifetime-ones. But is that enough? Nothing is ever enough I know that. I am talking about the difference – will it be the same when they are miles away from you as when they were right next to you. Wont not seeing them everyday make a difference? A kind of loneliness? A kind of depression? If you think about it, yes it does. That doesnt stop you from feeling their love; no it doesnt. Nevertheless the separation is a pain at times. There would be times when you wish to see them once and you cant; when you want it to be like the old days just for once..
I guess these are the sad realities of life. Life is not rooted at one particular place. It moves about. You have to know that. You maybe here one day and in a totally different place another day. But you need to move on. There is no stopping that. What you can and should do is keep all the love you got wherever it is from and never lose it.

I always take these decisions never to get close with anyone again, thinking about the separating-part. I dont like good-byes. But then I forget about these decisions! Everytime!

The reason-people- I think those are people who kind of teach you things. Also the people who you feel dont have the same kind of intensity in their feelings you have for them. You learn things. You might still make the same mistakes again. But having them is one thing you like. You do not want to lose that no matter what.

And the season people – well and good if you can realise that from the beginning and not attach yourself too much. Or else well it would be another pain. It would be good for you if you can throw that out of your neck as soon as possible. Memories are not a bad thing unless they bring you down. Remembering each and every face that has crossed your life once in a while is good- if you can stop there. But thats the hard part. Each face you remember would have more to do than just being a face you saw.

Well for now I feel good. Having written whats been troubling me. But some of my life-time people are still so far away- people I used to see everyday at a time and never gave a thought about it changing once. Some will come in, some will go out, “but I think they are ok”. Uh that sounded like a Madonna song. Heheh. I guess if you can bring a smile to everything, to each of your thoughts, you should do fine. Nothing is the end. But its ok to feel so at times I guess. That should be human right?



  1. u bet!

    Comment by Me! — May 20, 2006 @ 08:19 | Reply

  2. There are people who comes to your life and make a difference, and some times for their happiness, you will have to let them fly away far from you.. but yet… you loves them keeping them closer to your heart and wish to hear from them with every ticking of the clock.. Some people comes to your life in a season, with a reason and for a lifetime..

    Comment by Javed Miandad — November 29, 2010 @ 00:14 | Reply

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