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May 6, 2006

Think of Sunday, think of Sunday!

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Ok Saturday and that means its time for a new entry.
What is this? Some kind of a weekly thing? Haha well I will be spending some time with my PC on a Saturday so why not say hullo to my blog as well. Well Mr PC and I do spend time together on all days but Saturday somehow seems to be the perfect day to mark(or is it make?) a blog-entry.

Ok this is no competition for the crappiest entry of the year. So lets just get to business shall we?
Uh that reminds me. Another good thing about Saturday- its a HOLIDAY! But the problem with that as with every holiday (or in better words every good thing in this world) is that it gets over too fast! :-(((
I am now seeing the last hours of this Saturday…Waaaaaaaa…Hmmm I have read somewhere thats the wrong way to look at things. Like I should be thinking I still have a Sunday to go. Oh well its easy for them to say that!

Hmm I guess all the happy people in this world can do that. How can they be happy if they are worrying about every lost holiday. And its not like its lost. I mean I got the whole day to myself. Its just that I know I havent used it like I wanted to or did the millions of things I planned to so I get this lost feeling.

Hmm wonder if being happy is all about this positive attitude thing. People who can always see the good side of it-but how could anyone do that all the time. Ok I can remember now but the next time I go negative I wouldnt think of all this. Thats the worst thing about all these think-postive things. People just dont want to raise their spirits. When they go down, I guess they find some kind of satisfaction reproaching and pitying themselves. I have a feeling I do! Why else would I not think of the whole new day awaiting me and worry about the day that just got over.

Decision Making Time : See the goodie side of everything from now. There would be one. You just need to find it.
Defect of the Decision Made : Highly impractical considering the author’s past history of waaa-ing and boo-hoo-ing over every little thing she could think of!



  1. same ol’ crissie-o!!…. u got to sleep less on ur holidays…and dont attempt to read the same book again again and fall asleep again and again…thn ur holidays will b longer

    Comment by justajester — May 6, 2006 @ 17:18 | Reply

  2. I have lost this feeling about Saturdays six years ago… Saturday’s here are the first working day of the week.. but in a very lonely life… holidays are always for the thoughts of your loved ones..

    Comment by Javed Miandad — November 29, 2010 @ 23:26 | Reply

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