Story of a lost journalist

May 27, 2020

That bad day in the future

Filed under: Conversation,Fiction — Cris @ 19:25

It was a moment after she said she loved him that she realised she said it. She spoke again before he could.

“I honestly, honestly, do not need you to respond. It’s funny I said it now the way I did. The plan was not to, never to. I was quite happy just loving, that was wholly enough. It is now too. But if a person loves you so much, I think you deserve to know it. Yes.”

He opened his mouth to say something but she spoke again.

“Cause one day when you are feeling really low you can think about this, you can think there is someone who loves you. And you can feel good about it.”

“Well, that’s very carefully thought. That’s a lot of thought there. You sure you don’t want a response?”

“Yeah, no I mean, I don’t need one. You don’t have to say another word about this unless you want to. There shall be no question or mention about this from me after today.”

“Right. Hey one thing, before you go.”


“That day that I will feel low some time in the future… how do I know if you will still love me. You might have stopped. People change. Humans, you know, change feeling the way they do.”

“You will have to believe I still love you cause last heard, I did.”

“I am glad you said that. I am glad you didn’t say something like it’s forever. Cause that would have worried me.”

“Why would I say that knowing it’d worry you.”

“Great. Someone who loves me and knows me. That’s going to cheer me up that bad day in the future that we both seem so sure is coming.”

“Yeah, there’s no stopping it.”

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