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July 3, 2017

Tummy talks

Filed under: Conversation — Cris @ 02:24

One of those common conversations that you have with your tummy, if you have got one that talks back (T is tummy, C is me).

T: Brr grr mrr
C: Forget it, you are not getting anything more today
T: What!
C: I thought you had enough
T: Did you even consider consulting me?
C: You seemed full after the chicken puffs
T: We tummies, dear lass, are never full. We hate that word. I don’t want to hear it.
C: But I fed you milk after that
T: What is milk? It flows away
C: Well I have got some biscuits
T: Give that to your dog
C: Hey!
T: I wouldn’t mind some noodles
C: No way, I am not cooking now
T: It could even be those readymade cup noodles, you just need hot water
C: We don’t have it
T: How about a nice juicy chicken leg out of the fridge
C: There’s nothing here!
T: You are so selfish!
C: Yea I only think of myself, not my tummy
T: Hmm…
C: Hmm-er
T: Alright, give me those biscusits then
C: I gave it to the dog


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