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September 20, 2008


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I don’t know what it is with me and Trivandrum city. One cant seem to part with the other! Hmph – that last line is the contribution of a friend who never misses to point that out whenever I announce a long trip – “You? Go there? You mean outside of Trivandrum? No way!”
Dying to prove him wrong, I had a Coimbatore trip all planned for the weekend, tickets all ready in hand. And bang, Thursday morning I show signs of an impending fever which by Thursday night was all here!

Same thing happened last month when I was frantically trying to attend a blog camp in Alleppey.
It’s a scary thought! Unable to get out of a city all your life?! Ok ok I took a Thrissur trip in Jan, so its not entirely impossible. Maybe it’s a summer thing, it will wear off. Its not summer anymore? Gulp.

September 15, 2008

Onam walk around the city

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Today, I finally got around to doing what I planned for a few days now – walk around the city and see the Onam celebrations. Both times I went out last week were during day time so I missed the illuminations. Well past evening, it was all there today. I promised a sick friend I will make a report, so doing it though it was pretty much a usual walk around the city.

The lights were gorgeous, extending all the way from Vellayambalam towards PMG (I am beginning to learn the names this way!). I stopped at a groundnut vendor and got a mixture of green peas and vegetables, something like chaat. Taking occasional spoonfuls, I continued my walk. Then there was a vendor selling soap bubbles. I checked – Ok the world around did not know me, I decided it was harmless to blow a few bubbles in the dark. Who said only kids did that? Unfortunately my bubble blowing skills were minimal and 7 out of 10 times I blew hard nothing came out. Hmph, passerbys instead of watching lights and celebrations decided to watch the lady in inaction!

Anyway my walk proceeded and I tried to squeeze into Kanakakunnu amidst the thick crowd. Boy what a crowd! I had no idea so many people lived in Trivandrum!
Kanakakunnu, besides people had giant wheels (I mentioned in my previous post), other rides and a number of stalls. In addition, the star attraction was a gang of 3 elephants right in front standing still for hours. Poor guys. They must be so bored. Luckily, some people decided to bring some drums (chenda) and play for them.

Going out of Kanakakunnu I spotted a small boy throwing some toy up in the sky, it had a small little LED which made it glow. I was of course enthralled and watched the boy in action. Too bad I forgot my autograph book. I took the next turn and my first throw went 3 inches high – (which was bad, considering his went 60). After pretending oblivious to the whole crowd seeing that, I went for my second marvelous throw which came down and hit a car. But it went high. So Tada, I was a star too now!

On my return trip I was wholly engrossed in bubble blowing so was surprised when a couple of acquaintances showed up in between the bubbles. Gulp, I was spotted. Oh well now that they knew it was just as well I blogged about it.
I walked back home, happy having down all the stuff I have always wanted to do and couldn’t because someone with me would always stop me. Today I was my own woman. Yippeee.

And if you looked up, nature had brought out its own illumination in the form of a bright and full moon. The ones here were loud, but the one above was quiet and pretty. It was a beautiful night.

July 9, 2008

Bad gutter hole in road to Vazhuthacaud

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Hullo all,

Bad news. My internet connection went down today. Sniff sniff sob sob. I had to hunt a lot to find an internet cafe. The ones I knew do not exist any longer. Sigh made me sad, cause back in high school I used to spend a lot of time there, broadband not yet common in those days.

Keeping my 24-hour deal with the blog anyway. Cause I want to write about something I saw. The story happens in the city of Trivandrum.

When I finally located a cafe today, I had to wait outside for ten minutes cause it was power-cut time in the area. And while I waited, I was watching the road in front of me. There is a gigantic gutter hole right in the middle of the road. This is in the road that goes up from Bakery Junction to Vazhuthacaud junction, opposite to AIR.  Being power-cut time, the road was dipped in darkness. So one bike after another, each went right into the gutter, and in the process either the biker threw himself out or got his bike tires stuck in the hole. The cars and buses behind horned the hell out of him and the poor biker tried his best to get the wheels out. It was horrifying to imagine what might happen when someone was speeding fast and landed right into the hole, too late to apply brakes. He might very well be thrown out of the bike into the road all too fast and be run over!

I was wondering how this could be stopped when a group of youngsters who were already helping the bikers and even auto rickshaws to pull their wheels out, had come up with an immediate solution. They pulled out some plants and stuck it into the hole, all long and thick enough to be seen by cars and bikes from a neat distance and stay clear of. Wow. That was neat! Real neat! They did it so fast and so effectively too. Its only a temporary fix, but it was good to watch the want-to-help and do-what-we-can attitude of the young people. I wish the whole world would learn from them.  I did. Wish if I had a camera with me; I could’ve taken pictures.

So thats just what I thought I will say today. I dont know if I will get my connection back tomorrow. If you dont see me or CC around here, you can guess why.

See you everyone.


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