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December 5, 2008

Another autorickshaw story

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It might look like I have started an autorickshaw story series. Here is another one. Couple of days back I was trapped in a ksrtc (state bus) – no they didn’t lock me inside. There were some protests going on in the city and the major roads were all blocked for hours. So I jumped out cause [ahem] quite unlike me, I was late for my next stop. My plan was to run till the point there was no more traffic jam, grab an auto and go. On the way an auto-wala who first said he wont take me, followed me and took me in. He dropped me at the next bus stop – and dig this – free of cost.

“Ivide ninna mathi pengale, bus kittum” – You wait here sister, you will get your bus.

It was a small distance but who would do anything for free today?? I was not in a position to press him to accept money cause I had just about enough for my next trip. This is a short entry. Its just that I want to remind self and readers here that there are many nice people around us… they do these little nice things but thing is, little nice things are a little big, they have a long life.

November 6, 2008

Meeting Madhupal

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Has been a happening day. I have been part of a team to interview Madhupal (the same person who took Thalappavu). I had already managed to form quite an impression in the calls I made to fix the interview. After he confirmed his availability, I typed to my teammates a grand SMS about the success and brilliantly send it to Madhupal. Another time I had to make a call to him to let him know that there was going to be no payment. This is how the conversation went.

(I shall be hence known as BM – read Brilliant Me)

BM: Err Sir, this is a class assignment and we are students
M: Ok
BM: So err, payment … (brilliantly planned pause hoping he would fill the rest)
M: Payment??? (extra question marks – cue that brilliantly planned scheme failed. Unexpected scenario results in speechlessness)
M: ?
BM: Payment… payment illa (Payment – there will be none)

There was a final call today to ask his address. He said “Number A-five-zero”. And BM replied “Ok got it. Number A-Anwar”.
I wonder if I was born so brilliant or brilliance grew with age.

The interview was brilliant (cause someone else did the questioning). And Madhupal’s instant answers and strong opinions were proof of his individuality and character. The man earned buckets of respect (I know I know but hey that sounds nice – buckets and respect – both has a t in it) in that half an hour.

Well that’s that and another day gone by. In case you didn’t notice, the keyword here in this entry is – brilliant.

October 20, 2008

I don’t like Gulmali!

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I am going to post about someone called Gulmali today. Obviously its not the real name. It’s a she and someone I know. Why I want to write about Gulmali is because I don’t like her company, some things about her irk me. Here are a few instances

 Instance 1

“Be there at 5 tomorrow will you?” orders Gulmali

“Alright” says I

“Be sure. Otherwise I will have to stand alone and wait”

“Ok I will be there”, says I

Sad that I cant be late like I usually am (sad cause an organized life always came hard for me), I drag myself to the said place 1 minute before 5. Gulmali is not there. She arrives 15 minutes later happily, cheerfully.

“You are late”, I say

“I know”, says Gulmali happily, cheerfully.

No explanation, no apologies, no nothing! She just goes on with whatever business we went there for!

Me: Irked!


Instance 2 – which is an oft repeated one

I am talking to someone, say hmm, Shweesha (imaginary name again)

Gulmali comes and shakes my hand “Come come its time to go”

I try to wave to point out something she obviously missed – I was talking to someone.

This goes unnoticed and now Gulmali starts pulling my hand hard enough for me to be pushed along. It might be noted here that Gulmali was 2.5 times heavier than me. So that didn’t exactly leave me in a position to strip her hold on me, or for that matter like I really wanted, to push her down, jump over her and laugh ‘buhahaha’.

Me: Irked again!


Instance 3

Gulmali talks, Gulmali talks more, Gulmali talks non-stopped.

My turn comes when Gulmali stops to breathe. I say “Oh yea there happened this thing the other day”

Gulmali looks away, yawns, and looks indifferent till I get the message and stop in less than 60 seconds. So my tales are usually scripted this way

“There happened this thing the other day. (Sees Gulmali’s bored expression). And I forgot what it was”

Gulmali never knows that I even opened my mouth. She carries on with her tale, a little annoyed by the interruption, all loud and enthusiastic. And the whole earth shakes with her when she emits one of her bulldozer chuckles.

Me: Irked multi million times more!


I do not like bossy people! I don’t like dominating people! I don’t like people who only talk and wont listen. I don’t like people who don’t give a darn about your time or space! I don’t like Gulmali!

September 13, 2008

Orkut community meet

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I actually went for an orkut community meet today. Why the actually-part needs stress is because like one of the people there pointed out, I usually have a face covered pic in my profile – so going public was not really my thing.
Anyway, this entry is to do an official report of the meeting. So here goes.

I landed late with my friend, who had to be tucked into the community a few minutes prior to the meeting. Five of them were there already. A couple of them I already knew and seeing them after years of scrapping was a huge joy – Sreejith and Vids. Three others were Sajith, Vivek and Sambath. And then there was my friend, Drisya.

First task was finding free chairs. This we did with all grace. You should have seen me in action, I was a hero when it came to finding chairs. Sitting down, 2 of the community moderators, Sreejith and Vids took orders and brought the food – again in all grace. I could have sworn Vids was born to be a waitress. She wouldn’t agree though.

Ok a meeting essentially calls for talking. So that we did. Self introduction came first, and I was introduced as the sis of Nish. I realized being a community owner’s sis came with its own price. Well actually, not much. No one recognized me, and my friend asked “Hey you told me everyone knew you”. She has a problem of taking things too literally.

Sajith and Vivek were dueling now and then – I didn’t exactly catch up on that. Sambath, was my competitor in bagging the quietest person award and he got it. Wise kid.
Vids suggested giant wheels and I mistook them for ship-rides (why it was a dumb thing to say was cause ships don’t exactly ride next to giant wheels, in an exhibition ground. Well not yet). These things happen you know. So Vids gave me a valuable piece of advice – “Cris its ok to think these things, but you don’t speak them”. I believe her, that kid seemed to know these things.

Now that I come to think of it, I cant remember many cracks from Sreejith, hmm I wonder what he was doing. My guess is eating cause I remember noticing that the pazhamporees (banana fries) were not there anymore.

Few talks later, the moderators took a second round of orders. Few more talks where Drisya introduced a concept of second round of self introduction later we headed for Kanakakunnu. As part of Onam, they had a number of rides running there. Vids came up with err some kind of a circular ride. Seemed harmless. But harm came when we went in cause it stopped circling. So for that money, we were taken to giant wheel. Gulp, gulp and gulp. But it was better than I thought. I managed to live. With just a few yells. All 7 of us.

Sajith, Vivek and Sreejith did a few clicks now and then, I have no idea of what.

At 5, friend and I had to run off. So I don’t know what happened after that. So report officially ends here. 🙂
Afterword: Absolutely loved it. Would have loved to stay more too. Maybe more gulpy rides together. 🙂 Think I wont have many qualms about attending the grand one Sreejith says is coming. But then again, gulp.

August 31, 2008

Orissa mishap. Completely incomprehensible priorities

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I am not a religious person. So whatever I am about to say, is absolutely unbiased. I had a conversation with a friend some time back. He started talking about Orissa. Naturally, from his concerned tone, I was expecting him to talk about the mishaps and the killings there. But what seemed to have bothered him was the “unjust way they chose to convert people to Christianity”. Like I say I am not religious so I have nothing for or against that area. But I definitely was concerned about human lives. And so when human life was at stake, I cannot understand how anyone could be concerned about religious problems.

On one hand there was the problem of religion and on the other hand people were dying. But when I saw my friend was worried about religious conversions more than human loss, and that too the fact that he felt the latter justified because it was a result of the former, was something that really, really got me upset. Why! How can people be so blind? Why their priorities were sorted so, so unreasonably! Why do they forget they are human beings before anything else? That these people who converted or died or killed were all first humans before they were Christians or Hindus or Muslims!

My friend proceeded – “I don’t have a problem if they chose to convert people through just and sound means, like talking about it. But then offering a poor person bread in exchange of his religious conversion was something really wrong.”
I again had nothing for or against it. It was not my area of concern. However I did point out that to that poor person, bread was more important than religion. That religion was something people held in their minds, it didn’t matter how many conversions you went through if your mind was firmly rooted in one line of belief.

As long as we have young people worrying about a religion spreading or eradicating more than humans dying, I really, really do not have much hope for our country or our people. I cant help wishing there was a complete world rebirth and with it, only humans were born and prospered and nothing including religion, caste, creed, race, color or countries that separated one human from another came to being.

August 22, 2008

A wedding, hmm, again

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Egad third in the wedding series, I realize – this being first and this, second. So proceeding with the typical beginning – I have been to a wedding the other day. Being a hartal[strike], I walked. Oh I had company. In the form of an 80 year old. My Grandma. Now that I remember, she was walking too as a matter of fact. And since the two of us were headed for the same destination, you know the wedding place, we decided to walk together. And thus started our 3-hour long vacation trip.

It was supposed to be a celebrity packed wedding. And I estimated right. Of course I had a good heart and people with good hearts, went for weddings. Volunteering to accompany the poor old girl was of course my primary intention…. BEEP! [Lie detected]. I should change blogs, this one keeps shouting back! Can’t a girl have some solitude around here?

Going back to my story, err forget about primary intentions. Lets talk about other things. Ok, so the prospect of watching a few popular people may have interested me a little [BEEP], ok a lot [BEEP], ok it was all I had in mind! There, you happy?!
I wasn’t let down there. Celebrities came in the form of the groom himself for one. Vidhu Prathap. His singer friends made the guests. I was about to witness a new addition in my daily activities. Seeing Yesudas. For the second consecutive day, the great man was standing inches before me. His son another inch away. Vineeth, the actor who danced was closer. Unfortunately celebrities suffered a major drawback. They failed to notice extremely important human entities, namely me.

So all the ogl… I mean observations had to be one-way transactions. Oh by the way, other things too happened there, you know, like a wedding for one. Luckily, they make it easy to identify bride and groom in a wedding. Like this Mallu blogger wrote, if you saw a lot of gold that moves, don’t bother to find a human behind it, be assured it’s your bride. Groom is not always easy to find especially when he wasn’t a Vidhu Prathap. You have to depend on your intuitional skills there. If you are in the habit of making sixth sense predictions come true, that will come handy here.

And then of course photos. A fellow blogger had done a good job of it the other day. So am not going into details here. Except, us good-looking guests have a tough time avoiding these guys [BEEP] [BEEP] [BEEP]. Alright, alright!!!

A place where a queue system or any other system except mob stampede has failed is what you call a “Kalayana Sadhya” [wedding banquet] in Malayalam. You push a few here, you stamp a few there, you somersault over a few others, and you are a winner. I hear underground-entrances and helicopter dropping are expected to evolve as the new strategies for Sadya survival. Whew, no beeps! Maybe it is true!

And like yet another blogger had mentioned [seems weddings are the in things], a wedding is always a place to perfect your silly face expressions. You will meet hundred and one people you have no clue of and be asked to remember who they were. Of course, you saw them just a couple of decades back when you were a toddler. There is no question of forgetting.

But what am I complaining for. Yesudas, Chithra [that was another dream come true], the others, the 2 bolis (yellow things they serve for Sadya) made my day. And maybe one day, 20 years later I will go ask a girl if she remembered me picking her up as a baby, and she will groan and emit a 100-watt smile and then I will hear all those hundred and one clueless people grab my conscience to say “Now you know!”

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