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December 2, 2008

Varanam Ayiram, hmm

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Philip has already done a good job of Varanam Ayiram – story and review. When commenting I thought I will write my own version. Here is how it started. My auto rickshaw driver heard “Sreekandeshwaram” when I said “SL Theatres” – don’t ask me how, I guess its my brilliant accent – and directions were never my strong point – so we saw a lot of Trivandrum before reaching the Cinema. One more side-detail before reaching the main story – they took me to a seat right next to which was sitting an ex-colleague with helmet on lap and heading towards nap (hey that rhymes!) – such a small world – you have a howdy-mate wherever you go.

Now the movie. I was warned that it had a bit of The Wonder Years in it which was what actually took me to the movie. So I found a boy narrator talking about himself, about his Dad. Good. I like it when there is narration. Boy narrator grows up, he reaches high school, college and proceeds with life. Surya, I thought looked very much a young boy doing school days. Early life finished pretty fast. That was one thing about the movie. All the while so many things were happening you hardly had time to keep track.

The narration goes on and we see Sameera Reddy appearing. Now Philip may say she was an angel on earth but like I have commented there, I thought blech, a male faced female. So when Surya was saying “I knew that night what kathal (love) is… I knew what you felt when you saw Amma for the first time”, I thought “Sheesh”.

I actually liked the Surya-Sameera part of the story. It was, in one word nice. Surya’s exaggerated expressions actually seemed quite – alright I have to say it – cute (I have a particular aversion to that word). I will agree with Philip on one thing. The Priya part of the story failed to sink in. But then it somehow seemed the natural course to take – it felt real. Then there is Simran doing an older mature role. Not bad.

And then of course the main theme – the Dad part of the story. I was not quite happy there. From all that adoration, I was expecting a stronger Dad – I don’t mean a 6-pack abs or one that roars – but somehow the Dad lacked character, the Dad was not Dad enough. He seemed like a good old man who gave bits and pieces of advice to a younger man in the neighborhood – all the Dad-son reality, freedom, and naturalness was missing. It was like a good natured patient character was stitched up for the Dad who just talked like a good natured patient character. He could be anyone Surya knew, not Dad.

There are more aspects in the movie, which Philip says was the work of a confused director who wanted to have a bit of everything in his movie. I didn’t exactly feel it a hullabaloo of events, but yeah some of it was a little out of place and fitted in for the sake of fitting in. Like the director must have thought “Oh there is no Kashmir in the movie, let me add that now”.

About Surya, he acted well and boy he has a good face, I thought it’d be perfect for Jesus Christ’s role but I won’t try talking about his 6-pack abs (another personal aversion!). So hmm that’s it. I am not giving out the story. It was a nice 3 hours for me, and I didn’t think it a waste of time or money. It could have been better yeah, but then every one cant do wonder-years.

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