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March 21, 2008

Another one: who rides the car?

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Me to myself – Third post on the same day? You are jobless! (stress on are). Just thought I will copy another conversation with mah fancy-pal Mr Jim. Again while we were TV- watching. You get the background – 2 jobless lazy creatures in a room. On this particular occasion, we were watching a movie with 3 guys riding a car and singing loudly.

Me: Say Jim, we should do this

Jim: You sure? You cant ride or sing without moving a few muscles

Me: (Raised an eyebrow to show my disappointment at his poor sense of humour) Its going to be great. I am going to ride a car with someone who sings like that (looking at the TV)

Jim: You think hes good?

Me: Of course not. When you take along a guy who sings that bad, you will feel you are KS Chitra (Madonna for non-Indians)

Jim: Haa

Me (with a smirk on my face): Why dont you come Jim?

Jim: My my arent you Charlie Chaplin born a century later!

Me: Seriously Jim it is going to be fun. Sing without a care in this world and ride a car

Jim: Singing can be done. But who is going to do the driving (he was becoming an expert in his raised eyebrow expressions)

Me: Considering I am the better singer I will need all my concentration there. You do the driving

Jim: Now thats the simplest solution ever Cris, you are brilliant! All we gotta do is, wait for me to come out of your imagination, be real, turn 18, get a license and bingo! We have reached our destination!

Me: Alright you just had to say you are afraid. If I can control the motion of a 5 feet 3 inch body completely by my 3 feet long legs,  then making a 4-wheeler move by my 2 feet arms should be child’s play.

Jim: If the 5 feet 3 inches is you, there is a difference my dear. Moving a body without a brain is not the same as moving something that has a gear and a horn.

I killed Jim.

An imaginary SRK

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Scene: One evening in my room. My fancy pal Mr Jim and I were watching some channel on TV which kept showing the same commercials. Both of us were too lazy to find the remote control from my messy bed, forget going to the TV and changing channels. When an SRK ad kept showing up, Jim, who wasn’t particularly fond of the big fellow, frowned.

“So Cris, do you really need to have this fellow in your SRK conversation blogs?”

Me: “Which fellow would that be Jim?”

Jim: “Errrrr SRK”

Me: “Haha good one Jim. How can I possibly have SRK conversation blogs if SRK is not in it?”

Jim: “Well you could have SRK. But can’t you do with an imaginary SRK? I mean you don’t really need to have the real one do you?”

Me: “Ohhh… well… no not really. Yeah in fact I can do with an imaginary one Jim. No problem at all. You know when I see these ads on TV I say ‘So that’s where you go to when you are not in a plane with me’ ”

Jim: “Hehe yeah now he is free to go anytime isn’t he?”

Me: “He sure is Jimmie!”

March 20, 2008

ghost in the house

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It was 2 AM in the night and I was preparing to turn in [quite early for someone following US time zone but what the heck I thought I will find out what India looked like in day time]. I was brushing my teeth when a grandingly striking, strikingly grand idea came to me. I could pretend to be a ghost! With uncombed hair and kajol coming down all over my face, I had the appearance ready. Some say I was born to be a ghost. Ignore the less bright ones I always say.

The night was young. And here I was, a young, terrifying, horrifying ghost, ready to drink some tea. Blood blood not tea, my ghostly thirst corrected me. I was ready to destroy the world. I needed background music. The dogs in the neighborhood seemed to be early-sleepers. So I did the howling myself. “Aaauuuuuuu”. Hmm I sounded good. Maybe I should try my luck in movies.

I sneaked around the big haunted house, ready to pounce on the first innocent unsuspecting victim. I went around the rooms making horror-movie noises. “Ting ting ting….” I opened the doors slowly. “Tirrrrrrr”
I found 2 sleeping humans. One of them was snoring. I gave out my bloody laugh. “Buhahaha”
That did it. I went too far with it. The sleeping human who was snoring woke up and stared at me. When I saw he was about to open his mouth, I fled. I was not a coward ghost but theories suggest a snoring father whose snores are interrupted might not find a ghost story at 2:30 AM interesting. I didnt wait to test the theory out.
Back in my room, I panted heavy pants waiting for footsteps to follow me and knock at my door. I heaved a sigh when I heard some beautiful musical snoring from the next room. The best sound in the whole world – snores – yes sir nothing can beat them.

I knew ghosts didnt sleep at nights. So I went into my special transforming machine and changed back to human. I needed my human brain to work so I had a few readymade answers to the few questions in the morning concerning a night prowler in the house who woke up people to say buhaha. I knew the answer I’d say. I’d have my most grave expression on and say “I want to  break this to you lightly Dad, but there are no such things as ghosts”

Disclaimer: The story in this strip is not entirely from real life. The few similarities between the character and me is entirely coincidential.

April 13, 2007

Big me! Small world!

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Yawnnn! This is the part of the day I hate the most! The waking up part! If I were in a cartoon I could’ve yelled “Hey who turned on the lights”.But here I am in my beatiful room sitting on my beautiful bed knowing I cannot stay here another minute longer lest I should be late for work.I toyed with the idea of taking leave and going back to my beautiful room and beautiful bed. But my bed sheet seemed to be filled with pictures of my boss scowling at me. That shook me up!

I decided to do it. I went to my secret room, put on my secret clothes and became… (loud background music) …..super girl!!! (lots of echo)I got out of the room and spread my wings. I should be flying thats what super heroes do. But I decided not to. I went and took my super bag. I caught a super bus and went to my super office to do my super work! Time for some super powers. I threw out a hand and expected spider webs to jump out. Oops no webs came out. Ok maybe I dont have the spidey thing in me.
Bat man and Super man flew. I stepped out of my chair and jumped. Well I went up a feet. I came down the next minute. Gravity seems to like me down.

I noticed that others around me didnt whisper as they should or look at my super powers in admiration. I wanted more background music. There should be a theme song. Aha.
“Super Girlie, shes a hero,
Gonna take pollution down to zero.”

“You watch Captain Planet?” someone asked. I stared, pretended I didnt hear him and turned away.This wasnt working. Super heroes did not sit in an office working unnoticed by all. Something was missing.

And then the realisation struck me. I was no super girl!!! No!!! This was too much! The identity I kept close to my heart secretly was not real!!! I am just an ordinary breathing human being like the rest of them!!!Unbearable!

Well its 9 AM. I am going to start working now. Enough for the day to keep me alive. Tomorrow I am going to be a detective!

October 24, 2006

Which is real?

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“I’m a girl, I am a girl, I am a lonely girl”
“What kind of a song is that Martha?!”
“Dont you like it Mamma? I just made it up”
“No I dont! Now stop fooling around and do your work!”
“Yes Mamma”

“Whats up ladies?”
“Oh nothing. Just Martha fooling around”
“Oh no Father I wasnt fooling around I was singing.”
“Well let the little dear sing Gladdis”
“Fine! The little dear and her dear Pappa can go sing together. I have got work to do and it looks like I will have noone to help me”

“What what?!”
“You said woah”
“Ohh.. Hi Munna”
“You woke me up to say hi?!! Get some sleep Vivek! Its 2 ‘O’ clock in the night!”
“I guess I was dreaming”
“Lemme guess! About the 6 year old angel who lived down the lane”
“Yeah! How did you know”
“Sigh! Go to sleep Vivek!”
“You dont understand Geetha. This thing is real somehow! I just know it”
“I will tell you what this thing is Vivek! It has become an obsession with you! I am telling you, you have got to see a Doc! Now!!”
“Come on! I need someone on my side!”
“Dont look at me! I stand on the side of sanity! Bye Vivek! I dont have time for this”
“Sigh! I’m a boy I’m a boy I am a lonely boy!”
“So what do you think Doc?”
“What I think is you have been working too hard Vivek. Sitting late and getting no sleep! Some people will have hallucinations as an after effect of alcohol or stopping alochol. You havent been drinking lately?”
“My God no! I am the president of No-Drinking-Association. I mean I will be when there is one!”
“Haha! Then you will be fine dont worry. Its not a recurring dream, its just the same character. Its alright! Maybe you can start a story about her! Heheh”
“You are writing a story???”
“On her??! You are crazy”
“Hey you are the one who send me to the Doc! And I am just taking his medicine!”
“Great! All the men in this world and I get the world’s craziest lunatic! Why me!”
“You have got to take a look Geetha! You will know how real it is! I cant just dream it all up!”
“Yeah I will quit my job and you quit yours and we will both go hunting for a 6 year old Martha who worked all day and night!”
“Hmm I was thinking of taking a 2-day leave”
“Well you do need a vaccation but dont tell me another word about Martha”
“Woww Vivek beautiful story!”
“You read it?”
“Yes I read all your stories and leave comments too”
“Wow Alice! You must be Miss-NoName!”
“Hihi yeah”
“Why didnt you tell me before?”
“Gee I dont know”
“I should have come to you before!”
“It does interest me”
“Noone was ready to listen to me! Thank you for being there Alice”
“Oh its nothing! My parents call me half cracked too! So I can understand!”
“Yeah its hard isnt it?”
“Alice! You know whats the latest from Martha”
“What what”
“She sees 2 lovers sitting on a tree and tells herself she could never sit like that with a boy”
“Haha! Oh boy I bet I did the same when I was 6!”
“Marthaaaaaaaaaa! Where is that girl”
“Dear Mister Grass, you must be so sad,
But you cant even cry.
Dear Mister Grass, I’m also real sad,
Teach me oh teach me to smile like you do”
“Goodness Martha! I have told you a thousand times! No fooling around! Do you hear me”
“Yes Mamma”

“She is sad eh?”
“Yes Alice! And I know its cause of that Mamma of hers! Wont take her to school and makes her work like a slave”
“Let me get my hands on her!”
“Me too!”
“Vivek have you been listening?”
“Huh? Oh yea sure”
“God! I have had it Vivek! We are over!”
“Oh?? Is that all you have to say!”
“Oh no. I mean I..”
“Dont bother! You go marry Alice! You 2 can start an insanity club together! I will be glad to donate!”
“She said that?”
“I think so. I heard only the last part”
“Geetha was a nice girl Vivek”
“I know Alice. Thats why she wasnt right for me”
“What do you mean”
“It needs a lot more than a nice girl to tolerate someone like me Alice”
“Haha now you are talking like me!”
“There was just one!
Now there is one more!
To see me and hear
And talk about me”

“She was telling about you Alice”
“I know! I dreamt of her!”
“I dont believe this!”
“Remember how I told you I will need something more than a nice girl with me”
“I need you to be with me Alice”
“Not half as much as I need you Vivek”
“They see me well
But they do not know
Its just me playing
They are toys of my game”

September 29, 2006


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She was sitting in her usual side seat at the back end of the bus. The mp3 player was playing a slow romantic song. The roads were not so busy at this time of the night. But she could see beyond all that.. the stars farther away and the trees that seemed to cover them up..
She found herself smiling as she listened to that lovely song. As usual she imagined herself with him. She didnt know if she wanted it to be him but then there could be noone else… She closed her eyes and now it was a different person she was thinking of.. This guy was not laughing with her. Instead he looked serious and angry but she seemed to like to keep thinking of him..
She opened her eyes and to her surprise, the first guy came back from nowhere. Here was the reality – when she opened her eyes, she was opening it to reality.. and when she closed them, she was opening herself to a world of her own…

Having a sudden realisation, she thought of differenct people, different faces.. each would do something different.. one danced with her – lovely romantic dancer he turned out to be.. another talked with her all day long..

She imagined the serious guy trying to do some nice thing with her.. but she couldnt get herself to picture it.. She felt the mind somehow didnt like her to be happy and wanted to end her up with men who would make her worry..
What is real and what she wanted were different things.. She felt the day, she could make them blend, she’d win in life…
She must be right.

September 16, 2006

Pessimist, Optimist and Practicalist

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Everyday I wake up with the strong determination of breathing till EOD (read End Of Day) so life is going on. As a day starts, I walk out of the home thinking of every possible way to diasgree with any kind of propositions that may come my way. And if they dont come my way, I go in search of them. Cannot think of coming home without a single argument or a fight one day.
Life was going all unsmooth just the way I wanted it. No peace, no calm and my mission is accomplished!
I had met this lady a few days back. Her name was Ms Pest.

Life went on tortourously when I bumped into this other lady who called herself Ms Opt.
The next day I woke up with a determination but not of keeping my O2-CO2 content in check. I was determined to keep my smile on till EOD. And I did just that. Anyone who tried to break an argument with me could not make any addition to their argument-collection.Things were going on as smooth as they could and even if they went unsmooth, they failed to take my smile away.

Thats when I met Ms Pract.
Now this Lady stood for no nonsense.
The days that followed saw in me a wise girl waking up determined to face things as they are, smiling when she had to and not failing to say a thing or 2 in return to those blokes who seemed to break loose a vocabulory that made the most rotten men blush!
And thats my story Ladies and Gentlemen!

April 16, 2006

A chair in an island

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Vinnie closed her eyes and felt she was sitting on a chair in midst of a deserted island with noone around her. She didnt want to open her eyes and realise her mother was just a room away. What was happening? Where is everyone going to? Away from her… and she was back in that island… sometimes she felt thats where she wanted to be. It was so much easier…Relationship is a pain. All kinds of it..

No, she told herself, this should be just her annoyed mind. She doesnt have to make any decision now. Things will sort out by themselves if we just leave them alone. But what about time? Time doesnt wait! You dont want to be too late. Vinnie wished she could just stay in that island forever. She knew she had to wake up and come out of it. But it doesnt have to be right now…

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