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November 8, 2014

Interstellar in my life

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I have been haunted by movies before, but not to this level. Where I take it to my life and feel nearly mad trying to find new meanings in harmless everyday thoughts and words. The Interstellar theme music is playing in my head, over and over again. I have got tears in my eyes and I have no idea why. Definitely not because I am feeling sad for the movie or about it. I hate spoilers but I will just talk about this one piece of furniture that’s really taking over my entire imagination now. A bookshelf. Between times. Between now and then.

Now everything is jumbled up. The dream I saw two nights ago about my best friend Ros telling me of a chemical compound and atomic weights – words and numbers I have never thought of after leaving school. The wish I made looking at the full moon sky last night to help me mess with time, trick it. Even the strange leak of the bathroom ceiling that drips a drop or two everyday, sometimes on my face, my way of seeing snow I used to think.

The little girl Murph in the film. We should not ignore that what little children say because we think they don’t know what they are talking about. Their minds are clearer, no learnings to mar it, and no prejudices from the learnings. They are more open, more receptive to a new message. Maybe we should go back to being that. Like how you were brave enough to pick yourself up and learn to walk in two legs, when you had no idea where that would lead you to. You felt it, and you did it. Now we don’t listen to our feelings, we think they are unimportant. “We didn’t invent love, it can be observed, it is powerful, it has to mean something,” she says, Brand says in the film. We don’t create it, we don’t manipulate it, no one has put it there, and yet it is there. How.

If, they are there to help us, the they that Nolan talks about, and they can’t communicate, what happens? They put strange dreams into your head, strange insights and thoughts, and feelings like love? And when the they are really us, it’s become what Brand said it is – the meaning.

Thank you Nolan, for putting me through this, whatever this is.


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