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November 2, 2014

Kiss of Love

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(Kiss of Love is a campaign in Kochi to protest against moral policing, a protest for the right to express love)

Colleague A asks me why Cris, do you support, the kiss of love campaign. I ask why not. He says it all started from that attack on the Calicut café where young couples apparently kissed. I nod. So do you think it is okay to have such spaces allowed for young couples to come and kiss? He asks. I say it is not that they (the café people) “allow it”, they just don’t interfere, there is a difference between the two. Ok, he says, but what about the lots of exploitations on young girls taking place at these spaces. One, I say, it is not that the couples chose this space in the first place, they are forced to, because they can’t even sit next to each other in a public place, forget kissing. Two, I say, if it is an adult male and woman, it is not exploitation.

A father himself, A asks, but is it not right for parents to be concerned. Yes, of course, it is, but drawing boundaries around a daughter and putting her under a curfew is not how you solve the problem. You solve it by accepting (even if not agreeing with) her decisions, trusting her judgment after years of growing up with your principles at home. She is too an adult like you. You warn her, but you don’t stop her. So she knows she doesn’t have to fear about her freedom, and can be open and fearless, when her parents are with her, even if the rest of the world isn’t.

Mistakes, yes, can happen, cheating, yes, can happen. The woman, or the man for that matter, may be ‘exploited’, ‘harassed’, ‘cheated’. Like in every other grownup activity – in jobs, in businesses, in relationships. So do accidents on the road, but that doesn’t stop you from stepping out of your home every morning. And is there any point even talking about caution, about staying “safe” when assaults now come from the fathers and brothers of this world?



  1. The whole story is crap. Kerala is a land of hypocrites. I am part of it too. Hypocrisy is in everything there. From the way we talk to people to the way we live. Whenever people talk too much about anything I am suspicious. We talk about morality there,but I know underneath the façade, we are the most immoral people. Fathers rape their own daughters. Mothers sell their own daughters. Prostitution and pimping are rampant. Stories of molestation is a daily matter.Half are perverts. They spend the whole day under scorching sun in front of the police station to get glimpse of the poor prostitute picked up by the police. Wherever a woman is involved,the men will assemble to watch. The height was when Saritha Nair was caught. Now there is not a single Malayali who has not seen her naked pictures. And then,after all this,they are casting her in movies ! What can you call this land other than the devils own?
    There are thousands of other problems in the state. Lack of hygiene, no toilets, no facilities to dispose garbage,no good roads, no job opportunities and so on. The list is endless. Still,we are only interested in pseudo morality. These moralists who talk in public are the most immoral.

    Comment by antony — November 2, 2014 @ 19:16 | Reply

    • I understand the outburst, antony, but I hope when you talk about ‘these moralists who talk in public’ you mean the moral police and not those who tried to create an impact against it, with the public kiss protest.

      Comment by Cris — November 3, 2014 @ 15:10 | Reply

  2. Borrowing and combining words from Captain Haddock & Mohanlal(he can be a wonderful Haddock…a bearded mohanlal looks very much like Haddock 😀 ) ” If these baby-snatching ship-wrecking sea gherkins don`t like some-one kissing in public, they should look away and not see it. Thats the decent & proper thing to do ”

    Comment by iamworthatry — November 23, 2014 @ 15:41 | Reply

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