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August 16, 2013

An August Evening

Filed under: Diary,Nature — Cris @ 18:10

My favorite months are July and November. There’s no reason for that. Just like my favorite number is 6. I just like them. But this August evening, I feel good that it is August. I don’t think it’s the season. The rains are a little silent now but I don’t know if they are totally gone. I still feel cold in the nights and at the strike of 10 in the morning. Two times when I have to follow protocol and take baths. That’s when you notice how cold, cold is. Otherwise you just drown under a pile of blankets or clothes, whichever it is you find sprawled on your bed.

I can see the evening becoming twilight through the glass windows at the other side of the office. And the blindening (darn there is no such word but I refuse to auto-correct) sun. Why can’t it always be this way, throughout the day? The sun up there and twilight down here. That way we still have days, just darker and more walker-friendly.

I don’t know what suddenly made August so dear, but I have an idea it is that window I look at to see the changing color of the day. The color that makes me want to jump out of the office and soak in the outdoors, and one that makes me want to drown under that pile of clothes sprawled on my bed.


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