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May 9, 2012

Girly books, writing and rail waste

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When scrolling through book shelves in the local library and second hand book shelves, I sneak in a ‘girly’ book when no one is looking. I don’t quite like the term chicklit. I prefer girly. And I don’t mean just any book written by a girl about a girl. In fact I consider Chetan Bhagat books girly. Anything circling around the life of young people, the things they do, the feelings they feel and the messes they make. It’s easy reading and easy timepass. Perfect for a train journey unless you’ve dropped your head outside the windows, in long and green paddy fields or deep and dirty lakes, wondering how green, green is and how deep, deep is.

Most of the time I hate these girly books that I read. I know it is a perfect waste of time and I don’t even enjoy it. But it’s easy like I say and that I like. Those one-stretch stuff. This time, I actually enjoyed reading Ruchita Misra’s Ineligible Bachelors. It was witty. And I like wit. You cant hope for literary value, but hey if it makes me write, then it is literary enough for me. Honestly, I was much better yesterday, composing poetry (yes, me and poetry!) in the train, frowning at the lady sitting opposite me for crunching a plastic bottle and throwing it right outside the window – right into the depths of those deep waters I was talking about – which explains the ’dirty’ part of it. The poem was not on her. I forget the lines entirely now. I can assure it was no good. But I wouldn’t be thinking ‘lines’ if I weren’t reading.

Two things happened. One, I wanted to write, right then. Two, I wanted to talk with the railway authorities to put messages on top of every window asking not to throw waste out. There is a bin at the two ends of every compartment. It was only a 2-minute walk! I always think of purifying these impure souls out of their foul littering habits. Only once I got to say it. It was a Tamilian I think sitting next to me. He asked if I could move so he could throw his used cup out. I said “please give it to me I will throw it at the bin when I leave”. He agreed and I kept it in the sack in front. I saw him later add more to the sack. After sometime, he asked me where the bin was, took all the waste and went to drop it there. I felt so happy, so proud I was ready to hug him for his acceptance. Most of the times, people take offense when you make these suggestions, like you are teaching them something they didn’t know. I want to tell them it is perfectly okay that they didn’t think of it till now – none of us do, that’s what we see all around us. But once it strikes us, we could change habits. I just want to help with the striking.

Well this is not exactly the writing I had in mind when I said I wanted to write. It was much prettier, well in my head it was. Someone should seriously consider making a headpad – that would type all the lines in your head. And then again, maybe not all.



  1. Headpad … Now thats intresting…. Would be really helpfull to all those ( lazy )souls ,like me , who claim issues in transferring thoughts to paper… 😛

    Comment by Blungi — May 9, 2012 @ 16:50 | Reply

    • Blungi: Oh yes, the future is headpad 😀

      Comment by Cris — May 14, 2012 @ 11:10 | Reply

  2. Reminds me of a trip back to Trivandrum. The UDaan soundtrack soaring in the backdrop, and a lost Crissie looking out of the window, unlike this time not at lakes and paddy fields but at the sky. Its hues. I remember a lost me, on the opposite side staring out of the window with the same tune floating around me, enveloping the scenes i saw and the people who dint notice me or you. Blame the techies who are mushrooming in and around the world like a race that would wipe away everything else, blame them for their lack of enthusiasm on creating a headpad, which is why with the purple pen i kept scribbling on the white paper that day even as the train coughed and jerked. lines in scrawny handwriting that i couldnt decipher. mix and match of images that made no sense whatsoever later on. Well, when it is for yourself, sense isnt exactly the first thing that matters but anyways Lets alert all the techies on the necessity of a headpad.

    Comment by Akshaya — May 28, 2012 @ 18:24 | Reply

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