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March 27, 2012

Growing down

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I should seriously consider growing down. Was reading one of my teenage diaries and I spoke with such maturity. Wrote about the importance of everyday-happiness in such elaborate terms. I even created a day called ‘Nothing Happens This Day’ so that I’d have a reason to celebrate everyday even if it was not special any other way. Well my idea of celebrating it was jumping 6 times on the bed first thing in the morning singing “Nothing happened this day… last year” in the tune of Happy Birthday but I am sure there still prevailed strong presence of maturity under all that scheming.

Of course such maturity may well have been confined to speeches. I remember repeatedly telling my friend ‘Girls attain mental maturity at 18, boys much much later’ – echoing someone else’s comment, but believing it wholeheartedly. My friend would tease me: “So, is it like a button that goes ‘on’ the day you turn 18?”

I did practice some of my theories. There was this time when I declared to my friends that college was only one and a half years more, and we need to record some crazy moments to look back later. I made them hop on the cement tiles outside the classroom at lunch time and walk in a weird fashion which they obliged to half-heartedly. What is with people and normalcy? Ye know what’s the gravest problem of society today – lack of spontaneity. Think of something, do it then and there. If you feel like writing a letter and personally delivering it to a friend, go ahead and drop it at the neighbor’s gate – under three blocks of bricks for your friend to find. Not laugh it off as a crazy thought! I think the do-it-now idea is completely underrated.

Coming to think of it, I haven’t had much use of maturity. Or maybe I have never understood the word clearly. But what I believed I owned in 18, I didn’t have reason to keep. Maybe it is good then I am not growing down. What if I find it again?


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  1. Read it thrice, it took me for a ride through my past, those days which I stood on my foot and started supporting myself flashed through my memory.. Maturity.. It is something strange to me.. Either I was born Mature or I have never attained that state.. Many things & many food I wished to have as a kid and never have had in those days of childhood, By grace Of God I have had the Opportunity to enjoy all of that as a grown up. So I feel Sometimes we have to Grow up to Grow down..
    Nice post.. Let the well of your writing overflow..

    Comment by Javed Miandad — March 29, 2012 @ 04:24 | Reply

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