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March 7, 2011

My specs-Romeo

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Eighteen and just out of a girls’ school, I was still in a supposed-to-be-anti-men mode. Which means no-way-am-I-going-to-admit-I-like-them. It was during a trip from Trivandrum to Irinjalakuda. I was in a side seat enjoying the night journey. Opposite me was a gent whose face I could see though I don’t look at him directly. I could pretend I never knew his presence and at the same time follow his expressions.

I had this feeling he was smiling at me. Just looking at a strange girl and smiling. What was the idea? But I was still in that anti-mode I mentioned before which meant it would cost all my pride to actually turn and give a direct gaze. No I shall not. I sufficed by guessing he probably was smiling at me. Good thing about this anti-mode is it didn’t prevent me from turning my imagination full gear. So a song popped into our compartment from the windy night outside. Those falling-in-love songs. Rule number 17 in anti-mode is while no form of outward display expressing interest towards the other gender is promoted, the inside emotions need no boundaries.

Opposite gent – I can make out that he is in specs – rises to a hero in imagination. The scenes would have piled up one after another and grown into a cris-and-specs-romeo series. Unfortunately Irinjalakuda came and I got down leaving behind my hero who I imagined through my sideway-glances was looking after me longingly.

Fun part is I came back and wrote to my best friend Ros (others hooked to emails, ros and I took pen in hand – because we must always follow tradition and because internet was restricted by certain you-must-study-more parents). I wrote her about the gent – the descriptions of a man I didn’t even cast a glance at, came out so vividly in my letter. After a generous paragraph or two, I realized this might tarnish my anti-men image forever. Quickly my conscience conjured up a story for me – I say conscience because I had to believe it first before I wrote it. So I told self and ros, this gent here – he was not my “interest” but he looked very much like Kevin – the hero of the story I was writing then (yea I believed I was going to be a writer even back then – swapnanagalee veenudayuuuu…).

Now I laugh thinking about my haste to “justify” my “vayumnottam”. Poor Ros (or maybe clever Ros!) wrote ‘Oh I first thought you were vayumnokking, now I realize it was because it looked like your character’. Hehe.

Well all this now, cause I took a train and a young fellow was sitting opposite me. But gone are those days of teenage fantasies and this time I was genuinely uninterested. Poor me, am I losing it? Wish I was 8 years younger, I wanna go back to teenage. And I really wanna take a good look at my specs-romeo.



  1. this was so cute, you havent lost it yet, you still eye vineeth and murali n all na… kikiki

    Comment by Akshaya Pillai — March 9, 2011 @ 00:06 | Reply

  2. I bet most of the girls would have experiences lined up on the same topic. Atleast i do :). Well written girl!.

    Comment by Viji Venu — March 10, 2011 @ 02:52 | Reply

  3. “yea I believed I was going to be a writer even back then”

    You are a writer, that also my Favorite writer.. I have trust in you that some day you will be the author of a best seller..

    With all my heart I wish and pray for that.. Be happy 🙂

    Comment by Javed Miandad — December 23, 2011 @ 04:55 | Reply

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