Story of a lost journalist

October 19, 2009

Hail sleeping

Filed under: Jim and Me Conversations — Cris @ 14:29

Fancy pal Jim and I at one of our idle hours. Yea, we got plenty of them.

Me: Hey Jim
Jim: Yea
Me: I made a discovery
Jim: Mm?
Me: You know about sleeping
Jim: Yea I happen to know a thing or two
Me: Ahh then you should know too
Jim: What?
Me: It is a very nice thing
Jim: Oh that. Yea I knew that
Me: Really?
Jim: Oh yea, knew it even as a child
Me: Good for you! Took me so many years
Jim: It is the sun
Me: The sun you say?
Jim: The sun I say
Me: What did he do?
Jim: He rose
Me: He shouldn’t have, bad thing to do that
Jim: Very
Me: But sleeping, that’s a nice thing
Jim: Very very nice
Me: Angelic
Jim: Most wonderful thing on earth
Me: Not like the sun?
Jim: Not at all like the sun. It rises
Me: Wakes people?
Jim: Exactly those who don’t want to wake up
Me: Very nasty
Jim: Very very
Me: Wish we could hide it somewhere?
Jim: The sun?
Me: Yea
Jim: Should be a little difficult
Me: Well you know for the sake of sleep-loving nice innocent humans
Jim: Worth a shot
Me: May be some day
Jim: Yea some day
Me: Cause now is of course sleep time
Jim: When is it not?
Me: Ah that’s the beauty of sleep. No fuss. It comes any time
Jim: No siree no thing like sleep
Me: Hail sleep
Jim: Hail hail sleep
Me: Hail sleee.. uhh…zzzzzzzzz
Jim: Hail hai…. Snoreeeeeeee


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