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October 11, 2009

Right Response

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Today there happened one of those things when you feel really angry and want to do something about it, but you end up cluttering teeth.

My friend and I were coming in an auto rickshaw. It was a short distance that we could have walked and so would cost us the minimum charge – 10 bucks, or in some cases 12. My friend gave this 10 rupee note and the driver demanded 20. That was ridiculous, my friend said, he traveled this route every other day. He gave another 2 rupee coin and said that’s all. The driver demanded 5 more bucks and he said no. The driver then threw the 2 rupee coin away on the road and said “edtho ente oudaaryamaayitu (Pick it up, its my generosity)”.
My friend picked it up and told him “You will one day beg for this 2 rupee coin.”

All this time, I was just standing there, every cell in me wanting to burst out and respond. But there, no response and the auto gets new “clients” and he rides away, lavishly showering curses on my friend.

I admire my friend for his presence of mind, not losing temper but reacting calmly. Telling what he wanted to and picking up the coin and then joking to me “Saved 2 bucks today.”

I wish I could do that. React in the way I really mean to, not under-do it or over-do it. I end up doing either. When I under-do, I feel frustrated – shucks I should have done this or that kinda feeling. And when I over-do I regret it. Both are bad cause the moment is long gone and you can do nothing about it anymore. All the same, you badly want to just go back to that moment and talk or act till you feel you have done yourself justice.

Sigh, guess it is just another one of those gifts I wasn’t blessed with.



  1. ah, i know what you’re talking about..
    i feel like that most of the time.

    except that one time, when an obnoxious (that would be an understatement) old teammate did/said something which I was discussing with my reporting manager, for which he said “u know what, just think of such people as barking dogs. you dont bother about them, right?” and I said: “but noone quite likes working with dogs, ryt?” geee.. Gawd, was I the happiest soul on earth that day, or what!! probably the only time i was impressed with my response! teehee

    Comment by usha — October 12, 2009 @ 00:16 | Reply

  2. Good article da..for me the same happens every m used to it now..i too used to keep mum in front of these plunderers..but every time, ma friend Ashley used to fight back..later, i learned this precious art from him..And the life at Trivandrum is giving a lot of chances to perfect it 🙂 But m not saying all of them r like this..there are good, honest and trust worthy auto drivers in the city..Trivandrum is far better when compared with Ernakulam and Chennai..All of them should learn from the drivers of Mumbai and Calicut..i have never seen them bargaining..they are very helpful and they charges only according to the meter..Let us hope, atleast in Trivandrum it will change when people starts reacting.
    [Complaints related to the autorickshaws in Trivandrum can be made to the phone number : 0471-2469223 (RTO Trivandrum). Online complaints are accepted in the traffic police website also}

    Comment by Manu — October 12, 2009 @ 10:30 | Reply

  3. @Usha, hehe wicked :-D. Some day I am going to have a “dog” day too!

    @Manu, yea it is really important to react and not lose temper when you do that. Do you think we should call up RTO?

    Comment by admin — October 12, 2009 @ 13:01 | Reply

    • Actually not the RTO(this info was from net only)..there is mobile number provided by kerala police to complain instantaneously on these rickshaws..but i din get that..once i read abt it in manorama news paper..u journalist, try to get it :-)so tht we can react quickly.

      Comment by Manu — October 13, 2009 @ 23:08 | Reply

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