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October 3, 2009

Miss Peggy – by John Strange Winter

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I will do a fast account of Miss Peggy, the story of a very modern girl, a novel by John Strange Winter.
And before you start wondering whichever male could possibly write a “modern girl’s” story, no fear, it’s a lady.0020002000200020030030 0020

If you are wondering what those digits mean, I was wondering it myself till I discovered it was done when I pressed Alt+X. It doesn’t work on starting a paragraph. But put it next to any other character and you get the – err Unicode equivalent? Well its probably a long known fact and we are not talking about keyboard shortcuts here.

So back to Peggy. One term you will need to know if you are reading Peggy is “flapper”. I will admit I was hearing it for the first time and so was my dictionary. Wikipedia says it was a term used for a new breed of young women in 1920s who did all those funny things people called characteristic of “modern women”.

Anyway little Peggy here is a teenager and a flapper or so she calls herself on every other page of the book. She justifies all her behaviours and mood changes and mad ideas, saying but she was only a flapper and I understood a flapper means a dumbo who has a license to be dumb.

No no, Peggy is not an idiot whom we won’t like. In fact it is no difficult to remember your Peggy-days in case you are a woman. Or maybe women don’t stop being flappers – err I don’t mean dumb here. I mean the kind of things Peggy does – thinking the way she does – finding reasons to like or not like someone when in fact you may not like that person at all or the other way around. A sort of make-believe thing which happens when we really cant understand what we really have in mind. Yeah yeah men said all the while women were too complicated to understand. Now women are saying the same too. Its not our fault the mind decides to take strange routes not familiar to the brain.

And well Peggy has a lot of “her boys” to jump between. But then this was early 20th century so we could watch the restrictions that ruled women about going out alone etc etc which I guess is not so difficult to observe in Kerala even today 🙂

And the story goes on and on in this way. It’s a first person narrative which I am a sucker for. Girl narrators are always the best. Even if they lived a century ago.
The book moves on, and its not entirely a waste of time unless of course you are expecting anything intellectual.

And oh boy the book I took was so worn out and old I simply loved it! I have this crazy adoration for really old books. Sigh!

One last thing before I wind up. Seems Peggy was Winter girl’s last novel and the book was published posthumously one year after her death. Sigh again!



  1. say my hi to Peggy! 🙂
    I guess I already kinda like her.

    Comment by usha — October 5, 2009 @ 01:49 | Reply

    • @usha, yeah hehe shes ok 😀

      Comment by admin — October 10, 2009 @ 19:42 | Reply

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