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September 21, 2008

Vegetarianism and Non-vegetarianism, all about killing

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Another sensitive topic. But a long talk with a friend the other day got me penning this. He argued for a while about food chains and how humans were part of the chain, before he realized I was in fact a non-vegetarian.
The old 5th grade food chain, to refresh memory


Now posting a disclaimer before any terian attack: this is not to prove either is wrong or to promote any isms. As far as I am concerned, that is a completely personal choice. You want to eat meat, you kill animals, you want to eat leaves, you kill plants. So I don’t have a problem unless a vegetarian starts calling me a cannibal. And living a non-veg life, you wont run short of people who call you merciless murderers or cold-hearted flesh-eaters.

I asked one of them one day “So you don’t mind killing plants?”
She smiled sheepishly and said “Nope, I don’t”
Cause you see, they didn’t have legs to run away, blood to ooze out or voice to eject yells of pain. But that doesn’t rule out one little fact people: they are living!

Now I am not saying this to justify my non-vegetarianism. Killing in any form of any living thing is killing. I’m a culprit as much as the plant-eaters are. And some people (Ros and VK, skip this part if you are reading) do not eat chicken, but eat their babies – the eggs. Again, I’m not pointing fingers at them, when I am guilty of eating the mother. But when one of them tells me its people like me who drive the world of animals into an endangered one, I have to show them a piece of my mind.

Another case of inhuman selfish killing happens for Onam athapoos (where we have floral arrangements on floors). Such a waste of lovely flowers! I remember in my first year in college, I stayed away from the part where petals were torn apart for the Athapoos. Of course, I couldn’t speak authoritatively cause I was responsible for a few chickens having their legs separated.

But when it comes to plants, it somehow becomes a petty laughable matter. What if you attached a human form to it and considered the petals human hands. Dead or not, how would it feel cutting limbs off a human body? Absolutely gruesome!
And yet, that’s what we do cause we have by some strange rules taught ourselves that those are simply pretty looking things meant to be cut to pretty little pieces and laid out on floors. Who cares if they had a life, just like we did?

So in my talk with my friend, I asked if there was any system by which man could live without killing another living being. I suggested milk but he pointed out that was again taking away what rightfully belonged to the baby calves. At least it was better than killing. I don’t know if there is any such system and I find it incredible when I hear stories of people surviving without food. My friend asked if I would subject myself to such a system in case one existed. I wondered aloud, would I? I hope I would.


  1. actually non vegeterians are the people who support the greater cause of vegeterianism….We do a sacriice by eating animals that eat we have the higher moral ground actually by protecting plants efficently .. ;-P

    Comment by mathew — September 21, 2008 @ 16:01 | Reply

  2. @mathew, you are right! I didnt think of that! 😀

    Comment by Cris — September 21, 2008 @ 17:16 | Reply

  3. LOL @ Mathew! 🙂

    Committed non-vegetarian here.

    I too know lots of people who proclaim “I don’t eat corpses!”. Yeah, right, you do eat plant corpses!

    But lets face it. Nature created plants and animals and all other living beings to help us support each other. There’s no point over the hue and cry supporting and disagreeing vegans & non-vegans. It’s all, ultimately, a matter of choice! Vegetarians choose to eat plant-residue while non-vegans choose to eat animals.

    Exactly, like how ‘I chose the red pill‘!
    (Sorry, couldn’t help that bit! I’m as relentless a blog-publicist as you are! 😛 )

    Comment by Hari Shanker — September 21, 2008 @ 18:09 | Reply

  4. I remember having a similar debate with my hard core vegetarian friend. 😛 And the point she told was that she is not killing plants, but taking the fruit or seed. I dont know whether she eat leaves or stem or root(err, which can be compared to chicken legs! ). But eating fruits/seeds/nuts , she is doing same as eating eggs! As I explained her how one can relate a fruit to the egg ( I am skipping the details here! 🙂 ) she slowly pushed away her glass of orange juice and kept silent !!!

    Comment by Srijith — September 21, 2008 @ 18:22 | Reply

  5. LOL ! Thats an interesting take on this debate thats been on for sometime now !! Cool !

    Comment by Kavi — September 21, 2008 @ 20:16 | Reply

  6. Ah! the whole vegan/endangered species/carnivorous thing,eh? I’ve long ago come to a conclusion. Its right there in your drawing, dear. This is the circle of life. To each his own, I say. I’m proud to be a non-vegan. If I’m eating dead plants, might as well eat dead animals too (Ugh! That came out a lil crass,but its the truth) If we’re to observe absolute non-carnivorism (I know, its not a real word!), we won’t even be able to drink water.

    Comment by M.Rose — September 21, 2008 @ 23:19 | Reply

  7. crissie.. nice drawing..

    @mathew, infact.. i dont think u r right there.. this leads back to the argument by the US prez (apparently against meat eaters of the developing nations).. this was more to do with broiler cattle (those which are bred to be fed upon).. his argument goes this way.. if u eat beg stuff, u eat corn, wheat, rice and so on and so forth.. and u breed the broiler cattle which feed on these.. instead, if u fed on those grains, u would have sustained urself longer.. maybe, it isnt clear yet.. take one sack of rice or corn.. let the amount of time one would be able to sustain life feeding on this sack of grain be X years.. and then, consider that u r breeding ur broiler cattle by letting them feed on this one sack.. and then, u eat the cattle which has fed on this one sack.. let the amount of time that u would be able to sustain life by eating that cattle be Y years.. bush’s argument is that Y is much lesser than X.. thus, the metabolism happening in the body of the broiler cattle is a wasteful process.. thus, non-vegetarianism by feeding on broiler cattle and that becoming widespread eventually would lead to food scarcity in the world.. i am no advocate of Bush’s words.. because, he considers broiler cattle as not part of the environment, and pays no heed to the jeevan that it has.. perhaps, broiler cattle in the US is brought up in such a way that they are not exposed to the environment.. i am sure that our ‘muttathe kozhi’ in the naattinpurams do a lot of good things.. they eat manniras, they are part of the enviroment as much as we are.. thus, i am sure that argument doesnt apply here.. and one major thing, malayalees and our beef eating definitely doesnt fall into that category.. because we eat only old vandikkaalas which are incapable of doing anything meaningful.. as as long as the rest of india keeps to not eating beef, we would get a lot of useless male cows which we could happily eat without caring or thinking about food scarcity.. so, to sum it up, my argument is that, by eating non-broiler cattle, we may be doing a favor to the environment by not eating plants.. but, certainly, we are not doing a favor by eating carefully bred broiler cattle, because, we are in turn eating up a lot more plants (and their falams) than the vegetarian..

    Comment by Deepak — September 22, 2008 @ 10:00 | Reply

  8. Hi Cris
    THe ‘for and against’ arguments this can go on forever. Each side
    As you said it’s completely personal choice. I am a non-vegetarian happily coexisting with a vegetarian husband 🙂
    (Came here after ages; missed many posts)

    Comment by Bindhu — September 22, 2008 @ 14:07 | Reply

  9. 5th grader’s food chain pic looks cool 😉

    Comment by Gov — September 22, 2008 @ 18:01 | Reply

  10. Thanks for posting this. Made me think. Especially about pookkalams… but I guess to make myself feel better I always try to thank the plant for the leaves/petals before I take from it, but yes, it is destroying (killing) perfectly alive beings….

    Comment by Jennifer — September 22, 2008 @ 22:35 | Reply

  11. hey .. i am here! Read those lines which I was supposed to skip too :p
    i am not against any non veggies.. u knw that! I am a veggie hmm egg-ie actually .. just a personal choice!

    Comment by rose — September 23, 2008 @ 01:40 | Reply

  12. We just eat some protons, neutrons and a few electrons. Why label them veg/non-veg,
    and make all unnecessary complications ?

    Comment by manu — September 23, 2008 @ 11:53 | Reply

  13. You’re tagged, sis! 🙂

    Comment by Hari Shanker — September 23, 2008 @ 17:10 | Reply

  14. @manu
    that was cool ‘eat some protons, neutrons and a few electrons’ 😉

    Comment by Gov — September 23, 2008 @ 18:43 | Reply

  15. @Hari, hehe no problem kiddo, keep commenting in this very famous popular blog and you will get the attention 😉 (And then I will do the same at your blog). BTW, about the tag, are you sure? Didnt find my name bro.

    @Srijith, haha good point bro! BTW what does your friend have now? If not plants, animals and fruits??

    @Kavi, thank you 🙂

    @M.Rose, yes but whats wrong with water? I was thinking maybe some day I will do that (yeah yeah, Cris the pathetic dreamer)

    @Deepak, thank you I always do very good drawings. Havent you seen earlier posts? :p Rest of your comment shall be answered by Mathew 😀

    @Bindhu, welcome back :-). And thats real nice to hear about your non-vegetarianism existence with a vegetarian partner – I have heard many people giving up non-veg even when they really love it, cause of marrying a veggie. Thats something that never made sense to me.

    @Gov, thank you 🙂

    @Jennifer, yes thats the sad reality and we do that in plenty. For a few hours’ celebrations!

    @rose, I should have known. I should have rephrased that to ‘Ros, please read this part’ in which case I could have guaranteed your unreadership 😀

    @manu, but then so are we (protons neutrons, electrons and maybe carbohydrates) and yet we call ourselves humans and go out of our ways to divide into a thousand classes and sects! Its only fair animals and plants get their share :p

    Comment by Cris — September 23, 2008 @ 22:14 | Reply

  16. Wally, this is what a friend said to me once (quoting from memory).

    “Nish, there was this lady who lived next to me who kept attacking me all the time for being a non-vegetarian, and accused me of killing animals etc. Finally I commented to her very politely, ‘nice leather jacket’. That shut her up!”

    Since then I’ve been hoping some leather jacket wearing vegetarian creep would try to argue with me on non-vegetarianism so I could re-use my friend’s dialog 🙂

    Comment by Nish — September 23, 2008 @ 23:18 | Reply

  17. @ Chris-aren’t there bacteria in water. Don’t wanna kill those poor buggers too. Ai,ai,ai ! Still don’t get it? Ah, forget it!!

    Comment by M.Rose — September 23, 2008 @ 23:33 | Reply

  18. @ Cris:
    Yeah, my mistake! 😐 I’d mentioned your name and link first but forgot to add you later.

    But I edited it out! You’re most certainly tagged now! 😛

    And I don’t comment in your blog for the ‘fame’ thingy. Period. 😐 You just broke my heart by saying that, sis. 😦

    Comment by Hari Shanker — September 24, 2008 @ 07:10 | Reply

  19. @Nish, haha great line! I will use it too!

    @M.Rose, ohhh! I forgot about that! Right, so no water either! Gee!

    @Hari, gulp I asked for that! Will do it :-). Aww come on kiddo, I know you dont come for fame, I was just pulling oyur leg :-). Now go on, unbreak your heart little bro!

    Comment by Cris — September 25, 2008 @ 14:32 | Reply

  20. lol..the picture is perfect..Haven’t read the post..Bit busy..Will surely come back and read more on food chain 🙂

    Comment by Nimmy — September 27, 2008 @ 17:21 | Reply

  21. @Nimmy, yes do! You cant afford to miss my thought-provoking posts!

    Comment by Cris — September 28, 2008 @ 14:59 | Reply

  22. […] one thing – is vegetarianism. I know I know I have fought for the justice of non-vegetarianism before. But this is something I just want to do, or try, its not because I think non-vegetarianism is […]

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  23. […] one thing – is vegetarianism. I know I know I have fought for the justice of non-vegetarianism before. But this is something I just want to do, or try, its not because I think non-vegetarianism is […]

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  24. In the memories of the martyr, chicken, who died contributing the leg and chest piece to the Chicken byriani I ate for lunch,died / killed for the noble cause of putting off my hunger, and nourish my body and mind ,let me begin this post..

    I have been through many situations in which the Vegeterians and the nonvegeterians argues of you kills plants and you kills animals.. What I found from the arguments is that people feel a non-vegetarian only eats, flesh.. what about the Cheera curry, Avial, Sambar, Green Salad, The Onions the rice, the wheat, carrots, fruit juices… don’t they have anything to do with plants.. think again… we, Non-vegetarians are feeding on both plants and animals… I am not here to support the vegetarianism … like Nish said they also, directly or indirectly supports killing of both animals or plants… why we have to go in search of leather jackets.. what about the leather shoes they wear.. are they made of bark of plants… no one is better here… and no one qualifies to argue…

    All we can do is , pray for their soul, with gratitude for the martyr, whether it be plants or animals, who are killed to contribute to fill our plates with the pieces of their body, Rest In Peace..

    Let us remember them for a while and pray for their soul to rest in peace, and let us use the nourishment and the energy we get by their martyrdom to be used in the right way, doing good things making them feel more nobler up above in the heavens.. Amen…

    Comment by Javed Miandad — November 26, 2010 @ 18:34 | Reply

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